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-A '''motto''' (from [[Italian language|Italian]]) is a [[phrase]] or a short list of [[word]]s meant formally to describe the general motivation or intention of an entity, social group, or organization. Many countries, cities, universities, and other institutions have mottos, as do families with coats of arms.+This is a list of [[motto]]s of organizations, institutions, municipalities and authorities.
 +===National mottos===
 +* [[List of national mottos]]
 +===Cultural, philanthropic and scientific===
 +* [[Artis|Amsterdam Zoo]]: Natura Artis Magistra ({{lang-la|Nature is the teacher of art}})
 +* [[International Expositions]]: Semper Verum ({{lang-la|Always true}})
 +* [[Monarchist League of Canada]]: Fidelitate Coniuncti ({{lang-la|Loyalty binds us}})
 +* [[Real Academia Española]] (Royal Spanish Academy): Limpia, fija y da Esplendor ({{lang-es|Cleans, fixes and gives shine}})
 +* [[Royal Society]]: [[Nullius in verba]] ({{lang-la|On the word of no one}})
 +* [[South African Museum]]: Semper aliquid novi Africa affert ({{lang-la|Africa is always producing some novelty}})
 +* [[Swedish Academy]]: Snille och Smak ({{lang-sv|Talent and taste}})
 +===Public service and youth service===
 +* [[Air Training Corps]]: Venture, Adventure
 +* [[Army Cadet Force]]: To Inspire, To Achieve
 +* [[Scouting|Boy Scouts]]: [[Scout Motto|Be Prepared]]
 +* [[Boys' Brigade]]: Sure and Stedfast (Old spelling)
 +* [[Brownie (Girl Guides)|Brownie]]s: Lend A Hand
 +* [[Civil Air Patrol]]: Semper Vigilans ({{lang-la|Always vigilant}})
 +* [[Cub Scout]]ing Do Your Best
 +* [[Girlguiding UK]]: Be Prepared
 +* [[Girls' Brigade]]: Seek, serve and follow Christ
 +* [[Guides]]: Be Prepared
 +* [[National FFA Organization]]: Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve
 +* [[New Zealand Air Training Corps]]: We Train to Serve
 +===Police and public safety===
 +* [[Carabineros de Chile]]: Orden y Patria ({{lang-es|Order and Fatherland}})
 +* [[Chicago Police Department]]: We Serve and Protect
 +* [[Detroit Police Department]]: Making Detroit a Safer Place to Live, Work, and Visit
 +* [[Los Angeles Airport Police]]: Serving the Aviation Community
 +* [[Los Angeles Police Department]]: To Protect and to Serve
 +* [[Maine State Police]]: Semper Aequus ({{lang-la|Always just}})
 +* [[Metropolitan Police]]: Total Policing
 +* [[Minneapolis Police Department]]: To Protect with Courage, To Serve with Compassion
 +* [[New South Wales Police]]: Culpam Pping our communities safe and reassured
 +* [[Thames Valley Police]]: Sit pax in valle tamesis ({{lang-la|Let there be peace in the Thames Valley}})
 +* [[Trinity House]]: Trinitas in unitate ({{lang-la|UnitThose Who Served
 +===Sport and competition===
 +* [[AC Milan]]: il club piu titolato al mondo ({{lang-it|the most successful club}}) or Forza Milan ({{lang-it|Strength to Milan / Go Milan}})
 +* [[Arsenal F.C.]]: Victoria Concordia Crescit ({{lang-la|Victory through harmony}})
 +* [[Aston Villa]]: Prepared
 +* [[Chicago Fire SC]]: Tradition. Honor. Passion.
 +* [[Colo Colo]]: El equipo que ha sabido ser campeón ({{lang-es|The team that had known to become champion}})
 +* [[Chelsea Football Club]]: Keep The Blue Flag Flying High
 +* [[Everton Football Club]]: Nil satis nisi optimum ({{lang-la|Only the best is good enough}})
 +* [[F.C. Porto]]: A Vencer desde 1893 (Conquering since 1893)
 +* [[FC Barcelona]]: Més que un club ({{lang-ca|More than a club}}) and Tots units fem força ({{lang-ca|All together we are strong}})
 +* [[Fédération Internationale des Échecs]]: Gens una sumus ({{lang-la|We are one people}})
 +* [[Feyenoord Rotterdam]]: Geen woorden maar daden ({{lang-nl|No words but deeds}})
 +* [[International Practical Shooting Confederation]]: Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas ({{lang-la|Accuracy, power, speed}})
 +* [[S.S. Lazio|Lazio S.S.]]: Concordia Parvae Res Crescunt. ({{lang-la|In harmony small things grew}})
 +* [[Leeds United]]: Marching on Together
 +* [[Llanelli Wanderers RFC]]: Cyfeillach trwy Grwydro ({{lang-cy|Friendship through wandering}})
 +* [[Liverpool Football Club]]: You'll Never Walk Alone
 +* [[Manchester City F.C.]]: Superbia in Proelio ({{lang-la|Pride in battle}})
 +* [[Olympic Games]]: Citius, Altius, Fortius ({{lang-la|Faster, higher, stronger}})
 +* [[Paralympic Games]]: Spirit in Motion
 +* [[Queen's Park F.C.]]: Ludere Causa Ludendi ({{lang-la|To play for the sake of playing}})
 +* [[Rangers F.C]]: Ready
 +* [[Shrewsbury Town F.C]]: Floreat Salopia ({{lang-la|May Shropshire flourish / Let Salop flourish}})
 +* [[Sport Lisboa e Benfica]]: E Pluribus Unum ({{lang-la|Out of many, one}})
 +* [[Sporting Clube de Portugal]]: Esforço, Dedicação, Devoção, Glória ({{lang-pt|Effort, dedication, devotion, glory}})
 +* [[Sunderland A.F.C.]]: Consectatio Excellentiae ({{lang-la|In pursuit of excellence}})
 +* [[Tabor Academy, Massachusetts|Tabor Academy]]: Vincit Semper Veritas ({{lang-la|Truth always conquers}})
 +* [[Tottenham Hotspur]]: Audere est Facere ({{lang-la|To dare is to do}})
 +* [[Ba'ath Party]]: Wahdah, Hurriyah, Ishtirrakiyah (Unity, freedom, socialism)
 +* [[Chechen Republic of Ichkeria|Chechen Resistance]]: Ojal ya Marsho (Chechen: Freedom or death)
 +* [[Christian Democracy (Italy, 1997)|Christian Democracy (Italy)]]: Libertas
 +* [[ETA]]: Bietan jarrai (Basque: Keep up on both)
 +* [[La Francophonie]]: égalité, complémentarité, solidarité (equality, complementarity, and solidarity).
 +* [[Liberal Party (Philippines)|Liberal Party of the Philippines]]: Noon at Ngayon, Liberal Marangal (Past and present, honorable Liberal)
 +* [[Muslim Brotherhood]]: Allah Akbar, Wa Lellah Al Hamd (God is greater, thanks to God)
 +* [[Nacionalista Party]]: Ang Bayan Higit sa Lahat (The nation above all)
 +* [[Palestinian Intifada (disambiguation)|Palestinian Intifada]]{{disambiguation needed|date=May 2012}}: Justice, Freedom and Peace.
 +* [[Socialistisk Folkeparti]]: Det ku' være så godt (Danish: It could be so good)
 +* [[Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League]]: One God! One Aim! One Destiny!
 +* [[Women's Institute]]: For Home and Country
 +* [[Women's Social and Political Union]]: Deeds not words
 +* [[Zapatista Army of National Liberation]]: [[Ya Basta!]]
 +===Heritage and historical===
 +* [[Daughters of the American Revolution]]: God, Home, and Country
 +* [[United Daughters of the Confederacy]]: Love, Live, Pray, Think, Dare
 +* [[Ahmadiyya Community]]: Love for All Hatred for None
 +* [[Benedictine Order]]: [[ora et labora]] ({{lang-la|pray and work}})
 +* [[Carmelite Order]]: zelo zelatus sum pro Domino Deo exercituum ({{lang-la|I am aflame with zeal for the Lord God of Hosts}})
 +* [[Cartellverband der katholischen deutschen Studentenverbindungen]]: [[In necessariis unitas, in dubiis libertas, in omnibus caritas]] ({{lang-la|In need unity, in doubt liberty, in everything charity}})
 +* [[Dominican Order]]: Veritas ({{lang-la|Truth}}), Laudare, Benedicere, Praedicare ({{lang-la|Praise, bless, preach}})
 +* [[K.A.V. Lovania Leuven]]: Semper Excelsius ({{lang-la|Always do your best}}); Der Geist lebt in uns allen ({{lang-de|The Spirit lives in us all}})
 +* [[Khuddam-ul Ahmadiyya]]: A Nation cannot be reformed without the reformation of its youth
 +* [[Knights Hospitaller]]: Tuitio Fidei et Obsequium Pauperum ({{lang-la|Support the faithful and serve the poor}})
 +* [[Knights Templar]]: Non nobis Domine, non nobis; sed Nomini tuo da gloriam ({{lang-la|Not to us, Lord, not to us ; but your name give glory}})
 +* [[Lajna Imaillah]]: No nation can progress without educating their women
 +* [[Philippine Independent Church]]: Pro Deo Et Patria ({{lang-la|For God and country}})
 +* Pontificate of [[Pope Pius XII]]: opus iustitiae pax ({{lang-la|peace is the fruit of justice}})
 +* [[Salvation Army]]: Blood and Fire
 +* [[Society of Jesus]]: [[Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam]] ({{lang-la|For the greater glory of God}})
 +* [[United Methodist Church]]: Open hearts, Open minds, Open doors
 +* [[ABC Supply Company]]: Make It Easy
 +* [[Accenture]]: High Performance, Delivered
 +* [[Adidas]]: Impossible is nothing
 +* [[Bharti Airtel|Airtel]]: Express Yourself
 +* [[Apple Inc.]]: Think Different
 +* [[Asda]]: Asda Price
 +* [[AT&T Inc.|AT&T]]: Rethink Possible
 +* [[Audi]]: [[Vorsprung durch Technik]] (Literally: Advantage through technology, Figuratively: The technical edge)
 +* [[BBC]]: [[BBC coat of arms|Nation Shall Speak Peace Unto Nation]]
 +* [[BMW]]: [[Sheer Driving Pleasure]]
 +* [[Burger King]]: Have It Your Way
 +* [[CACI]]: Always Vigilant
 +* [[Canon (company)|Canon]]: Delighting you always
 +* [[Casio]]: Creativity and Contribution
 +* [[Chevrolet]]: Chevy runs deep
 +* [[Dell]]: The power to do more
 +* [[Electrolux]]: Thinking of you
 +* [[EMC Corporation|EMC]]: Where information lives
 +* [[Fujitsu]]: The possibilities are infinite
 +* [[Fubu]]: For us by us
 +* [[Google]]: Don't be evil (formerly:Search, Ads and Apps)
 +* [[GE]]: Imagination at Work
 +* [[Harrods]]: Omnia Omnibus Ubique (All Things, For All People, Everywhere)
 +* [[Hitachi]]: Inspire the Next
 +* [[Honda]]: The Power of Dreams
 +* [[IBM]]: Think
 +* [[IdentLogic Systems]]: Ille qui meritus est praemium habeat ({{lang-la| Let him who has earned it bear the reward}})
 +* [[Intel]]: Leap ahead/Sponsors of Tomorrow
 +* [[Infosys]]: Win in the flat world
 +* [[Kalypso LP|Kalypso]]: Delivering on the promise of innovation
 +* [[KFC]]: So Good (was Finger Lickin' Good)
 +* [[Lexus]]: The Pursuit of Perfection
 +* [[LG Electronics|LG]]: Life's Good.
 +* [[L'Oreal]]: Parce que je le vaux bien. (Because I'm worth it)
 +* [[Mazda]]: Zoom Zoom
 +* [[Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer]]: Ars Gratia Artis ({{lang-la|[[Art for art's sake]]}})
 +* [[Mercedes-Benz]]: The best or nothing
 +* [[McDonald's]]: I'm lovin' It
 +* [[Microsoft]]: [[Where do you want to go today?]]
 +* [[Morrisons]]: More Reasons to Shop at Morrisons
 +* [[Motorola Mobility|Motorola]]: Hellomoto
 +* [[Micro-Star International|MSI]]: Innovation with style
 +* [[Nike, Inc.|Nike]]: Just do It
 +* [[Nikon]]: At the heart of the image
 +* [[Nissan]]: Shift the way you move
 +* [[Nokia]]: Connecting People
 +* [[Nutella]]: Che mondo sarebbe senza nutella ({{lang-it|What would the world be like without Nutella}})
 +* [[Panasonic]]: Ideas for life
 +* [[Pony]]: Let's get it on
 +* [[Royal Mail Lines]]: Per mare ubique ({{lang-la|Everywhere by sea}})
 +* [[Safeway Inc.|Safeway]]: Ingredients for life
 +* [[Samsung]]: Everyone's invited
 +* [[Subway (restaurant)|Subway]]: Eat Fresh
 +* [[Sony]]: Make. Believe
 +* [[Sony PlayStation]]: Live in Your World, Play in Ours
 +* [[Tata Consultancy Services|TCS]]: Experience certainty
 +* [[Tesco]]: Every Little Helps
 +* [[Toshiba]]: Leading Innovation
 +* [[Toyota]]: Let's Go Places
 +* [[Walmart]]: Save Money. Live Better
 +* [[Xbox 360]]: Jump In
 +* [[British monarchy]]: [[Dieu Et Mon Droit]]: ({{lang-la|God and my right / God and my right shall me defend}})
 +* [[House of Savoy]]: [[FERT]]
 +* [[Rothschild family]]: Concordia, Integritas, Industria ({{lang-la|Unity, integrity, diligence}})
 +* [[American Board of Ophthalmology]]: Ex Obscuris Lux ({{lang-la|From darkness, light}})
 +* [[Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland]]: In somno securitas ({{lang-la|In sleep there is safety}})
 +* [[Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland]]: omnes ab omnibus discamus ({{lang-la|Let us learn all things from everybody}})
 +* [[Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists]]: Corpus curare spiritumque ({{lang-la|To care for the body and its breath of life}})
 +* [[Australian College of Pharmacy]]: Education for Practice and Management
 +* [[Canadian Association of General Surgeons]]: Sapientia Manaque Apta ({{lang-la|Wisdom and a skillful hand}})
 +* [[Canadian Orthopaedic Association]]: Pietate, Arte et Scientia Corrigere ({{lang-la|With compassion, skill and knowledge we correct, straighten or set right}})
 +* [[Grant Medical College]], [[Mumbai]], [[India]]. Mens sana in corpora sano ({{lang-la|Healthy mind in a healthy body}})
 +* [[Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons]]: Vincat Scientia Morbos ({{lang-la|Let knowledge conquer disease}})
 +* [[Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists]]: Excellence in women's health
 +* [[Royal College of Anaesthetists]]: Divinum sedare dolorem ({{lang-la|It is divine to alleviate pain / Divine is the effort to conquer pain}})
 +* [[Royal College of General Practitioners]]: Cum Scientia Caritas ({{lang-la|Scientific knowledge applied with compassion}})
 +* [[Royal College of Midwives]]: Vita donum Dei ({{lang-la|Life is the gift of God}})
 +* [[Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists]]: Super Ardua ({{lang-la|Let us overcome our difficulties}})
 +* [[Royal College of Ophthalmologists]]: Ut Omnes Videant ({{lang-la|So that all may see}})
 +* [[Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health]]: Hereditas Domini filii ({{lang-la|Children are a heritage from the Lord}})
 +* [[Royal College of Psychiatrists]]: Let Wisdom Guide
 +* [[Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland]]: Consilio Manuque ({{lang-la|Scholarship and dexterity}})
 +* [[Royal Pharmaceutical Society]]: Habenda ratio valetudinis ({{lang-la|We must pay attention to our health}})
 +* [[Walter Reed Tropical Medicine Course]]: Safiri Salama (Swahili: Travel safely)
 +* [[ZAKA]]: Hessed Shel Emet (True kindness)
 +* [[Albus Dumbledore]]: Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one can only remember to turn on the light
 +* [[International Thespian Society]]: Act well your part. There all the honor lies
 +* [[Linux Foundation]]: Open your source, Open your mind
 +* [[The Boondock Saints]]: Aequitas et Veritas, alternately Veritas et Aequitas ({{lang-la|Truth and justice / Honesty and equality}})
 +* [[The Red Green Show]]: Quando omni flunkus moritati ([[Pseudo-Latin]] When all else fails, play dead)
 +==Military and governmental==
 +*[[Apollo 13]]: Ex luna, scientia ({{lang-la|From the Moon, knowledge}})
 +*British [[Special Air Service]]: Who Dares Wins
 +*[[Indian Army]]: Naam, Namak, Nishan (Be honourable, true to your salt, and uphold the flag)
 +*[[Indian Army Medical Corps]]: Sarve Santu Niramaya (Everyone should remain healthy, good health for all)
 +*[[National Security Agency]] (NSA): Anything is possible, the impossible just takes longer
 +*[[Ontario Regiment of Canada]]: Canadian Armed Forces Armoured Reserve Regiment: Fidelus Paradus ({{lang-la|Faithful and prepared}})
 +*[[Pakistan Army]]: Iman, Taqwa, Jihad Fi Sabil-illah, Men at their Best. (Faith, piety, struggle in the way of Almighty Allah, men at their best)
 +*[[Philippine National Police]]: We Serve and Protect
 +*[[Royal Air Force]] (United Kingdom): Per Ardua Ad Astra ({{lang-la|Through adversity to the stars}})
 +*[[Royal Marines]] (United Kingdom): Per Mare, Per Terram ({{lang-la|By sea, by land}})
 +*[[Household Division#United Kingdom|Household Division]] (United Kingdom): Septem Juncta in Uno ({{lang-la|Seven joined in one}})
 +*[[United States Marine Corps]] (USMC): Semper Fidelis ({{lang-la|Always faithful}})
 +*[[United States Military Academy]]: Duty, Honor, Country
 +*[[US Air Force]] [[Pararescue]]: So That Others May Live
 +*[[United States Army]]: This We'll Defend
 +====New South Wales====
 +* [[Blacktown, New South Wales|Blacktown]]: Progress
 +* [[Sydney]]: I take but I surrender
 +====New Zealand====
 +* [[Nelson, New Zealand]]: Palmam qui meruit ferat ({{lang-la|Let him, who has earned it, bear the palm}})
 +====Northern Territory====
 +* [[Darwin, Northern Territory]]: Progrediamur ({{lang-la|Let us go forward}})
 +* [[Brisbane]]: Meliora sequimur ({{lang-la|We aim for better things}})
 +====Southern Australia====
 +* [[Adelaide]]: Ut Prosint Omnibus Conjuncti ({{lang-la|United for the common good}})
 +====British Columbia====
 +* [[Kamloops]] Salus et Opes ({{lang-la|Health and abundance}})
 +* [[Winnipeg, Manitoba]]: Unum Cum Virtute Multorum ({{lang-la|One with the strength of a host}})
 +====New Brunswick====
 +* [[Saint John, New Brunswick|Saint John]]: O Fortunati Quorum Jam Moenia Surgunt ({{lang-la|O fortunate ones whose walls are now rising / O happy they, whose promised walls already rise}})
 +====Nova Scotia====
 +* [[Halifax Urban Area|Halifax]]: E Mari Merces ({{lang-la|Wealth from the sea}})
 +* [[Hamilton, Ontario|Hamilton]]: Together Aspire, Together Achieve
 +* [[Ironton, Ohio|Ironton]]: Gateway to Southern Ohio!
 +* [[Ottawa]]: Advance Ottawa
 +* [[Toronto]]: Diversity Our Strength
 +* [[Montreal]]: Concordia Salus ({{lang-la|Salvation through harmony}})
 +* [[Quebec City, Quebec]]: Don de Dieu feray valoir ({{lang-la|I shall put God's gift to good use}})
 +* [[Regina, Saskatchewan|Regina]]: Floreat Regina ({{lang-la|Let Regina flourish}})
 +* [[Amsterdam]]: Valor, Resolution, and Mercy
 +* [[Douglas, Isle of Man|Douglas]]: Kiannoortys cheusthie jeh Kiannoortys ({{lang-gv|Government within a government}})
 +* [[Frankfurt]]: Stark im Recht ({{lang-de|Strongly right}})
 +* [[Gdańsk]]: Nec temere, nec timide ({{lang-la|Neither rashly nor timidly}})
 +* [[Gdynia]]: Gdynia—miasto z morza i marzeń ({{lang-pl|Gdynia—a city built of sea and dreams}})
 +* [[Łódź]]: Ex navicula navis ({{lang-la|Big boat out of a small one}})
 +* [[Marseille]]: Actibus immensis urbs fulget Massiliensis ({{lang-la|By her great deeds, Marseille shines in the world}})
 +* [[Paris]]: Fluctuat nec mergitur ({{lang-la|Tossed by the waves, she does not founder}})
 +* [[Sofia]]: Raste, no ne staree (Bulgarian: Grows, but does not age)
 +* [[Warsaw]]: Contemnit procellas (It defies the storms), Semper invicta ({{lang-la|Always invincible}})
 +*[[Valletta]]: Citta Umilissima (The most humble city)
 +* [[Żebbuġ, Malta]]: Semper Virens ({{lang-la|Evergreen}})
 +* [[Oporto, Portugal]]: Antiga, mui nobre e sempre leal, Invicta cidade do Porto ({{lang-la|Antique, highly noble, always faithful, unvanquished Oporto City}})
 +* [[Bandung]]: Gemah Ripah Wibawa Mukti (rich soil, prosperous people)
 +*: Rarasing Rasa Wiwaraning Praja, a Javanese sengkala, (referring to the year of 1966), people's harmonious feeling for entering a gate of prosperity
 +* [[Karawang]]: Pangkal Perjuangan (Struggle starting point)
 +* [[Kolkatta]] ([[Calcutta]]): Purosree Bibardhan (Bengali: Progress of the city)
 +* [[Mumbai]]: Yato Dharmastato Jaya (यतो धर्मस्ततो जय) (Sanskrit: Where there is righteousness, there shall be victory). Pre-independence motto: Urbs Primis in Indis (India's first city)
 +* Kerala: Ever To Be The Best (Tolins World School)
 +===Republic of Ireland===
 +* [[Cork (city)|Cork]]: Statio Bene Fida Carinis ({{lang-la|A safe harbour for ships}})
 +* [[Dublin]]: Obedientia Civium Urbis Felicitas ({{lang-la|Happy the city where citizens obey}})
 +* [[Dún Laoghaire]]: Ó Chuan go Sliabh (From the harbour to the mountain)
 +* [[Limerick]]: Urbs Antiqua Fuit Studiisque Asperrima Belli ({{lang-la|An ancient city well versed in the arts of war}})
 +* [[Waterford]]: Urbs Intacta Manet Waterfordia ({{lang-la|Waterford remains the untaken city}})
 +===Latin America===
 +* [[Nuevo Leon, Mexico]]: Semper Ascendens ({{lang-la|Always ascending}})
 +* [[São Paulo]]: Non ducor, duco ({{lang-la|I am not led, I lead}})
 +===United Kingdom===
 +* [[Basildon]]: "none"
 +* [[Billericay]]:
 +* [[South Benfleet|Benfleet]]: Societas Florebit ({{lang-la|Fellowship will blossom}})
 +* [[Braintree, Essex|Braintree]]: By wisdom and foresight
 +* [[Brentwood, Essex|Brentwood]]: Ardens Fide ({{lang-la|burning with faith}})
 +* [[Brightlingsea]]:
 +* [[Burnham on Crouch]]:
 +* [[Canvey Island]]: Ex Mare Dei Gratia ({{lang-la|From the sea by the grace of God}})
 +* [[Chelmsford]]: Many minds, one heart
 +* [[Colchester]]: No Cross, no Crown
 +* [[Epping]]:
 +* [[Frinton and Walton]]:
 +* [[Great Dunmow]]: May Dunmow prosper
 +* [[Halstead]]: Consilio et Prudentia ({{lang-la|By wisdom and foresight}})
 +* [[Harwich]]: Omnia Bona Bonis ({{lang-la|To the good all things are good}})
 +* [[Harlow]]: In Common Endeavour
 +* [[Leigh-on-Sea]]: Lux Salubritas Felicitas ({{lang-la|Light, health, happiness}})
 +* [[Loughton]]:
 +* [[Manningtree]]:
 +* [[Ongar, Essex|Ongar]]:
 +* [[Rayleigh, Essex|Rayleigh]]: In Reliquom Laboramus ({{lang-la|We work for the future}})
 +* [[Saffron Walden]]: none
 +* [[Southend-on-Sea]]: Per Mare Per Ecclesiam ({{lang-la|By the sea and by the church}})
 +* [[South Woodham Ferrers]]:
 +* [[Thurrock]]: Secundum Tamesim Quovis Gentium ({{lang-la|By the Thames to all peoples of the world}})
 +* [[Waltham Abbey (town)|Waltham Abbey]]: Sanctae Nomine Crucis ({{lang-la|By the name of the Holy Cross}})
 +* [[West Mersea]]:
 +* [[Witham]]:
 +* [[Wivenhoe]]:
 +* [[Cheltenham]]: Salubritas et Eruditio ({{lang-la|Health and education}})
 +* [[Gloucester]]: Fides invicta triumphat ({{lang-la|Unconquered faith triumphs}})
 +====Greater London====
 +* [[London Borough of Bexley|Bexley]]: Boldly and Rightly
 +* [[London Borough of Bromley|Bromley]]: Servire Populo ({{lang-la|To serve the people}})
 +* [[London Borough of Camden|Camden]]: Non Sibi sed Toti ({{lang-la|Not for oneself, but for all}})
 +* [[London Borough of Croydon|Croydon]]: Ad Summa Nitamur ({{lang-la|Let us strive after perfection}})
 +* [[London Borough of Ealing|Ealing]]: Progress With Unity
 +* [[London Borough of Enfield|Enfield]]: By Industry Ever Stronger
 +* [[Royal Borough of Greenwich|Greenwich]]: We Govern by Serving
 +* [[London Borough of Havering|Havering]]: Liberty
 +* [[London Borough of Hillingdon|Hillingdon]]: Forward
 +* [[London Borough of Hounslow|Hounslow]]: Iuncti Progrediamur ({{lang-la|Let us progress together}})
 +* [[Lambeth]]: Spectemur Agendo ({{lang-la|Let us be regarded according to our conduct}})
 +* [[City of London|London]]: Domine dirige nos ({{lang-la|Lord direct us}})
 +* [[London Borough of Merton|Merton]]: Stand Fast In Honour And Strength
 +* [[London Borough of Redbridge|Redbridge]]: In Unity Progress
 +* [[Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea|Kensington and Chelsea]]: Quam Bonum In Unum Habitare ({{lang-la|What a good thing it is to dwell together in unity}})
 +* [[Shoreditch]]: More Light, More Power
 +* [[London Borough of Southwark|Southwark]]: United to Serve
 +* [[London Borough of Sutton|Sutton]]: Per ardua <!-- the ADUA on Sutton's own web site is wrong! --> in fide servite Deo ({{lang-la|through difficulties serve God in faith}})
 +* [[Waltham Forest]]: Fellowship Is Life
 +* [[City of Westminster|Westminster]]: Custodi Civitatem Domine ({{lang-la|Guard the city, O Lord}})
 +====Greater Manchester====
 +* [[Manchester]]: Concilio et Labore ({{lang-la|By wisdom and effort}})
 +* [[Oldham]]: [[wikt:Sapere aude|Sapere aude]] ({{lang-la|Have courage to be wise}})
 +* [[Wigan]]: Ancient and Loyal
 +* [[New Forest (district)|New Forest]]: Old Yet Ever New
 +* [[Portsmouth]]: Heaven's Light Our Guide
 +* [[Romsey]]: Quae Recta Tene
 +* [[Rushmoor]]: Strength in Unity
 +* [[Test Valley]]: Deo Teste Valeamus ({{lang-la|With God as our witness, let us be strong}})
 +* [[Ashford, Kent|Ashford]]: With Stronger Faith
 +* [[Royal Tunbridge Wells|Tunbridge Wells]]: Do Well Doubt Not
 +* [[Burnley]]: Hold To The Truth
 +* [[Leicester]]: Semper Eadem ({{lang-la|Always the same}})
 +* [[Mablethorpe]]: Amoeniora Litora Nostra ({{lang-la|Our shores are more delightful}})
 +* [[Liverpool]]: Not For Ourselves, But For The Whole World
 +* [[Norwich]]: Do different
 +* [[Aberdeen]]: Bon Accord ({{lang-fr| Good agreement}})
 +* [[Arbroath]]: Propter libertatem
 +* [[Braemar]]: Mak Siccar ([[Scots language|Scots]]: Make sure)
 +* [[Clydebank]]: Labore et Scientia ({{lang-la|By work and by knowledge}})
 +* [[Dingwall]]: Salve corona
 +* [[Duns]]: Duns Dings Aw ([[Scots language|Scots]])
 +* [[East Kilbride]]: Prosper but Dreid
 +* [[Edinburgh]]: Nisi Dominus {{not a typo|frustra}} ({{lang-la|Except the Lord [keep the city, the watchman waketh] in vain. Psalm 127}})
 +* [[Falkirk]]: Touch Ane, Touch Aw - Better meddle wi the Deil than the bairns o Fawkirk ([[Scots language|Scots]])
 +* [[Forfar]]: Ut quocunque paratus
 +* [[Galashiels]]: Soor Ploums ([[Scots language|Scots]])
 +* [[Glasgow]]: Let Glasgow Flourish
 +* [[Irvine, North Ayrshire|Irvine]]: Tandem bona causa triumphat ({{lang-la|The good cause triumphs in the end}})
 +* [[Jedburgh]]: Strenue et Prospere ({{lang-la|With vigour and success}})
 +* [[Kelso, Scotland|Kelso]]: Dae Richt - Fear Nocht ([[Scots language|Scots]])
 +* [[Kinross]]: Siccar ([[Scots language|Scots]]: Sure)
 +* [[Lerwick]]: Dispecta est et Thule
 +* [[Port Glasgow]]: Ter et Quarter anno Revisens Aequor Atlanticum Impune ({{lang-la|Three and four times a year revisiting the Atlantic with impunity}})
 +* [[Rosehearty]]: Tyauve awa Rosehearty ([[Scots language|Scots]])
 +* [[St Andrews]]: Dum spiro spero ({{lang-la|While I breathe I hope}})
 +* [[Selkirk, Scottish Borders|Selkirk]]: At spreta incolumem vita defendere famam
 +* [[Thurso]]: Wark tae God ([[Scots language|Scots]])
 +====Northern Ireland====
 +=====[[County Antrim]]=====
 +* [[Ballyclare]]: Industria et Probitate ({{lang-la|By work and integrity}})
 +* [[Belfast]]: Pro tanto quid retribuamus ({{lang-la|What shall we give in return for so much}})
 +* [[Lisburn]]: Ex Igne Resurgam ({{lang-la|I will arise from the fire}})
 +=====[[County Londonderry]]=====
 +* [[Derry]]: Vita, Veritas, Victoria ({{lang-la|Life, truth, victory}})
 +* [[Merthyr Tydfil]]: Nid Cadern Ond Brodyrdde (Welsh: No strength but in fellowship)
 +* [[Llandudno]]: Hardd Hafan Hedd (Welsh: Beautiful haven of peace)
 +* [[Newport]]: Terra Marique (By land and sea)
 +===United States of America===
 +* [[San Francisco]]: Oro en Paz, Fierro en Guerra (Gold in peace, iron in war)
 +* [[Palm Bay, Florida|Palm Bay]]: A Perfect Place to Grow
 +* [[Chicago, Illinois|Chicago]]: Urbs In Horto ({{lang-la|City in a garden}})
 +* [[Valparaiso, Indiana|Valparaiso]]: Vale of Paradise
 +* [[Commonwealth of Massachusetts]]: Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem ({{lang-la|By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty}})
 +* [[Boston, Massachusetts|Boston]]: Sicut patribus sit deus nobis ({{lang-la|God be with us as He was with our fathers}})
 +* [[Baltimore]]: Believe
 +* [[Detroit, Michigan|Detroit]]: Speramus meliora; resurget cineribus ({{lang-la|We hope for better things, it will rise from the ashes}})
 +* [[Grand Rapids]]: Motu Viget
 +* [[Minneapolis, Minnesota|Minneapolis]]: En Avant (Forward)
 +* [[Philadelphia, Pennsylvania|Philadelphia]]: Philadelphia maneto ({{lang-la|Let brotherly love continue}})
 +* [[Richmond, Virginia]]: Sic Itur Ad Astra ({{lang-la|Such is the way to the Stars}})
 +==British counties==
 +* [[Bedfordshire]]: Constant Be
 +* [[Buckinghamshire]]: Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum ({{lang-la|No stepping back}})
 +* [[Cambridgeshire]]: Per undas, per agros ({{lang-la|Through waves, through fields}})
 +* [[Cheshire]]: Jure et dignitate gladii ({{lang-la|By the right and dignity of the sword}})
 +* [[Cornwall]]: Onen Hag Oll ({{lang-kw|One and all}})
 +* [[Cumberland]]: Perfero ({{lang-la|I carry through}})
 +* [[Derbyshire]]: Bene consulendo ({{lang-la|By good counsel}})
 +* [[Devon]]: Auxilio Divino ({{lang-la|By divine aid}})
 +* [[Durham]]:
 +* [[Dorset]]: Who's Afear'd
 +* [[East Riding of Yorkshire]]: Tradition and Progress
 +* [[Essex]]:
 +* [[Gloucestershire]]: Prorsum Semper ({{lang-la|Ever forward}})
 +* [[Hampshire]]:
 +* [[Herefordshire]]: Pulchra Terra Dei Donum ({{lang-la|This fair land is the gift of God}})
 +* [[Hertfordshire]]: Trust and fear not
 +* [[Huntingdonshire]]: Labore Omnia Florent ({{lang-la|By work everything flourishes}})
 +* [[Kent]]: [[Invicta (motto)|Invicta]] ({{lang-la|Unconquered}})
 +* [[Lancashire]]: In Concilio Consilium ({{lang-la|In counsel is wisdom}})
 +* [[Leicestershire]]: For'ard For'ard
 +* [[Lincolnshire]]: Perseverance vincit ({{lang-la|Perseverance conquers}})
 +* [[Middlesex]]:
 +* [[Norfolk]]:
 +* [[Northamptonshire]]: Rosa Concordiae Signum ({{lang-la|The Rose—Emblem of Harmony}})
 +* [[North Riding of Yorkshire]]:
 +* [[Northumberland]]: Northumberland
 +* [[Nottinghamshire]]: Sapienter proficiens ({{lang-la|Progress with wisdom}})
 +* [[Oxfordshire]]: Sapere Aude ({{lang-la|Dare to be wise}})
 +* [[Rutland]]: Multum in Parvo ({{lang-la|Much in little}})
 +* [[Shropshire]]: Floreat Salopia ({{lang-la|Let Salop flourish}})
 +* [[Somerset]]: Sumorsaete ealle ({{lang-ang|All the people of Somerset}})
 +* [[Staffordshire]]: [[Stafford#The Stafford knot|The knot unites]]
 +* [[Suffolk]]: Opus Nostrum Dirige ({{lang-la|Direct our work}})
 +* [[Surrey]]:
 +* [[Sussex]]:
 +* [[Warwickshire]]: United to serve
 +* [[Westmorland]]:
 +* [[West Riding of Yorkshire]]: Audi Consilium ({{lang-la|Heed counsel}})
 +* [[Wiltshire]]:
 +* [[Worcestershire]]:
 +* [[Bristol]]: Virtue et Industria ({{lang-la|Virtue and hard work}})
 +* [[Cumbria]]: Ad montes oculos levavi ({{lang-la|I shall lift up mine eyes unto the mountains}})
 +* [[East Sussex]]:
 +* [[Greater London]]:
 +* [[Greater Manchester]]: Ever Vigilant
 +* [[Isle of Wight]]: All this beauty is of God
 +* [[Merseyside]]: Unity in the Service of All
 +* [[North Yorkshire]]: Unitate Fortior ({{lang-la|Stronger by union}})
 +* [[South Yorkshire]]: Each shall strive for the Welfare of All
 +* [[Tyne and Wear]]:
 +* [[West Midlands (county)|West Midlands]]: Forward in Unity
 +* [[West Sussex]]:
 +* [[West Yorkshire]]: By Effort Achieve
 +* [[Avon (county)|Avon]]:
 +* [[Cleveland]]: Endeavour
 +* [[Hereford and Worcester]]:
 +* [[Humberside]]: United we Flourish
 +* [[Aberdeenshire|Aberdeen]]:
 +* [[Angus]]: Lippen on Angus ({{lang-sco|Trust in Angus}})
 +* [[Ayrshire|Ayr]]: God Shaw the Right
 +* [[Banffshire|Banff]]: Spe et Spiritu ({{lang-la|With hope and courage}})
 +* [[Caithness]]: Commit thy Wark to God
 +* [[Clackmannanshire|Clackmannan]]: Leuk aboot ye
 +* [[Dumfriesshire|Dumfries]]:
 +* [[Dunbartonshire|Dunbarton]]: Levenax ({{lang-gd|Land of the elm trees}})
 +* [[East Lothian]]:
 +* [[Fife]]: Virtute et opera ({{lang-la|By virtue and by industry}})
 +* [[Inverness-shire|Inverness]]: Air son Math na Siorrachd ({{lang-gd|For the good of the county}})
 +* [[Kincardineshire|Kincardine]]: Laus Deo ({{lang-la|Praise to God}})
 +* [[Kinross-shire|Kinross]]: For all Time
 +* [[Kirkcudbrightshire|Kirkcudbright]]:
 +* [[Lanarkshire|Lanark]]:
 +* [[Midlothian]]:
 +* [[Morayshire|Moray]]: In Spe ({{lang-la|In hope}})
 +* [[Nairn]]: Unite and be Mindful
 +* [[Orkney]]: Boreas Domus Mare Amicus ({{lang-la|Home to the winds, friend of the sea}})
 +* [[Peeblesshire|Peebles]]: Contra Nando Incrementum ({{lang-la|There is increase by swimming against the stream}}
 +* [[Perthshire|Perth]]: Pro Lege et Libertate ({{lang-la|For law and liberty}})
 +* [[Renfrewshire|Renfrew]]:
 +* [[Ross and Cromarty]]: Dread God and Do Well
 +* [[Roxburghshire|Roxburgh]]: Ne Cede Malis Sed Contra Audentior Ito ({{lang-la|Yield not to misfortunes [evil things] but go on more boldly against them}})
 +* [[Selkirkshire|Selkirk]]:
 +* [[Stirlingshire|Stirling]]:
 +* [[Sutherland]]: Dluth Lean Do Dhuthchas Le Durachd ({{lang-gd|Cling to thy heritage with diligence}})
 +* [[West Lothian]]: Aye for the Common Weal
 +* [[Wigtownshire|Wigtown]]:
 +* [[Shetland|Zetland]]: Með Lögum Skal Land Byggja ({{lang-is|With laws shall this land be built}})
 +* [[Isle of Anglesey|Anglesey]]: Môn Mam Cymru ({{lang-cy|Anglesey mother of Wales}})
 +* [[Brecknockshire|Brecknock]]: Undeb Hedd Llwyddiant ({{lang-cy|Unity, peace, prosperity}})
 +* [[Caernarfonshire|Caernarfon]]: Cadernid Gwynedd ({{lang-cy|The strength of Gwynedd}})
 +* [[Carmarthenshire|Carmarthen]] (also of [[Dyfed]]): Rhyddid gwerin ffyniant gwlad ({{lang-cy|A free people a prosperous country}})
 +* [[Ceredigion|Cardigan]] or Ceredigion: Golud Gwlad Rhyddid ({{lang-cy|A nation's wealth is freedom}})
 +* [[Denbighshire (historic)|Denbigh]]: Duw a digion ({{lang-cy|God is sufficient}})
 +* [[Flintshire (historic)|Flint]]: Gorou tarian, cyfiawnder ({{lang-cy|The best shield is justice}})
 +* [[Glamorganshire|Glamorgan]]: A ddioddefws an orfu ({{lang-cy|He that endureth, overcometh}})
 +* [[Merionethshire|Merioneth]] or Merionydd: Tra Mor Tra Meirion ({{lang-cy|While the sea lasts, so shall Merionethshire}})
 +* [[Monmouthshire (historic)|Monmouth]]: Utrique fidelis ({{lang-la|fFaithful to both}})
 +* [[Montgomeryshire|Montgomery]]: Powys paradwys Cymru ({{lang-cy|Powys paradise of Wales}})
 +* [[Pembrokeshire|Pembroke]]: Ex unitate vires ({{lang-la|Out of unity is strength}})
 +* [[Radnorshire|Radnor]]: Ewch yn Uwch ({{lang-cy|Higher and higher}})
 +* [[Clwyd]]: Tarian cyfiawnder Duw ({{lang-cy|The shield of justice is God}})
 +* [[Dyfed]]: Rhyddid Gwerin Ffyniant Gwlad ({{lang-cy|A free people, a prosperous country}})
 +* [[Gwent (county)|Gwent]]: Utrique fidelis ({{lang-la|Faithful to both}})
 +* [[Gwynedd]]: Cadernid Gwynedd ({{lang-cy|The strength of Gwynedd}})
 +* [[Mid Glamorgan]]: A Ddioddefws a Orfu ({{lang-cy|He who suffers, conquers}})
 +* [[Powys]]: Unbed A Rhyddid ({{lang-cy|Unity and freedom}})
 +* [[South Glamorgan]]: Y Ddinas a'r Fro ({{lang-cy|The city and the vale}})
 +* [[West Glamorgan]]: Cardarn pob Cyfiawn ({{lang-cy|The just are strong}})
 +==[[Mottos of the Livery Companies of the City of London]]==
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Barbers]]: De Praescientia Dei ({{lang-la|From the foreknowledge of God}})
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Butchers]]: Omnia Subiecisti Sub Pedibus, Oves Et Boves ({{lang-la|Thou hast put all things under man's feet, all sheep and oxen}})
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales]]: True and Fair
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Clothworkers]]: My Trust Is in God Alone
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Cooks]]: Vulnerati Non Victi ({{lang-la|Wounded not conquered}})
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Coopers]]: Love as Brethren.
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Cutlers]]: Pour Parvenir A Bonne Foy ({{lang-fr|To succeed through good faith}})
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Distillers]]: Drop as Rain, Distil as Dew
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Drapers]]: Unto God Only Be Honour and Glory
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Dyers]]: Da Gloriam Deo ({{lang-la|Give Glory to God}})
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Fanmakers]]: Arts and Trade United
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Fishmongers]]: All Worship Be To God Only
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Fletchers]]: True and Sure
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Fruiterers]]: Deus Dat Incrementum ({{lang-la|God gives the increase}})
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Gardeners]]: In The Sweat Of Thy Brows Shalt Thow Eate Thy Bread
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass]]: Lucem Tuam Da Nobis Deo ({{lang-la|O God, give us your Light}})
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths]]: Justitia Virtutem Regina ({{lang-la|Justice and virtue are queen}})
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Grocers]]: God Grant Grace
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Haberdashers]]: Serve and Obey
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Information Technologists]]: Cito ({{lang-la|Swiftly}})
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Innholders]]: Hinc Spes Affulget ({{lang-la|Hence hope shines forth}})
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Ironmongers]]: God Is Our Strength
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Leathersellers]]: Soli Deo Honor et Gloria ({{lang-la|Honour and glory only to God}})
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards]]: Corde Recto Elati Omnes ({{lang-la|With an upright heart all are exalted}})
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Management Consultants]]: Change through Wisdom
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Marketors]]: Mercatura Adiuvat Omnes ({{lang-la|Marketing benefits everyone}})
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Mercers]]: Honor Deo ({{lang-la|Honour God}})
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Merchant Taylors]]: Concordia Parvae Res Crescunt ({{lang-la|In harmony small things grow}})
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Musicians]]: Preserve Harmony
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Plumbers]]: Justicia Et Pax ({{lang-la|Justice and peace}})
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Poulters]]: Remember Your Oath
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Salters]]: Sal Sapit Omnia ({{lang-la|Salt seasons everything; implies that Wit improves discourse}})
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Skinners]]: To God Only Be All Glory
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Tallow Chandlers]]: Ecce Agnus Dei Qui Tollit Peccata Mundi ({{lang-la|Behold the Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world}})
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Tylers and Bricklayers]]: In God is all our trust, let us never be confounded
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Vintners]]: Vinum Exhilarat Animum ({{lang-la|Wine cheers the mind}})
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Weavers]]: Weave Trust With Trust
 +* [[Worshipful Company of Wheelwrights]]: God Grant Unity
 +* [[Worshipful Company of World Traders]]: Commerce and honest friendship with all
 +* [[Worshipful Society of Apothecaries]]: Opiferque Per Orbem Dicor ({{lang-la|I am called a bringer of help throughout the world}})
 +==Educational institutions==
 +*[[Australian National University]]: Naturam primum cognoscere rerum ({{lang-la|First, to learn the nature of things}})
 +*[[Caulfield Grammar School]]: Labora Ut Requiescas ({{lang-la|Work hard so that ye will rest}})
 +*[[Davidson High School (New South Wales)]]: Sapienter si Sincere, ({{lang-la|Wisely if sincerely}})
 +*[[Guildford Public school]], [[New South Wales]]: Our Best Always
 +*[[La Trobe University]]: Qui cherche trouve [Matthew 7:7], ({{lang-fr|Seek and ye shall find}})
 +*[[Macquarie University]]: And Gladly Teche (Middle English: And gladly teach) from [[The Canterbury Tales]]
 +*[[Melbourne High School (Victoria)|Melbourne High School]]: Honour the Work and the Work Will Honour You (often shortened to: Honour the Work)
 +*[[Monash University]]: Ancora imparo ({{lang-it|I am still learning}})
 +*[[Queensland University of Technology]]: A university for the real world
 +*[[Royal Military College Duntroon]]: Doctrina vim Promovet ({{lang-la|Learning promotes strength}})
 +*[[Scotch College, Melbourne]]: Deo Patriae litteris ({{lang-la|For God, for country, and for learning}})
 +*[[Trinity Grammar School, Victoria]]: Viriliter Agite ({{lang-la|Act manfully}})
 +*[[University of Melbourne]]: Postera crescam laude ({{lang-la|I shall grow in the esteem of future generations}})
 +*[[University of New South Wales]]: Scientia Manu et Mente ({{lang-la|Knowledge by hand and mind}})
 +*[[University of Newcastle, Australia]]: I look ahead
 +*[[University of Queensland]]: Scientia ad Labore ({{lang-la|Knowledge through hard work}})
 +*[[University of Sydney]]: Sidere mens eadem mutato ({{lang-la|The stars change, but the mind remains the same}})
 +*[[Wesley College, Perth]]: Audendo Atque Agendo ({{lang-la|By daring and by doing}})
 +*[[Katholieke Universiteit Leuven]]: Sedes sapientiae ({{lang-la|Seat of wisdom}})
 +*[[Vrije Universiteit Brussel]]: Scientia vincere tenebras ({{lang-la|Conquering darkness by science}})
 +*[[Athabasca University]]: Learning for life
 +*[[Banting Memorial High School]]: Quaecumque Optima ({{lang-la|Whatsoever things are best}})
 +*[[Bishop's University]]: Recti cultus pectora roborant ({{lang-la|Sound learning strengthens the spirit}})
 +*[[Carleton University]]: Ours the Task Eternal
 +*[[Dalhousie University]]: Ora et labora ({{lang-la|Pray and work}})
 +*[[École Polytechnique de Montréal]]: Ut tensio sic vis ({{lang-la|The power depends on the tension}})
 +*[[Harbord Collegiate Institute]]: Virtus et Doctrina
 +*[[McGill University]]: Grandescunt Aucta Labore ({{lang-la|By work all things increase and grow}})
 +*[[McMaster University]]: Ta panta en Christoi synesteken ({{lang-gr|In Christ all things hold together, All things cohere in Christ}})
 +*[[Memorial University of Newfoundland]]: Provehito in altum ({{lang-la|Launch forth into the deep}})
 +*[[Nova Scotia Agricultural College]]: mens agitat molem ({{lang-la|mind over matter}})
 +*[[Queen's University, Kingston]]: Sapientia et Doctrina Stabilitas ({{lang-la|Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of Thy times}})
 +*[[Royal Military College of Canada]]: Truth, Duty, Valor
 +*[[Ryerson University]]: Mente et Artificio ({{lang-la|With mind and skill}})
 +*[[Simon Fraser University]]: Nous Sommes Prêts ({{lang-fr|We are ready}})
 +*[[St. Francis Xavier University]]: Quaecumque Sunt Vera ({{lang-la|Whatsoever things are true}})
 +*[[St. Mary's High School (Calgary)]]: Mente Manuque ({{lang-la|With mind and hand}})
 +*[[Thompson Rivers University]]: Quansem Ilep ([[Chinook language|Chinook]]: To strive ahead)
 +*[[Université de Montréal]]: Fide splendet et scientia ({{lang-la|May it shine with truth and knowledge}})
 +*[[University of Alberta]]: Quaecumque Vera ({{lang-la|Whatsoever things are true}})
 +*[[University of British Columbia]]: Tuum est ({{lang-la|It is yours}})
 +*[[University of Calgary]]: Mo shùile togam suas ({{lang-la|I will lift up my eyes}})
 +*[[University of Guelph]]: Rerum cognoscere causas ({{lang-la|To learn the meaning of reality}})
 +*[[University of Northern British Columbia]]: En Cha Huná
 +*[[University of Ottawa]]: Deus est scientarium dominus ({{lang-la|God is the master of knowledge}})
 +*[[University of Regina]]: As One Who Serves
 +*[[University of Saskatchewan]]: Deo et Patriae (For God and country)
 +*[[University of Toronto]]: Vel ut arbor aevo (Like as a tree with the passage of time)
 +*[[University of Trinity College]]: Μετ’ Ἀγῶνα Στέφανος (Met' agona stephanos, {{lang-gr|After struggle, there is a crown}})
 +*[[University of Victoria]], British Columbia: Multitudo sapientium sanitas orbis ({{lang-la|A multitude of the wise is the health of the world}})
 +*[[University of Waterloo]]: Concordia cum veritate ({{lang-la|In harmony with truth}})
 +*[[University of Western Ontario]]: Veritas et Utilitas ({{lang-la|Truth and usefulness}})
 +*[[Wilfrid Laurier University]]: Veritas omnia vincit ({{lang-la|Truth conquers all}})
 +*[[York University]]: Tentanda via ({{lang-la|The way must be tried}})
 +*[[Concordia University]]: Concordia salus ({{lang-la|Well-being through harmony}})
 +*[[University of Aarhus]]: Solidum petit in profundis
 +*[[University of Copenhagen]]: Adspicit lucem in cælestis ({{lang-la|Seeking light in the heavens}})
 +*[[École Polytechnique|École Polytechnique de Paris]]: Pour la Patrie, les Sciences et la Gloire ({{lang-fr|For the country, the sciences and glory}})
 +*[[Supélec]]:La science en action ({{lang-fr|Science in action}})
 +*[[Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg]]: Die Wahrheit wird euch frei machen [John 8:32], ({{lang-de|The truth shall set you free}})
 +*[[Darmstadt University of Technology]]: mens agitat molem ({{lang-la|mind drives matter}})
 +*[[Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz]]: Ut omnes unum sint ({{lang-la|May all be one}})
 +*[[Prince Rupert School, Germany]]: Sapientia ex igne ({{lang-la|Wisdom from the flames}})
 +*[[Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg]]: Semper apertus
 +*[[Tolins World School]] (Kerala): Ever To Be The Best
 +* [[Bishop Cotton Boys School]]: Nec Dextrorsum Nec Sinistrorsum ({{lang-la|Neither to the right nor to the left - [[Book of Joshua]]}})
 +*[[Bishop Cotton Girls School]]: Nec Dextrorsum Nec Sinistrorsum ({{lang-la|Neither to the right nor to the left - Book of Joshua}})
 +*[[GITAM University]], [[Visakhapatnam]]: Strive Serve Thrive
 +*[[Grant Medical College]], [[Mumbai]]: Mens Sana in Corpore Sano ({{lang-la|Healthy mind in a healthy body}})
 +*[[Hyderabad Public School]]: Be Vigilant
 +*[[Indian Institute of Technology]]:Jnyanam Paramam Dhyeyam (Sanskrit: Knowledge is the ultimate goal)
 +*[[Jesus and Mary Academy]], [[Patna City]], [[Patna]]: Knowledge, Wisdom, Humanity.
 +*[[Modern School (New Delhi)|Modern School New Delhi]]: Naimatma Balheenien Labhya (Perfection cannot be achieved by the weak-willed)
 +*[[St. George's Grammar School (Hyderabad)]]: Perseverance Conquers All Things
 +*[[St Joseph's College, Nainital]]: Certa Bonum Certamen ({{lang-la|Fight the good fight}})
 +*[[St. Stephen's College, Delhi]]: Ad Dei Glorium ({{lang-la|To the glory of God}})
 +*[[University of Mumbai]]: Sheel Vrutphalam vidya (Sanskrit:The fruit of learning is character and righteous conduct)
 +*[[University of Pune]]: Yah Kriyaawaan Sa Panditaha. (Learned is one who is ceaselessly active)
 +*[[Mayo College]]: Let There Be Light
 +*[[Delhi Public School]]{{dn|date=September 2013}}: Service Before Self
 +*[[Synge Street CBS]]: [[Viriliter Age]]
 +*[[University of Limerick]]: Eagna chun gnímh (Wisdom in action)
 +*[[Taylor's University College]]: Wisdom, Integrity, Excellence
 +*[[Eindhoven University of Technology]]: Mens agitat molem ({{lang-la|Mind over matter}})
 +*[[University of Leiden]]: Praesidium Libertatis
 +*[[Utrecht University]]: Sol Iustitiae Illustra Nos ({{lang-la|Sun of Justice, shine upon us}})
 +===[[New Zealand]]===
 +*[[Auckland Grammar School]], [[Mount Albert Grammar School]] (also [[Auckland Girls' Grammar School]], [[Takapuna Grammar School]]): [[Per Angusta ad Augusta]] ({{lang-la|Through endeavour to greatness}})
 +*[[Avondale College]]: Kohia nga taikaka ({{lang-mi|Seek the Heartwood}})
 +*[[Macleans College]]: Virtue Mine Honour
 +*[[Rangitoto College|Rangitoto College (Auckland)]] (also [[Hillcrest High School (New Zealand)|Hillcrest High School (Hamilton)]]): Circumspice ({{lang-la|Look around you}})
 +*[[Westlake Boys High School]], [[Westlake Girls High School]]: Virtute Experiamur ({{lang-la|Let courage be thy test}})
 +*[[University of Auckland]]: Ingenio et labore ({{lang-la|By natural ability and hard work}})
 +*[[University of New Zealand]]: [[wikt:Sapere aude|Sapere aude]] ({{lang-la|Have courage to be wise}})
 +*[[University of Otago]]: [[wikt:Sapere aude|Sapere aude]] ({{lang-la|Have courage to be wise}})
 +*[[Aitchison College Lahore]]: Perseverance Commands Success
 +*[[University of Karachi|Karachi University - Pakistan]]: رَبِّ زدْنيِ علماً (Arabic: O my Lord! Advance me in knowledge)
 +*[[Don Bosco Juniorate]], [[Pampanga]]: Luctor et Emergo ({{lang-la|I struggle, I win}})
 +*[[Lyceum of the Philippines University]]: Veritas et Fortitudo, Pro Deo et Patria ({{lang-la|Truth and courage, For God and country}})
 +*[[Mater Carmeli School]] of Novaliches: Contemplare, Amare, Servire, Ecclesiam ({{lang-la|To contemplate, to love and to serve the Church}})
 +*[[University of Santo Tomas]]: Veritas in Caritate ({{lang-la|Truth in Charity}})
 +*[[University of the Philippines]]: Honor and Excellence
 +*[ Central Philippine University]: Scientia Et Fides
 +*[[Jagiellonian University]]: Plus ratio quam vis ({{lang-la|Let reason prevail over force}})
 +*[[Anglo-Chinese School]]: The Best Is Yet To Be (adapted from poem by Robert Browning)
 +*[[Catholic Junior College]]: In veritate et caritate ({{lang-la|In truth and love}})
 +*[[Montfort Secondary School]]: Age Quod Agis ({{lang-la|Do well in whatever you do}})
 +*[[Raffles Institution]]: Auspicium Melioris Aevi ({{lang-la|Hope of a better age}})
 +*[[Saint Joseph's Institution]] (SJI): Ora et Labora
 +*[[Chalmers University of Technology]]: Avancez ({{lang-fr|Advance}})
 +*[[Gothenburg University]]: Tradita innovare innovata tradere ({{lang-la|A tradition of invention, an inventor of tradition}})
 +*[[Karlstad University]]: Sapere aude ({{lang-la|Have courage to be wise / Dare to know}})
 +*[[Lund University]]: [[Ad utrumque]] ({{lang-la|Prepared for all}})
 +*[[Royal Institute of Technology]]: Vetenskap och Konst (Science and Art)
 +*[[Uppsala University]]: Gratiae veritas naturae ({{lang-la|Truth through mercy and nature}})
 +*[[Bilkent University]]: Veritas ({{lang-la|Truth}})
 +*[[Robert College]] of [[Istanbul]]: [[Post Tenebras Lux]] (Light after darkness) and [[Dominus Illuminatio Mea]] (The Lord is my Light)
 +*[[University of Aberdeen]]: Initium sapientiae Timor Domini ({{lang-la|Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom}})
 +*[[University of Abertay Dundee]]:
 +*[[Aberystwyth University]]: Nid Byd, Byd Heb Wybodaeth ({{lang-cy|A world without knowledge is no world at all}})
 +*[[Anglia Ruskin University]]: Excellentia per Societatem ({{lang-la|Excellence through partnership}})
 +*[[The Arts University Bournemouth]]:
 +*[[University of the Arts London]]: A Creative Constellation
 +*[[Aston University]]: Forward
 +*[[Bangor University]]: Gorau Dawn Deall ({{lang-cy|The best gift is knowledge}})
 +*[[University of Bath]]: Generatim discite cultus ({{lang-la|Learn each field of study according to its kind}})
 +*[[Bath Spa University]]:
 +*[[University of Birmingham]]: Per ardua ad alta ({{lang-la|Through hard work, to the heights}})
 +*[[Birmingham City University]]: Age Quod Agis ({{lang-cy|Do what you are doing; attend to your business}})
 +*[[Bishop Grosseteste University]]:
 +*[[University of Bolton]]:
 +*[[Bournemouth University]]: Discere Mutari Est ({{lang-la|To learn is to change}})
 +*[[University of Bradford]]: Give Invention Light
 +*[[University of Brighton]]:
 +*[[University of Bristol]]: Vim promovet insitam ({{lang-la|[Learning] promotes one's innate power}} - from Horace, Ode 4.4)
 +*[[Brunel University]]:
 +*[[University of Buckingham]]: Alis Volans Propriis ({{lang-la|Flying on our own wings}})
 +*[[Buckinghamshire New University]]: Arte et industria ({{lang-la|By art and industry}})
 +*[[University of Cambridge]]: Hinc lucem et pocula sacra ({{lang-la|[From] here [the university] [we receive] light and sacred draughts [knowledge]}})
 +**[[Christ's College, Cambridge]]: Souvent me Souvient ({{lang-fr|I often remember}})
 +**[[Churchill College, Cambridge]]: Forward
 +**[[Corpus Christi College, Cambridge]]: Floreat Antiqua Domus ({{lang-la|May this old house flourish}})
 +**[[Downing College, Cambridge]]: Quaerere Verum ({{lang-la|Seek the truth}})
 +**[[Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge]]: Ex antiquis et novissimis optima ({{lang-la|The best out of the old and the new}})
 +**[[Homerton College, Cambridge]]: Respice Finem ({{lang-la|Look to the end}})
 +**[[King's College, Cambridge]]: Veritas et utilitas ({{lang-la|Truth and usefulness}})
 +**[[Magdalene College, Cambridge]]: Garde ta Foy ({{lang-fr|Keep your faith}})
 +**[[Queens' College, Cambridge]]: Floreat Domus ({{lang-la|May this house flourish}})
 +**[[Selwyn College, Cambridge]]: ΑΝΔΡΙΖΕΣΘΕ ({{lang-gr|Quit ye like men}})
 +**[[Saint John's College, Cambridge]]: Souvent me Souvient ({{lang-fr|I often remember}})
 +**[[Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge]]: Dieu me garde de calomnie ({{lang-fr|God preserve me from calumny}})
 +**[[St. John's College, Cambridge]]: Souvent me Souvient ({{lang-fr|I often remember}})
 +**[[Trinity College, Cambridge]]: Virtus vera nobilitas ({{lang-la|Virtue is the true nobility}})
 +**[[Wolfson College, Cambridge]]: Ring True
 +*[[Canterbury Christ Church University]]: Veritas liberabit vos ({{lang-la|The truth shall make you free}})
 +*[[Cardiff University]]: Gwirionedd Undod A Chytgord ({{lang-cy|Truth, unity and harmony}})
 +**[[Cardiff University School of Medicine]]: Gwybod Medr Iachau ({{lang-cy|Knowledge enables cures}})
 +*[[Cardiff Metropolitan University]]: The most valuable possession is knowledge
 +*[[University of Central Lancashire]]: Ex solo ad solem ({{lang-la|From the ground to the Sun}})
 +*[[University of Chester]]: Qui docet in doctrina ({{lang-la|He that teacheth, on teaching}})
 +*[[University of Chichester]]: Docendo discimus ({{lang-la|By teaching, we learn}})
 +*[[City University, London]]: To serve mankind
 +*[[Coventry University]]:
 +*[[Cranfield University]]: Post nubes, lux ({{lang-la|Out of darkness, light}})
 +*[[University for the Creative Arts]]:
 +*[[University of Cumbria]]:
 +*[[De Montfort University]]: Excellentia et studium ({{lang-la|Excellence and zeal}})
 +*[[University of Derby]]: Experientia Docet ({{lang-la|Experience teaches}})
 +*[[University of Dundee]]: Magnificat anima mea dominum ({{lang-la|My soul magnifies the Lord}})
 +*[[Durham University]]:Fundamenta eius super montibus sanctis ({{lang-la|Her foundations are upon the holy hills}})
 +*[[University of East Anglia]]: Do different
 +*[[University of East London]]:
 +*[[Edge Hill University]]: In Scientia Opportunitas ({{lang-la|In knowledge there is opportunity}})
 +*[[University of Edinburgh]]: Nec Temere Nec Timide, ({{lang-la|Neither recklessly nor timidly}}
 +*[[Edinburgh Napier University]]: Nisi sapientia {{not a typo|frustra}} ({{lang-la|Without knowledge all is in vain}})
 +*[[University of Essex]]: Thought the harder, heart the keener
 +*[[University of Exeter]]: Lucem sequimur ({{lang-la|We follow the light}})
 +*[[Falmouth University]]: Doing Things Differently / Creative Minds, Inspiring Futures
 +*[[University of Glamorgan]]: Success Through Endeavour
 +*[[University of Glasgow]]: [[Via, Veritas, Vita]] ({{lang-la|The way, the truth, the life}})
 +*[[Glasgow Caledonian University]]: For the common weal
 +*[[University of Gloucestershire]]: In animo et veritate ({{lang-la|In spirit and truth}}
 +*[[University of Greenwich]]: To learn, to do, to achieve
 +*[[Glyndŵr University]]: Hyder trwy Addysg ({{lang-cy|Confidence through education}})
 +*[[Harper Adams University]]: Utile Dulci ({{lang-la|Useful and agreeable}})
 +*[[Heriot-Watt University]]:
 +*[[University of Hertfordshire]]:
 +*[[University of the Highlands & Islands]]: Foghlam aig ìre Oilthigh air a' Ghàidhealtachd is anns na h-Eileanan ({{lang-gd|University-level study in the Highlands and Islands}})
 +*[[University of Huddersfield]]:
 +*[[University of Hull]]: Lampada Ferens ({{lang-la|Carrying the lamp of learning}})
 +*[[Imperial College|Imperial College London]]: Scientia imperii decus et tutamen ({{lang-la|Knowledge is the adornment and safeguard of the Empire}})
 +*[[Keele University]]: Thanke God for All
 +*[[University of Kent]]: Cui servire regnare est {{lang-la|Whose service is perfect freedom}})
 +*[[Kingston University]]:
 +*[[University of Lancaster]]: Patet omnibus veritas ({{lang-la|Truth lies open to all}})
 +*[[University of Leeds]]: Et augebitur scientia ({{lang-la|And knowledge will be increased}})
 +*[[Leeds Trinity University]]:
 +*[[University of Leicester]]: Ut Vitam Habeant ({{lang-la|So that they may have life}})
 +*[[University of Lincoln]]: Libertas per Sapientiam ({{lang-la|Through wisdom, liberty}})
 +*[[University of Liverpool]]: Haec otia studia fovent ({{lang-la|These days of peace foster learning}})
 +*[[Liverpool Hope University]]: In faith, hope and love
 +*[[Liverpool John Moores University]]: Fortes fortuna adiuvat ({{lang-la|Fortune assists the bold}})
 +*[[University of London]]:
 +**[[Birkbeck, University of London]]: In nocte consilium ({{lang-la|Study by night}})
 +**[[Central School of Speech and Drama]]:
 +**[[Courtauld Institute of Art]]:
 +**[[Goldsmiths, University of London]]:
 +**[[Heythrop College, London]]: Nil Sine Fide ({{lang-la|Nothing without faith}})
 +**[[King's College, London]]: Sancte et sapienter ({{lang-la|With holiness and with wisdom}})
 +**[[Institute of Cancer Research]]:
 +**[[Institute of Education]]:
 +**[[London Business School]]:
 +**[[London School of Economics and Political Science]]: Rerum Cognoscere Causas ({{lang-la|To understand the causes of things}})
 +**[[London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine]]:
 +**[[Queen Mary, University of London]]: Coniunctis viribus ({{lang-la|With united power}})
 +**[[Royal Academy of Music]]
 +**[[Royal Holloway, University of London]]: Esse quam videre ({{lang-la|To be, rather than to seem}})
 +**[[Royal Veterinary College]]: Venienti Occurrite Morbo ({{lang-la|Confront disease at its onset}})
 +**[[St George's, University of London]]:
 +**[[School of Oriental and African Studies]] (SOAS), [[University of London|London]]: [[Knowledge is Power]]
 +**[[University College London]]: Cuncti adsint meritaeque {{not a typo|expectent}} praemia palmae (Let all come who by merit most deserve reward)
 +*[[London Metropolitan University]]:
 +*[[London South Bank University]]:
 +*[[Loughborough University]]: Veritate, Scientia, Labore ({{lang-la|By truth, by science, by labour}})
 +*[[University of Manchester]]: Cognitio Sapientia Humanitas (Knowledge, wisdom, humanity)
 +*[[Manchester Metropolitan University]]: Many arts, many skills
 +*[[Middlesex University]]:
 +*[[Newcastle University]]: ''none''
 +*[[Newman University, Birmingham|Newman University]]: Ex Umbris in Veritatem ({{lang-la|From the shadow to the truth}})
 +*[[University of Northampton]]: Transforming lives, inspiring change
 +*[[Northumbria University]]: Aetas Discendi ({{lang-la|A lifetime of learning}})
 +*[[Norwich University of the Arts]]:
 +*[[University of Nottingham]]: Sapientia Urbs Conditur ({{lang-la|A city is founded on wisdom}})
 +*[[Nottingham Trent University]]: Shaping Futures
 +*[[Open University]]: Learn and Live
 +*[[University of Oxford]]: [[Dominus Illuminatio Mea]] [Psalm 27:10], ({{lang-la|The Lord is my Light}})
 +**[[Corpus Christi, Oxford]]: Est Deo Gracia ({{lang-la|Thanks be to God}})
 +**[[Exeter College, Oxford]]: Floreat Exon ({{lang-la|May Exeter flourish}})
 +**[[Hertford College, Oxford]]: Sicut Cervus Anhelat ad Fontes Aquarum ({{lang-la|Like as the hart desireth the waterbrooks}})
 +**[[Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford]]: Souvent me Souviens ({{lang-fr|I remember often}})
 +**[[Magdalen College, Oxford]]: Floreat Magdalena ({{lang-la|May Magdalen flourish}})
 +**[[Mansfield College, Oxford]]: Deus locutus est nobis in filio ({{lang-la|God hath spoken unto us by his son}})
 +**[[Merton College, Oxford]]: Qui Timet Deum Faciet Bona ({{lang-la|He that feareth God will do good}})
 +**[[New College, Oxford]]: Manners Makyth Man
 +**[[Regent's Park College, Oxford]]: Omnia probate quod bonum tenete ({{lang-la|Test all things; hold fast to that which is good}})
 +**[[Saint Catherine's College, Oxford]]: Nova et Vetera ({{lang-la|The old and the new}})
 +**[[Saint Cross College, Oxford]]: Ad Quattuor Cardines Mundi ({{lang-la|To the four corners of the Earth}})
 +**[[Somerville College, Oxford]]: Donec rursus impleat orbem ({{lang-la|Until it should fill the world again}})
 +**[[Wolfson College, Oxford]]: Humani nil alienum ({{lang-la|Mankind is not unknown to me}})
 +**[[Wycliffe Hall, Oxford]]: Via, Veritas, Vita ({{lang-la|The way, the truth and the life}})
 +*[[Oxford Brookes University]]: Excellence in Diversity
 +*[[Plymouth University]]: Indagate Fingite Invenite ({{lang-la|Explore, dream, discover}})
 +*[[University of Portsmouth]]: Lucem Sequamur ({{lang-la| Let us follow the Light}})
 +*[[Queen's University Belfast]]:
 +*[[Queen Margaret University]]:
 +*[[University of Reading]]:
 +*[[Robert Gordon University]]: Omni Nunc Arte Magistra {{lang-la|Now by all your mastered arts}})
 +*[[University of Roehampton]]:
 +*[[Royal College of Art]]:
 +*[[University of Saint Andrews]]: Aien Aristeuein ({{lang-gr|Ever to be the best}})
 +*[[University of Salford]]: Altiora Petamus ({{lang-la|Let us seek higher things}})
 +*[[University of Sheffield]]: Rerum cognoscere causas ({{lang-la|To discover the causes of things}})
 +*[[Sheffield Hallam University]]: Learn and Serve
 +*[[University of Southampton]]: Strenuis Ardua Cedunt ({{lang-la|The heights yield to endeavour}})
 +*[[Southampton Solent University]]:
 +*[[Staffordshire University]]: Create the difference
 +*[[University of Stirling]]: Innovation and excellence
 +*[[University of Strathclyde]]: Place of Useful Learning
 +*[[University of Sunderland]]: Scientiam Dulce Hauriens ({{lang-la|Sweetly absorbing knowledge}})
 +*[[University of Surrey]]:
 +*[[University of Sussex]]: Be Still and Know
 +*[[Swansea Metropolitan University]]:
 +*[[Swansea University]]: Gweddw crefft heb ei dawn ({{lang-cy|Technical skill is bereft without culture}})
 +*[[University of Teesside]]: Facta Non Verba ({{lang-la|Deeds not words}})
 +*[[University of Ulster]]:
 +*[[University of Wales]]: Goreu Awen Gwirionedd ({{lang-cy|The best inspiration is truth}})
 +**[[University of Wales, Newport]]: Scientia Ingenium Artes ({{lang-la|Arts, science and engineering}})
 +**[[University of Wales, Trinity Saint David]]: Gair Duw Goreu Dysg ({{lang-cy|The Word of God is the best learning}})
 +*[[University of Warwick]]: Mens agitat molem ({{lang-la|Mind over matter}})
 +*[[University of West London]]:
 +*[[University of the West of England]]: Light Liberty Learning
 +*[[University of the West of Scotland]]:
 +*[[University of Winchester]]: Wisdom ond Lar ({{lang-ang|Wisdom and knowledge}})
 +*[[University of Wolverhampton]]: Innovation and Opportunity
 +*[[University of Worcester]]: Ad Inspirandum Aspiramus ({{lang-la|Aspire to inspire}})
 +*[[University of York]]: In limine sapientiae ({{lang-la|On the threshold of wisdom}})
 +**[[Alcuin College]]: Panton nos postulo ({{lang-la|All we need}})
 +**[[Goodricke College]]: Setting the standard
 +**[[Halifax College]]: Scholarship, Activity and Community
 +**[[James College]]: Oderint Dum Metuant ({{lang-lat|Let them hate, so long as they fear}})
 +**[[Langwith College]]: Vincit qui se vincit ({{lang-la|He conquers who conquers himself}})
 +**[[Wentworth College]]: En Dieu est tout ({{lang-la|In God is all}})
 +*[[York St John University]]:
 +*[[Abingdon School]]: Misericordias domini in aeternum cantabo ({{lang-la|I will sing of the Lord's mercy forever}})
 +*[[Bablake School]], [[Coventry]]: Spiritus Vicis ({{lang-la|The spirit of opportunity}})
 +*[[Bedford School]]: Floreat schola Bedfordiensis ({{lang-la|May Bedford School flourish}})
 +*[[Beverley Grammar School]], [[Yorkshire]]: Adolescentiam alunt senectutem oblectant
 +*[[Bishop Wordsworth's School]], [[Salisbury]]: Veritas in Caritate ({{lang-la|Truth in charity}})
 +*[[Blue Coat School, Oldham]]: Semper Quaereamus Virtutem ({{lang-la|Always let us seek virtue}})
 +*[[Bourne Grammar School]]: Vigila et Ora ({{lang-la| Watch and pray}})
 +*[[Bradford Grammar School]]: Hoc Age ({{lang-la|Do this}})
 +*[[Bromsgrove School]]: Deo Regi Vicino ({{lang-la|For God, for King, for Neighbour}})
 +*[[Bury Grammar School]]: Sanctas Clavis Fores Aperit({{lang-la|The key opens the sacred door}})
 +*[[City of London School]]: Domine Dirige Nos{{lang-la|Lord, direct us}})
 +*[[Clifton College]]: Spiritus Intus Alit ({{lang-la|The spirit nourishes within}})
 +*[[Colchester Royal Grammar School]]: Vitae Corona Fides ({{lang-la|Faith is the crown of life}})
 +*[[Colyton Grammar School]]: Esse Quam Videri ({{lang-la|Be rather than seem to be}})
 +*[[Crossley Heath Grammar School]]: Omne Bonum Ab Alto ({{lang-la|All good things come from above}})
 +*[[Culford School]]: Viriliter Agite Estote Fortes ({{lang-la|Quit ye like men, be strong}})
 +*[[Derby School]]: Vita Hominis Sine Literis Mors Est ({{lang-la|Life without learning is death}})
 +*[[Devonport High School for Boys]]: Prorsum Semper Honeste ({{lang-la|Forwards always proud}})
 +*[[Devonport High School for Girls]]: Sine Labe Decus ({{lang-la|Honour without dishonour}})
 +*[[Doncaster Grammar School]]: Confort et Liesse (Comfort and joy)
 +*[[Dr Challoner's Grammar School]]: Ad Astra Per Aspera ({{lang-la|To the stars through difficulties}})
 +*[[Dulwich College]]: Detur Gloria Soli Deo ({{lang-la|Let glory be given to God alone}})
 +*[[Durham School]]: Floreat Dunelmia ({{lang-la|May Durham flourish}})
 +*[[Emanuel School]]: Pour Bien Desirer ({{lang-fr|The noble aim}})
 +*[[Epping Boys High School]]: Strive to Achieve
 +*[[Eton College]]: Floreat Etona ({{lang-la|May Eton flourish}})
 +*[[Felsted School]]: Garde ta Foy ({{lang-fr|Keep your faith}})
 +*[[Finchley Catholic High School]]: Da nobis recta sapere ({{lang-la|Grant that we may be truly wise}})
 +*[[Framlingham College]], [[Suffolk]]: Studio sapientia crescit ({{lang-la|Wisdom grows with study}})
 +*[[Gateshead Grammar School]]: Toil No Soil (toil (work)is no disgrace from the poem [[Works and Days]] by [[Hesiod]])
 +*[[Gresham's School]]: All Worship Be to God Only
 +*[[Hanley Castle High School]]: Ducet Amor Patriae ({{lang-la|Led by love of country}})
 +*[[Harrow School]]: Stet Fortuna domus ({{lang-la|Let fortune of the house stand}})
 +*[[Hartismere School]], [[Eye, Suffolk]]: Discamus ut serviamus ({{lang-la|We learn that we might serve}})
 +*[[Hereford Cathedral School]]: Floreat Schola Herefordensis ({{lang-la|May the scholars of Hereford flourish}})
 +*[[High School of Dundee]]: Prestante Domino ({{lang-la|Under the leadership of God}})
 +*[[Ibstock Place School]]: Vincit qui se vincit ({{lang-la|He conquers who conquers himself}})
 +*[[Ipswich School]]: Semper eadem ({{lang-la|Always the same}})
 +*[[Katharine Lady Berkeley's School]]: non palma sine pulvere({{lang-la|No reward without effort / Dare to try}})
 +*[[King's College School, Wimbledon]]: Sancte et Sapienter ({{lang-la|With holiness and wisdom}})
 +*[[King Edward VI Grammar School, Louth]] Dieu Et Mon Droit ({{lang-la|God and my right / God and my right shall me defend}})
 +*[[King Edward VI School, Lichfield]]: Deo Patriae Scholae ({{lang-la|For God, country and school}})
 +*[[King James's Grammar School, Almondbury]]: Floreat Schola Almondburiensis, May the scholars of Almondbury flourish
 +*[[King's School, Rochester]]: Disce aut discede ({{lang-la|Learn or leave}})
 +*[[Lady Eleanor Holles School]]: Grace and Integrity
 +*[[Lancaster Royal Grammar School]]: Praesis ut Prosis ({{lang-la|Lead in order to serve}})
 +*[[Liverpool College]]: Non solum ingenii, verum etiam virtutis ({{lang-la|Not only intelligence, but also virtue}})
 +*[[Loughborough Grammar School]]: Vires Acquirit Eundo ({{lang-la| We gather strength as we go}})
 +*[[Lucton School]]: Floreat Luctona ({{lang-la|May Lucton Flourish}})
 +*[[Magdalen College School, Oxford]]: Sicut Lilium ({{lang-la| Like the lily}})
 +*[[Manchester Grammar School]]: [[wikt:Sapere aude|Sapere aude]] ({{lang-la|Have courage to be wise}})
 +*[[Morehouse College]]: To Uplift the Human Race Through Responsible Citizenship
 +*[[Norwich School (independent school)]]: Praemia Virtutis Honores ({{lang-la|Honours are the rewards of virtue}})
 +*[[Oswestry School]]: Non scholae, sed vitae discimus ({{lang-la|We learn not for school but for life}})
 +*[[Perse School]]: Qui facit per alium facit per se ({{lang-la|He who does things for others does things for himself}})
 +*[[Plymouth High School for Girls]]: Non scholae sed vitae discimus ({{lang-la|For life, not school, we learn}})
 +*[[The Prebendal School]], [[Chichester]]: Fons Sapientae Verbum Dei ({{lang-la|The fount of knowledge is the word of God}})
 +*[[Prince Henry's High School]], [[Evesham]]: Parva Magna Crescunt ({{lang-la|Little things grow into big things}})
 +*[[Queen Mary's Grammar School]]: Quas Dederis Solas Semper Habebes Opes ({{lang-la|You only get out what you put in}}) (rough translation)
 +*[[Ravenscroft School (Somerset)|Ravenscroft School]]: Audi et Aude ({{lang-la|Learn and dare}})
 +*[[Reading School]]: Floreat Redingensis ({{lang-la| May Reading flourish}})
 +*[[Repton School]]: porta vacat culpa ({{lang-la|the gate is free from blame}})
 +*[[Royal Grammar School Worcester]]:Respice et Prospice ({{lang-la|Remember the past and look to the future}})
 +*[[Royal Latin School]], [[Buckingham]]: High Expectations For All (1993), Alle May God Amende (1423)
 +*[[Royal Military Academy Sandhurst]]: Serve to Lead
 +*[[Royal Wolverhampton School]]: Nisi Dominus {{not a typo|frustra}}
 +*[[Rugby School]]: Orando Laborando
 +*[[Saddleworth School]]: Aim high
 +*[[Sevenoaks School]]: Servire Deo Regnare Est ({{lang-la|To serve God is to rule}})
 +*[[Sir William Borlase's Grammar School]]: Te Digna Sequere ({{lang-la|Follow things worthy of thyself}})
 +*[[Solihull School]]: Perseverantia ({{lang-la|Perseverance}})
 +*[[St Albans School (Hertfordshire)|St Albans School]]: Non nobis nati ({{lang-la|Born not for ourselves alone}})
 +*[[St. Bartholomew's School]], [[Newbury, Berkshire]]: Ad lucem ({{lang-la|Towards the light}})
 +*[[St Edward's Roman Catholic Church of England School]], [[Poole]]: Learning together
 +*[[St Dunstan's College]], [[Catford]]: Albam Exorna ({{lang-la|Adorn the white}})
 +*[[St Paul's School, London]]: Fide Et Literis ({{lang-la|By faith and by learning}})
 +*[[St Peter's School, York]]: Super Antiquas Vias ({{lang-la|Upon the ancient tracks}})
 +*[[Stamford School]]: Christ me spede ({{lang-la|Christ be with me}})
 +*[[Stockport Grammar School]]: Vincit qui patitur ({{lang-la|He who endures, conquers}})
 +*[[The Chafford School]], [[Rainham, London]]: Achievement for all through the pursuit of excellence
 +*[[The Glasgow Academy]]: Serva Fidem ({{lang-la|Keep the faith}})
 +*[[The John Lyon School]]: Stet Fortuna domus ({{lang-la|Let fortune of the House stand}})
 +*[[The King's School, Grantham]]: Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense (Middle French: Shame upon him who thinks evil upon it / Evil to he who evil thinks)
 +*[[The King's School, Ottery St Mary]]: Schola Regia De Ottery
 +*[[Thetford Grammar School]]: Loyaute me oblige ({{lang-fr|Loyalty binds me}})
 +*[[Trinity School of John Whitgift|Trinity School, Croydon]]: Vincit qui patitur ({{lang-la|He who endures, conquers}})
 +*[[Twynham School]]: Ut Prosim ({{lang-la|That I may serve}})
 +*[[Warwick School]]: Altiora Peto ({{lang-la|I seek higher things}})
 +*[[Wells Cathedral School]]: Esto Quod Es ({{lang-la|Be what you are}})
 +*[[Westminster School]]: Dat Deus Incrementum ({{lang-la|God gives the increase}})
 +*[[Yarm School]]: Erudio pro vita ({{lang-la|Education for life}})
 +*[[Alfred University]]: Fiat Lux ({{lang-la|Let there be light}})
 +*[[American University]]: Pro deo et patria ({{lang-la|For God and country}})
 +*[[Amherst College]]: Terras Irradient ({{lang-la|Let them give light to the world}})
 +*[[Aquinas Institute]]: Credo Quid Quid Dixit Dei Filius ({{lang-la|I believe whatever the Son of God has said}})
 +*[[Bates College]]: Amore Ac Studio ({{lang-la|Love of learning}}) - [[Charles Sumner]]
 +*[[Benedict College]]: Veritas et Virtus ({{lang-la|Truth and virtue}})
 +*[[Bob Jones University]]: Petimus Credimus ({{lang-la|We seek, we trust}})
 +*[[Boston College]]: Aien Aristeuein/αιεν αριστευειν ({{lang-gr|Ever to excel}}); Religioni et bonis artibus ({{lang-la|For religion and the good arts}})
 +*[[Brandeis University]]: Truth, even unto its innermost parts
 +*[[Brigham Young University]]: Enter to learn; go forth to serve
 +*[[Brown University]]: In deo speramus ({{lang-la|In God we hope}})
 +*[[California Institute of Technology]]: The truth shall make you free
 +*[[California Maritime Academy]]: Laborare Pugnare Parati Sumus ({{lang-la|To work or fight, we are ready}})
 +*[[California State University, Fresno]]: Lucem Accipe Ut Reddas ({{lang-la|Receive the light that you may give it forth}})
 +*[[Campbell University]]: Ad Astra Per Aspera ({{lang-la|To the stars through difficulties}})
 +*[[Carnegie-Mellon University]]: My Heart Is In The Work
 +*[[Claremont McKenna College]]: Crescit cum commercio civitas ({{lang-la|Civilization prospers with commerce}})
 +*[[Clark Atlanta University]]: I'll Find a Way or Make One / Culture for Service
 +*[[College of the Holy Cross]]: In hoc signo vonces ({{lang-la|In this sign you will conquer}})
 +*[[Columbia University]]: In lumine Tuo videbimus lumen [Psalm 36:9] ({{lang-la|In thy light shall we see light}})
 +*[[Cornell University]]: I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study
 +*[[Dartmouth College]]: Vox clamantis in deserto [Luke 3:4], ({{lang-la|The voice of one crying in the wilderness}})
 +*[[Eastern Nazarene College]]: [[Via, Veritas, Vita]] ({{lang-la|The Way, the Truth, and the Life}})
 +*[[Erskine College]]: Scientia cum moribus conjuncta ({{lang-la|Knowledge joined with morals}})
 +*[[Florida A&M University]]: Head, heart, hand, field
 +*[[Florida Atlantic University]]: Where Tomorrow Begins
 +*[[Florida State University]]: Vires, artes, mores ({{lang-la|Strength, skill, character}})
 +*[[Fordham University]]: Sapientia et doctrina ({{lang-la|Wisdom and learning}})
 +*[[Franklin & Marshall College]]: Lux et lex ({{lang-la|Light and law}})
 +*[[Franklin Pierce Law Center]]: Inspiring Excellence
 +*[[Georgetown University]]: Utraque unum ({{lang-la|Both and one}})
 +*[[Georgia Institute of Technology]]: Progress and Service
 +*[[Hampden-Sydney College]]: Huc venite iuvenes ut exeatis viri ({{lang-la|Come here as boys so you may leave as men}})
 +*[[Hampshire College]]: Non Satis Scire ({{lang-la|To know is not enough}})
 +*[[Harvard University]]: Veritas ({{lang-la|Truth}})
 +*[[Hollywood High School]]: Achieve the Honorable
 +*[[Horace Mann School]]: Magna est Veritas et Praevalet ({{lang-la|Great is the truth and it prevails}})
 +*[[Indiana University]]: Lux et Veritas ({{lang-la|Light and truth}})
 +*[[Iowa State University]]: Science with practice
 +*[[Johns Hopkins University]]: Veritas vos liberabit [John 8:32], ({{lang-la|The truth will set you free}})
 +*[[Johnson and Wales University]]: When All Else Fails Johnson and Wales
 +*[[Massachusetts Institute of Technology]]: Mens et Manus ({{lang-la|Mind and hand}})
 +*[[Mercyhurst University]]: Carpe Diem ({{lang-la|Seize the day}})
 +*[[Miami University]]: Prodesse Quam Conspici (Proceed without being conspicuous)
 +*[[New York University]]: Perstare et praestare (To persevere and to excel)
 +*[[Northfield Mount Hermon School]]: Discere et Vivere (Learn and live)
 +*[[Northwestern University]]: Quaecumque Sunt Vera ({{lang-la|Whatsoever things are true}})
 +*[[Northeastern University]]: Lux, Veritas, Virtus ({{lang-la|Light, truth, courage}})
 +*[[Norwich University]]: I Will Try
 +*[[Oglethorpe University]]: [[Nescit cedere]] ({{lang-la|He does not know how to give up}})
 +*[[Ohio Wesleyan University]]: In lumine tuo videbimus lumen ({{lang-la|In your light we shall see the light}})
 +*[[Pitzer College]]: Provida Futuri ({{lang-la|Mindful of the future}})
 +*[[Plymouth State University]]: Ut Prosim ({{lang-la|That I may serve}})
 +*[[Poly Prep Country Day School]], Brooklyn, NY: Virtus victrix fortunae ({{lang-la|Virtue is the conqueror of fortune}})
 +*[[Polytechnic Institute of New York University]], Brooklyn, NY: Homo et hominis opera partes naturae ({{lang-la|Both man and the works of man are part of nature}})
 +*[[Portland State University]]: Doctrina urbi serviat ({{lang-la|Let knowledge serve the city}})
 +*[[Princeton University]]: Dei sub numine viget ({{lang-la|Under God's power she flourishes}})
 +*[[Purdue University]]: Education, Research, Service
 +*[[Quinnipiac University]]: Challenging Students to Meet the Challenges of the Future
 +*[[Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute]]: Knowledge and Thoroughness Slogans: Why not change the world?, One word changes everything. Rensselaer.
 +*[[Rhodes College]]: Truth, Loyalty, Service
 +*[[Rutgers University]]: Sol iustitiae et occidentem illustra ({{lang-la|Sun of righteousness, shine upon the West also}})
 +*[[Scripps College]]: Incipit vita nova ({{lang-la|Here begins new life}})
 +*[[Seton Hall University]]: Hazard Zet Forward (In spite of all hazards, go forward) - Taken from the Seton family's Coat of Arms (Scotland)
 +*[[Shepherd University]]: Ne Plus Ultra ({{lang-la|The highest point capable of being attained}})
 +*[[Shimer College]]: Not to be served, but to serve
 +*[[Sonoma State University]]: Lux Mentis, Lux Orbis ({{lang-la|Light of the mind, light of the world}})
 +*[[Stanford University]]: Die Luft der Freiheit weht ({{lang-de|The wind of freedom blows}})
 +*[[Stetson University]]: Pro Deo et Veritate (For God and truth)
 +*[[Stevens Institute of Technology]]: [[Per aspera ad astra]] ({{lang-la|Through hardships to the stars}})
 +*[[Syracuse University]]: Suos Cultores Scientia Coronat ({{lang-la|Knowledge crowns those who seek her}})
 +*[[The Catholic University of America]]: Deus Lux Mea Est ({{lang-la|God is my light}})
 +*[[The Evergreen State College]]: Omnia Extares ({{lang-la|Let it all hang out}})
 +*[[Tufts University]]: Pax et Lux ({{lang-la|Peace and Light}})
 +*[[United Negro College Fund]]: A mind is a terrible thing to waste
 +*[[United States Military Academy]][[West Point]]: Duty, Honor, Country
 +*[[University of Arizona]]: [[Bear Down]]
 +*[[University of Baltimore]]: Knowledge that Works
 +*[[University of California]]: Fiat Lux ({{lang-la|Let there be light}})
 +*[[University of Central Florida]]: Reach for the Stars
 +*[[University of Chicago]]: Crescat scientia; vita excolatur ({{lang-la|Let knowledge grow from more to more; and so be human life enriched}})
 +*[[University of Florida]]: The welfare of the state depends upon the morals of its citizens
 +*[[University of Georgia]]: Et docere et rerum exquirere causas ({{lang-la|To teach and to inquire into the nature of things}})
 +*[[University of Hawaii]]: Maluna a'e o na lahui a pau ke ola ke kanaka ([[Hawaiian language|Hawaiian]]: Above all nations is humanity)
 +*[[University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign]]: Learning and Labor
 +*[[University of Maryland, College Park]]: Fatti maschii, Parole femine (Strong deeds, gentle words)
 +*[[University of Massachusetts - Amherst]]: Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem ({{lang-la|By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty}})
 +*[[University of Miami]]: Magna est veritas ({{lang-la|Great is the truth}})
 +*[[University of Minnesota]]: Omnibus Artibus Commune Vinculum ({{lang-la|A common bond for all the arts and sciences}})
 +*[[University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill]]: Lux libertas ({{lang-la|Light and liberty}})
 +*[[University of Notre Dame]]: Vita, Dulcedo, Spes ({{lang-la|Commonwealth of Massachusetts [Mary, our] life, sweetness, and hope}})
 +*[[University of Oregon]]: Mens agitat molem ({{lang-la|Mind moves matter}})
 +*[[University of Pennsylvania]]: Leges sine moribus vanae ({{lang-la|Laws without morals are useless}})
 +*[[University of Pittsburgh]]: Veritas et Virtus ({{lang-la|Truth and virtue}})
 +*[[University of Rhode Island]]: Think Big. We Do.
 +*[[University of Rochester]]: [[Meliora]]
 +*[[University of South Florida]]: Truth and Wisdom
 +*[[University of Southern California]]: Palmam qui meruit ferat. ({{lang-la|Let him who earns the palm bear it}})
 +*[[University of Texas]]: Disciplina praesidium civitatis ({{lang-la|Discipline, the guardian of the state}})
 +*[[University of Washington]]: Lux sit ({{lang-la|Let it be light}})
 +*[[University of Wisconsin - Madison]]: Numen Lumen ({{lang-la|The divine within the universe, however manifested, is my light}})
 +*[[Valparaiso University]]: n luce tua videmus lucem ({{lang-la|In Thy light we see light}})
 +*[[Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University]]: Ut Prosim ({{lang-la|That I may serve}})
 +*[[Washington and Lee University]]: [[Non incautus futuri]] ({{lang-la|Not unmindful of the future}})
 +*[[Washington School (Mississippi)]]: Exitus Acta Probat ({{lang-la|Action produces results}})
 +*[[Wellesley College]]: Non Ministrari sed Ministrare ({{lang-la|Not to be served, but to serve / Not to be ministered unto, but to minister}})
 +*[[Western University of Health Sciences]]: Educare, Sanare, Coniunctim ({{lang-la|To teach, to heal, together}})
 +*[[Willamette University]]: Not Unto Ourselves Alone are we Born
 +*[[Wofford College]]: Intaminatis fulget honoribus ({{lang-la|Untarnished, she shines with honor}})
 +*[[Yale University]]: Lux et veritas ({{lang-la|Light and truth}})
 +*[[Bishop Timon HS]]: fortes in fide ({{lang-la|Strong in faith}})
 +*[[Instituto Nacional Mejía]], Quito, Ecuador: [[Per aspera ad astra]] ({{lang-la|To the stars with effort}})
 +*[[Keats's College, Chemin Grenier, Mauritius]]: Une ecole une famille ({{lang-fr|A school a family}})
 +*[[Keats's College, Chemin Grenier, Mauritius]]: Virtute et Industria ({{lang-la|Hard work is a virtue}})
 +*[[Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu]]: mens agitat molem ({{lang-la|mind moves matter}})
 +*[[National Polytechnic Institute]] (IPN): La técnica al servicio de la patria ({{lang-es|Tech to the service of the State}})
 +*[[National Taiwan University]]: Cultivate your virtue; advance your intellect; love your country; love your people
 +*[[National Tsing Hua University]]: 自強不息,厚德載物 ([[Traditional Chinese]]: Self-discipline and social commitment)
 +*[[National University of the Littoral]]: Lux Indeficiens ({{lang-la|Inextinguishable light}})
 +*[[Neil Thomas Christian University]]: Be Holy as I Am Holy (1Pet 1:16)
 +*[[Oakland Colegio Campestre]]: Felicitas, Integritas Et Sapientia ({{lang-la| [[Happiness]], [[integrity]] and [[knowledge]]}})
 +*[[Parahyangan Catholic University]], [[Bandung]]: Bakuning Hyang Mrih Guna Santyaya Bhakti (Based on belief in God, pursuing knowledge to serve the community)
 +*[[Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University]]: Freedom, Peace, and Humanism, International Mutual Understanding and the Creation of the Future of the Asia Pacific
 +*[[Royal College Colombo]]: Disce aut Discede ({{lang-la|Learn or depart}})
 +*[[Saint Joseph's College, Hong Kong]]: Labore et Virtute ({{lang-la|Labour and virtue}})
 +*[[Seoul National University]]: Veritas lux mea ({{lang-la|The truth is my light}})
 +*[[Tsinghua University]]: 自强不息,厚德载物 ([[Simplified Chinese]]: Self-discipline and social commitment)
 +*[[Universal Public School]]: Vidya Sheelena Shobhate (Character brightens education)
 +*[[University of Garyounis]]: وقل ربي زدني علماً
 +*[[University of Hong Kong]]: Sapientia et Virtus ({{lang-la|Wisdom and virtue}})
 +*[[University of Iaşi|Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi]]: Astra ex Astris ({{lang-la|Stars from stars}})
 +*[[University of Malta]]: Ut Fructificemus Deo
 +*[[University of Nairobi]], Kenya: Unitate et Labore ({{lang-la|In unity and work}})
 +*[[University of São Paulo]]: Scientia Vinces ({{lang-la|Through knowledge you conquer}})
 +*[[University of Zulia (LUZ)]]: Post Nubila Phoebus ({{lang-la|Beyond the clouds, the sun}})
 +*[[University of the West Indies]]: Oriens Ex Occidente Lux ({{lang-la|Light rising from the West}})
 +*[[Unseen University]]: Nunc id Vides. Nunc ne Vides ({{lang-la|Now you see it. Now you don't}})
 +*[[Whitsunday Christian College]]: Excel in Truth and Grace
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Train wreck at Montparnasse (October 22, 1895) by Studio Lévy and Sons.
Train wreck at Montparnasse (October 22, 1895) by Studio Lévy and Sons.

This is a list of mottos of organizations, institutions, municipalities and authorities.



National mottos

Cultural, philanthropic and scientific

Public service and youth service

Police and public safety

Sport and competition


Heritage and historical






Military and governmental



New South Wales

New Zealand

Northern Territory


Southern Australia


British Columbia


New Brunswick

Nova Scotia






  • Bandung: Gemah Ripah Wibawa Mukti (rich soil, prosperous people)
    Rarasing Rasa Wiwaraning Praja, a Javanese sengkala, (referring to the year of 1966), people's harmonious feeling for entering a gate of prosperity
  • Karawang: Pangkal Perjuangan (Struggle starting point)


  • Kolkatta (Calcutta): Purosree Bibardhan (Bengali: Progress of the city)
  • Mumbai: Yato Dharmastato Jaya (यतो धर्मस्ततो जय) (Sanskrit: Where there is righteousness, there shall be victory). Pre-independence motto: Urbs Primis in Indis (India's first city)
  • Kerala: Ever To Be The Best (Tolins World School)

Republic of Ireland

Latin America

United Kingdom


Greater London

Greater Manchester







  • Liverpool: Not For Ourselves, But For The Whole World




Northern Ireland

County Antrim
County Londonderry


  • Merthyr Tydfil: Nid Cadern Ond Brodyrdde (Welsh: No strength but in fellowship)
  • Llandudno: Hardd Hafan Hedd (Welsh: Beautiful haven of peace)
  • Newport: Terra Marique (By land and sea)

United States of America


  • San Francisco: Oro en Paz, Fierro en Guerra (Gold in peace, iron in war)










British counties









Mottos of the Livery Companies of the City of London

Educational institutions











New Zealand












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