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"...The counterculture of the '60's was rural, romanticized, anti-science, anti-tech. But there was always a lurking contradiction at its heart, symbolised by the electric guitar. -- Mirrorshades, Bruce Sterling.

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Antiscience is a position critical of science and the scientific method. People holding antiscientific views are generally skeptical that science is an objective method, as it purports to be, or that it generates universal knowledge. They also contend that scientific reductionism in particular is an inherently limited means to reach understanding of the complex world we live in. Antiscience proponents also criticize what they perceive as the unquestioned privilege, power and influence science seems to wield in society, industry and politics; they object to what they regard as an arrogant or closed-minded attitude amongst scientists. Antiscience can refer both to New Age and postmodernist movements associated with the political Left, and to socially conservative and fundamentalist movements associated with the political Right.

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