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-'''Hylozoism''' is the [[philosophy|philosophical]] point of view that all matter (including the universe as a whole) is in some sense alive. This may include the view that "inanimate" matter has latent powers of [[abiogenesis]], a widely held position in the scientific community. The term dates to the [[Milesian school]] of pre-socratic philosophers and in [[English (language)|English]] was introduced as a concept by [[Ralph Cudworth]] in 1678. 
-==Hylozoism in popular culture==+'''Ralph Cudworth''' (1617 – 26 June 1688) was an [[English people|English]] [[philosopher]], the leader of the [[Cambridge Platonists]].
-*[[Hylozoic Series: Sibyl (2012)]], the latest interactive installation of Canadian artist and architect [[Philip Beesley]], is presented in the 18th Biennale of Sydney and is on display until September 16, 2012. Using sensors, LEDs, and shape memory alloy, Beesley constructs an interactive environment that responds to the actions of the audience, offering a vision of how buildings in the future might move, think and feel.+
-*In mathematician and writer [[Rudy Rucker]]'s novels "Postsingular" and "Hylozoic," the emergent sentience of all material things is described as a property of the [[technological singularity]].+
-*The ''Hylozoist'' is one of the Culture ships mentioned in Iain M. Banks's novel [[Surface Detail]] - appropriately, this ship is a member of the branch of Contact dealing with [[Hegemonising swarm|smart matter]] outbreaks.+
-'''[[MMORPG]]s''' +
-*The monster "Hylozoist" (sometimes spelled "Heirozoist") in the MMORPG [[Ragnarok Online]] is a plush rabbit doll with its mouth sewn shut, possessed by the spirit of a child. Although hylozoism has nothing to do with possession, it is clear that the name was derived from this ancient philosophy.+
-*The [[Hylozoists (band)|Hylozoists]] are a Canadian band.+
-*[[Sonic Youth]] references hylozoism in the second verse of the fourth track on the [[Sister (Sonic Youth album)|Sister]] LP+
- +
-== See also ==+
-* [[Animism]]+
-* [[Biological naturalism]]+
-* [[Hyle]]+
-* [[Hylomorphism]]+
-* [[Hylopathism]]+
-* [[Nondualism]]+
-* [[Panpsychism]]+
-* [[Pantheism]]+
-* [[Vitalism]]+
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Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel
Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel

Ralph Cudworth (1617 – 26 June 1688) was an English philosopher, the leader of the Cambridge Platonists.

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