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-'''Dual inheritance theory''' ('''DIT'''), also known as '''gene-culture coevolution''', was developed in the late 1970s and early 1980s to explain how [[human behavior]] is a product of two different and interacting [[evolution]]ary processes: [[genetic evolution]] and [[cultural evolution]]. DIT is a "middle-ground" between much of [[social science]], which views [[culture]] as the primary cause of human behavioral variation, and human [[sociobiology]] and [[evolutionary psychology]] which view culture as an insignificant by-product of genetic selection. In DIT, culture is defined as information in human brains that got there by [[Observational learning|social learning]]. Cultural evolution is considered a Darwinian selection process that acts on cultural information. Dual Inheritance Theorists often describe this by analogy to genetic evolution, which is a Darwinian selection process acting on genetic information.+
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-Because genetic evolution is relatively well understood, most of DIT examines cultural evolution and the interactions between cultural evolution and genetic evolution.+
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-==See also==+
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-* [[Memetics]]+
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