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-''[[Tales of the Teutonic Lands]]'' (1872) is a book by [[George William Cox]] and [[Eustace Hinton Jones]]. +A '''thrall''' ([[Old Norse]]/[[Icelandic language|Icelandic]]: ''þræll'', [[Faroese language|Faroese]]: ''trælur'', [[Norwegian language|Norwegian]]: ''trell'', [[Danish language|Danish]]: ''træl'', [[Swedish language|Swedish]]: ''träl'') was a [[slave]] or [[Serfdom|serf]] in [[history of Scandinavia|Scandinavian]] lands during the [[Viking Age]]. The corresponding term in [[Old English]] was '''''þēow'''''. The status of slave (''þræll'', ''þēow'') contrasts with that of the [[Franklin (class)|freeman]] (''karl'', ''ceorl'') and the nobleman (''[[Earl|jarl]]'', ''[[earl|eorl]]''). The [[Middle Latin]] rendition of the term in [[early Germanic law]] is ''servus''.
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 +*[[Estates of the realm]]
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"When Hjalli the thrall heard this, he began to cry aloud, weeping and screaming and bewailing himself or ever he felt the point of the knife : for an evil and a bitter thing it seemed to him to be cut off for ever from life and from the feeding of swine ..."--Tales of the Teutonic Lands (1872) by George William Cox and Eustace Hinton Jones

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A thrall (Old Norse/Icelandic: þræll, Faroese: trælur, Norwegian: trell, Danish: træl, Swedish: träl) was a slave or serf in Scandinavian lands during the Viking Age. The corresponding term in Old English was þēow. The status of slave (þræll, þēow) contrasts with that of the freeman (karl, ceorl) and the nobleman (jarl, eorl). The Middle Latin rendition of the term in early Germanic law is servus.

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