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Train wreck at Montparnasse (October 22, 1895) by Studio Lévy and Sons.
Train wreck at Montparnasse (October 22, 1895) by Studio Lévy and Sons.

Lion Feuchtwanger (pseudonym: J.L. Wetcheek) (7 July 1884 - 21 December 1958) was a German-Jewish novelist who was imprisoned in a French internment camp in Les Milles and later escaped to Los Angeles with the help of his wife, Marta.


Dan Johnson (left), Larry Attille (centre), and Will Lampe (right) in the Riverside Shakespeare Company's 1982 production of Bertolt Brecht and Lion Feuchtwanger's Edward II (1924).
  • Die häßliche Herzogin Margarete Maultasch (The Ugly Duchess), 1923 -- about Margarete Maultasch (14th century in Tyrol)
  • Leben Eduards des Zweiten von England (The Life of Edward II of England), 1924: written with Bertolt Brecht.<ref>Dedication page from Leben Eduards des Zweiten von England, 1924.</ref>
  • Jud Süß (Jew Suess, Power), 1925.
  • Die Geschwister Oppermann, (The Oppermanns), 1933.
  • Marianne in Indien und sieben andere Erzählungen (Marianne in Indien, Höhenflugrekord, Stierkampf, Polfahrt, Nachsaison, Herrn Hannsickes Wiedergeburt, Panzerkreuzer Orlow, Geschichte des Gehirnphysiologen Dr. Bl.), 1934 -- title translated into English as Little Tales and as Marianne in India and seven other tales (Marianne in India, Altitude Record, Bullfight, Polar Expedition, The Little Season, Herr Hannsicke's Second Birth, The Armored Cruiser "Orlov", History of the Brain Specialist Dr. Bl.)
  • Der falsche Nero (The Pretender), 1936 -- about Terentius Maximus, the "False Nero"
  • Moskau 1937 (Moscow 1937), 1937
  • Unholdes Frankreich (Ungracious France, Der Teufel in Frankreich,The Devil in France), 1941
  • Die Brüder Lautensack (Die Zauberer, Double, Double, Toil and Trouble, The Lautensack Brothers), 1943
  • Simone, 1944
  • Die Füchse im Weinberg (Proud Destiny, Waffen für Amerika, Foxes in the Vineyard), 1947/48 - a novel mainly about Pierre Beaumarchais and Benjamin Franklin beginning in 1776's Paris
  • Goya, 1951 -- a novel about the famous painter Francisco Goya in the 1790s in Spain
  • Narrenweisheit oder Tod und Verklärung des Jean-Jacques Rousseau ('Tis folly to be wise, or, Death and transfiguration of Jean-Jaques Rousseau), 1952, a novel set before and during the Great French Revolution
  • Die Jüdin von Toledo (Spanische Ballade, Raquel, The Jewess of Toledo), 1955
  • Jefta und seine Tochter (Jephthah and his Daughter, Jephta and his daughter), 1957
  • Der Teufel in Frankreich (The Devil in France), 1941
  • The Wartesaal Trilogy
    • Erfolg. Drei Jahre Geschichte einer Provinz (Success), 1930
    • Die Geschwister Oppenheim (Die Geschwister Oppermann, The Oppermanns), 1933
    • Exil, 1940
  • The Josephus Trilogy -- about Flavius Josephus beginning in the year 60 in Rome
    • Der jüdische Krieg (Josephus), 1932
    • Die Söhne (The Jews of Rome), 1935
    • Der Tag wird kommen (Das gelobte Land, The day will come, Josephus and the Emperor), 1942

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