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-# Any great, powerful [[emotion]], especially love or hate.+# Given to strong [[feeling]], sometimes [[romantic]] and/or [[sexual]].
-# [[fervor]], [[determination]].+# Fired with intense feeling; [[ardent]], [[blazing]], [[burning]].
-# An object of [[passionate]] love or strong interest.+
-#: ''It started as a hobby, but now my motorbike collection has become my '''passion'''.''+
-# In Christianity, The [[suffering of Jesus]] leading up to and during his [[crucifixion]].+
-# A play, musical composition or display meant to [[commemorate]] the suffering of Jesus.+
- +====Synonyms====
-'''[[Passion (emotion)|Passion]]''' is the emotion of feeling very strongly about a subject or person.+* {{sense|fired with intense feeling}} [[ardent]], [[blazing]], [[burning]], [[dithyrambic]], [[fervent]], [[fervid]], [[fiery]], [[flaming]], [[glowing]], [[heated]], [[hot-blooded]], [[hotheaded]], [[impassioned]], [[perfervid]], [[red-hot]], [[scorching]], [[torrid]].
- +
-'''[[Stoic Passions|Passion]]''' can also be used to refer to various forms of emotional suffering, and is often used in this context in [[Stoicism]] and some denominations of [[Buddhism]]+
- +
-In Christianity, '''[[Passion (Christianity)|The Passion]]''' refers to the suffering of [[Jesus]] leading up to the Crucifixion.+
-== See also ==+
-*[[Amour fou]]+
-*[[Crime of passion]]+
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  1. Given to strong feeling, sometimes romantic and/or sexual.
  2. Fired with intense feeling; ardent, blazing, burning.


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