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- +'''Mayo Thompson''' (born February 26, 1944 in [[Houston]], [[Texas]], United States) is an American musician and visual artist best known as the leader of the [[avant-garde rock]] band [[Red Krayola]].
-*'''Oktober''', German rock group.+
-*'''[[Yoko Ono]]''', Japanese artist involved in the [[Fluxus]] scene. Later married [[John Lennon]] of the [[Beatles]].+
-*'''Operation Rhino''', French jazz ensemble of '''Gilbert Artman''' (see above), [[Pierre Bastien]], [[Claude Bernard]], '''Jacques Berrocal''' (see above), '''Raymond Boni''' (see above), Evan Chandlee, Mion Cinellu, Dominique Christian, Daniel Deshays, Harald Kenietzo, Tonia Munuera, Itaru Oki, Alain Pinsolle, Philippe Pochan, Patrice Raux, Richard Raux, François Tusques, and Mallot Vallois.+
-*'''[[Opus Avantra]]''', Italian rock group led by Alfredo Tisocco and Donella Del Monaco.+
-*'''Orchid Spangiafora''', American audio collage artist.+
-*'''[[Out of Focus (band)|Out of Focus]]''', German rock group.+
-*'''Ovary Lodge''', British group led by [[Keith Tippett]].+
-*'''[[Tony Oxley]]''', British jazz drummer.+
- +
-*'''Parker and Lytton''', British duo of [[Evan Parker]] and [[Paul Lytton]].+
-*'''Pataphonie''', French rock band.+
-*'''Pauvros and Bizien''', French duo of Jean-François Pauvros and Gaby Bizien+
-*'''[[Pere Ubu (band)|Pere Ubu]]''', American rock group. Also see '''Red Krayola''' (below).+
-*'''[[Pierrot Lunaire (band)|Pierrot Lunaire]]''', Italian rock group.+
-*'''[[Der Plan]]''', German group originally consisting of Frank Fenstermacher, Moritz R, and [[Kurt Dahlke|Pyrolator]].+
-*'''[[Plastic Ono Band]]''', group led by [[John Lennon]] and '''[[Yoko Ono]]''' (see above).+
-*'''[[Plastic People of the Universe]]''', Czech rock group.+
-*'''[[Poison Girls]]''', British rock group on [[Crass Records]].+
-*'''Pôle''', French rock group led by Paul Putti. Members also included Jean-Louis Rizet and '''Philippe Besombes''' (see above). Not to be confused with the Besombes-Rizet album titled ''Pôle''.+
-*'''[[The Pop Group]]''', British rock group.+
-*'''[[Michel Portal]]''', French clarinettist.+
-*'''Bomis Prendin''', American group led by Bomis Prendin.+
-*'''[[Public Image Ltd]]''', British musician [[John Lydon|John Lydon's]] post-[[Sex Pistols]] group. Notable members included [[Keith Levene]], [[Jah Wobble]], and [[Martin Atkins]]+
- +
-*'''[[Red Krayola]]''' (Red Crayola), American rock group led by [[Mayo Thompson]]. Has collaborated with [[Art & Language]] and [[Jim O'Rourke (musician)|Jim O'Rourke]]. Thompson was also once a member of the group '''Pere Ubu''' (above).+
-*'''[[Red Noise (French band)|Red Noise]]''', French rock group led by '''Patrick Vain''' (see below). Not to be confused with [[Bill Nelson's Red Noise]].+
-*'''Reform Art Unit''', Austrian jazz ensemble.+
-*'''[[Steve Reich]]''', American composer and musician.+
-*'''[[Achim Reichel]]''', German guitarist and leader of the group A.R. & Machines.+
-*'''[[The Residents]]''', American group.+
-*'''[[Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes]]''', French avant-rock group.+
-*'''[[Boyd Rice]]''', American musician and creative force behind [[Boyd Rice|NON]].+
-*'''[[Terry Riley]]''', American composer and musician.+
-*'''Ritual ALL-7-70''', American group led by [[Alan Sondheim]].+
-*'''[[Claudio Rocchi]]''', Italian musician.+
-*'''Rocky's Filj''', Italian jazz-rock group.+
-*'''Ron 'Pate's Debonairs''', American performance-rock group featuring [[Reverend Fred Lane|Fred Lane]].+
-*'''Roth, Rühm, & Wiener''' see '''Selten Gehörte Musik''' (below).+
-*'''[[Ray Russell (musician)|Ray Russell]]''', British guitarist.+
-*'''[[Terje Rypdal]]''', Norwegian jazz guitarist.+
- +
-*'''Martin Saint-Pierre''', Argentinian percussionist.+
-*'''[[Samla Mammas Manna]]''', Swedish rock group.+
-*'''Gunter Schickert''', German guitarist.+
-*'''[[Second Hand (band)|Second Hand]]''', British rock group. also see '''Chillum''' (above).+
-*'''Secret Oyster''', Danish rock group.+
-*'''Seeselberg''', German electronic duo.+
-*'''Selten Gehörte Musik''', Austrian group featuring [[Dieter Roth]], [[Gerhard Rühm]], and Oswald Wiener. Part of the [[Viennese Actionism]] which also included [[Rudolf Schwarzkogler]] and [[Hermann Nitsch]].+
-*'''Semool''', French rock group.+
-*'''[[Sonny Sharrock]]''', American jazz guitarist.+
-*'''Silberbart''', German rock group.+
-*'''[[Siloah]]''', German rock group.+
-*'''[[Smegma (band)|Smegma]]''', part of the [[Los Angeles Free Music Society]].+
-*'''[[LaDonna Smith]]''' and '''[[Davey Williams (musician)|Davey Williams]]''', American musicians and founders of the Trans Museq record label.+
-*'''Sally Smmit''', project of [[Sally Timms]] who is a member of the British group [[Mekons]].+
-*'''[[Alan Sondheim]]''', see '''Ritual All 770''' (above).+
-*'''Snatch''', American duo of [[Judy Nylon]] and Patti Palladin. Has worked with [[Brian Eno]].+
-*'''[[Soft Machine]]''', British rock group.+
-*'''Sperm''', Finnish group led by '''Pekka Airaksinen''' (see above).+
-*'''Sphinx Tush''', German group that became '''Tomorrow's Gift'''' (see below). Only recorded one song (but appears in two different versions).+
-*'''[[Karlheinz Stockhausen]]''', German composer and pioneer of electronic music.+
-*'''[[The Stooges|Stooges]]''', American rock band.+
-*'''[[Demetrio Stratos]]''', Greek singer and musician. Was a member of the Italian group '''Area''' (see above).+
-*'''[[Supersister (Dutch band)|Supersister]]''', Dutch rock band.+
- +
-*'''[[Taj Mahal Travellers]]''', Japanese group led by [[Takehisa Kosugi]].+
-*'''Tamia''', French singer.+
-*'''[[Tangerine Dream]]''', German group.+
-*'''Ghédalia Tazartès''', French composer and musician.+
-*'''[[Holger Czukay|Technical Space Composers Crew]]''', duo of [[Holger Czukay]] and Rolf Dammers. Holger later went on to join '''Can''' (see above).+
-*'''Mama Béa Tekielski''', French singer.+
-*'''[[Third Ear Band]]''', British rock group.+
-*'''[[Thirsty Moon]]''', German rock group.+
-*'''[[This Heat]]''', British trio of [[Charles Hayward (musician)|Charles Hayward]], Charles Bullen, and [[Gareth Williams (English musician)|Gareth Williams]].+
-*'''Jacques Thollot''', French jazz musician.+
-*'''Thrice Mice''', German jazz-rock group.+
-*'''[[Throbbing Gristle]]''', British group and founders of [[Industrial Records]].+
-*'''Paolo Tofani''', Italian musician. Was member of the group '''Area''' (see above).+
-*'''Tokyo Kid Brothers''', Japanese performance-rock group.+
-*'''Tolerance''', Japanese rock group.+
-*'''Tomorrow's Gift''' German rock group. Also see '''Sphinx Tush''' (above).+
-*'''[[Ton Steine Scherben]]''', German rock group.+
-*'''Trans Museq''', see '''LaDonna Smith & Davey Williams''' (above).+
-*'''[[Uli Trepte]]''', bass player and 'founding member of '''[[Guru Guru]]''' (see above).+
-*'''Twenty Sixty Six and Then''', a.k.a. '''2066 and Then''', German rock group.+
- +
-*'''[[Univers Zero]]''', Belgian rock group. Part of the [[Rock in Opposition]] movement.+
- +
-*'''[[Christian Vander (musician)|Christian Vander]]''', French musician and leader of the group '''[[Magma (band)|Magma]]''' (see above).+
-*'''[[Velvet Underground]]''', American rock group with ties to [[The Factory|Andy Warhol's Factory]]. Members included [[Lou Reed]], [[John Cale]], [[Moe Tucker]], [[Sterling Morrison]], and '''Nico''' (see above).+
-*'''Vertø''', French duo of Gilles Goubin and Jean-Pierre Grasset.+
-*'''[[Patrick Vian]]''', French musician. Was in the group '''Red Noise''' (see above).+
-*'''L. Voag''', British musician Jim Welton. Has works under a number of aliases such as Amos and The Just Measures. Was a member of the group [[The Homosexuals]].+
- +
-*'''[[Michel Waisvisz]]''', Dutch electronic music designer and performer.+
-*'''[[Igor Wakhevitch]]''', French multi-instrumentalist.+
-*'''[[Lawrence Weiner]]''', American visual and soundtext artist.+
-*'''[[Trevor Wishart]]''', British musician.+
-*'''James White and the Contortions''', refers to two groups led by American [[James Chance|James White]]: [[The Contortions]] and [[James White and the Blacks]].+
-*'''[[Whitehouse (band)|Whitehouse]]''', British group led by [[William Bennett (noise musician)|William Bennett]]. Preceded by the group '''Come''' (see above). Has worked with [[Nurse with Wound]].+
-*'''Wired''', German jazz ensemble led by Michael Ranta.+
-*'''Woorden''', Dutch rock group.+
-*'''[[Robert Wyatt]]''', British drummer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Was a member of the groups '''[[Soft Machine]]''' (see above) and [[Matching Mole]].+
- +
-*'''[[Xhol Caravan|Xhol Caravan/Xhol]]''', German rock group.+
-*'''[[Iannis Xenakis]]''', Greek composer for orchestra and electronics.+
- +
-*'''[[Ya Ho Wha 13]]''', American [[commune]] and rock group. Recorded under various names such as Father Yod And The Spirit Of '76 and Fire, Water, Air. [[Sky Saxon]], from the group [[The Seeds]], was once a member of the commune, though he did not participate in the rock band.+
-*'''[[La Monte Young]]''', American composer and musician.+
- +
-*'''[[Frank Zappa]]''', American musician and composer. Was member of the '''[[Mothers of Invention]]''' (see above) and has worked with '''[[Captain Beefheart]]''' (see above).+
-*'''ZNR''' (Zazou 'n' Racaille), French rock group led by [[Hector Zazou]] and Joseph Racaille.+
-*'''[[Zweistein]]''', German rock group.+
- +
- +
-* There are 294 artists on the list. If LIMBUS 3/LIMBUS 4 and XHOL/XHOL CARAVAN are counted as the same there are 292 artists.+
-* The 2001 reissue of Nurse With Wound's Chance Meeting album contains a bonus track, "Strain, Crack, Break". which consists of [[David Tibet]] reading the list. The track concludes with the words "All of these bands are completely shit." A shorter version of this track is included on the ''[[Rat Tapes One]]'' album.+
-* "[[Words strain, crack and sometimes break,...]]" is a quote by [[T. S. Eliot]], from "Burnt Norton", the first of his [[Four Quartets]].+
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Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel
Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel

Mayo Thompson (born February 26, 1944 in Houston, Texas, United States) is an American musician and visual artist best known as the leader of the avant-garde rock band Red Krayola.

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