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-A '''low budget film''' is a very cheaply produced [[cinematography|film]]. Young or not yet recognized [[film director|directors]] have no choice but to provide economical films, which should not differ markedly in the end product from normal productions. The actors and technicians of such a low budget film frequently are employed without [[compensation]]. They want to assist the artistic idea. Technically, simple film materials or video are used. +
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-It is not determined what amount of [[budget]] qualifies a film as a low budget production. Low budget is relative from country to country. In America, a film that cost less than $2 million to produce is considered low budget.+
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-The most successful low budget film was ''[[Deep Throat (film)|Deep Throat]]'' (1972), which cost only a few thousand U.S. dollars yet brought in over US $600 million, though this figure is often disputed. Another successful low-budget film is ''[[Clerks.|Clerks]]'' by director [[Kevin Smith]]. ''Clerks'' helped launch Kevin Smith's career, who has now done 5 more films. [[Robert Rodriguez]]'s career was launched with his first film ''[[El Mariachi]]'' which cost $7,000 to make. +
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-===Micro budget===+
-A micro budget film is that which is made on an extremely low budget. An example would be the [[1977 in film|1977]] [[cult film]] ''[[Eraserhead]]'', which cost only $10,000 to produce (Although it may be worth noting 30 years of [[inflation]] since the film was made). Another example would be the [[2004 in film|2004]] [[science fiction film]] ''[[Primer (film)|Primer]]'', which cost only $7,000 to produce, and made it into the [[Cannes Film Festival]] and therefore achieved a larger audience than most micro-budget films.+
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-== See also ==+
-*[[Experimental film]]+
-*[[Video art]]+

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