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Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel
Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel

Baise-moi (English Fuck Me) is a 2000 French thriller film written and co-directed by Virginie Despentes and Coralie Trinh Thi and starring Karen Lancaume and Raffaëla Anderson. It is based on the homonymous novel by Despentes, first published in 1999. The film received intense media coverage because of its graphic mix of violence and explicit sex scenes. Consequently, it is sometimes considered an example of the "New French Extremity".

Baiser is a French verb meaning "to fuck"; it also means "a kiss" when used as a noun (un baiser). Baise-moi would be translated as "Fuck me". The film has also been screened in some markets as "Rape me", but this translation, which is not in the French word, was rejected by the directors in a 2002 interview.

In 2000, The Film Censorship Board of Malaysia banned the film outright due to "very high impact violence and sexual content throughout". That same year, the film was later banned in Singapore due to "its depictions of sexual violence may cause controversy in Singapore". In Australia, the film was allowed to be shown at cinemas with an R18+ (adults only) rating. Then in 2002, the film was pulled from cinemas and television and after that, banned outright. The film is still banned there due to its "harmful, explicit sexually violent content", and was re-banned in 2013. However, an edited R18+ version was screened on 23 August 2013 on the World Movies channel of the Australian state broadcaster SBS, as part of the World Movies "Films That Shocked The World" season.


Baise-moi tells the story of Nadine (Karen Lancaume) and Manu (Raffaëla Anderson) who go on a violent spree against a society in which they feel marginalised. Nadine is a part-time prostitute, and Manu is a slacker who does anything—including occasional porn film acting—to get by in her small town in southern France.

One day Manu and her friend, a drug addict, are accosted in the park by three men, who take them to garage and gang-rape them. While her friend struggles, screams, and fights against the rapists, Manu lies still with a detached look, which troubles the man raping her, who soon gives up. As her friend asks Manu how she could act so detached, she replies that she "can't prevent anyone from penetrating her pussy", so she didn't let anything precious in there. Manu then returns to her brother's house, and does not tell him what has happened, but he realises after noticing bruises on her neck. He gets out a gun and asks Manu who was responsible, but when Manu refuses to tell him, he calls her a "slut" and implies that she actually enjoyed being raped. In response, Manu picks up his discarded pistol and shoots him in the head.

Meanwhile, Nadine returns home and has an argument with her flatmate, whom she strangles and kills, before leaving with their rent money. Nadine suffers another emotional setback when she meets her best friend, a drug dealer, in another town, but he is shot and killed while out obtaining drugs with a prescription she forged for him.

Later that night, having missed the last train, Nadine meets Manu at the railway station. Manu says she has a car, if Nadine will drive for her. They soon realise that they share common feelings of anger, and embark on a violent and sexually charged road trip together. In need of money they hold up a shop, and also kill a woman at a cash machine. Finally, after a spree of murder and sexual activity, the two women enter a swingers' club and kill everyone there. The pair discuss what they have done, and agree that it has all been pointless because nothing has changed within them.

During their spree their crimes are reported by the press, and become a point of fascination for the entire country, with some people actually supporting them, and others in fear. When Manu enters a roadside tyre shop to get some coffee, she is shot by the shop owner, who is then shot by Nadine outside. Nadine takes Manu's body to a forest and burns it, before driving to a beach. With tears in her eyes, Nadine puts the gun to her head, intending to commit suicide, but gets arrested by the police before she can do so.

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1. Ouvre-moi Virago 2. La Chose Sad 3. Goddam City Seven Hate 4. I'll Stay Outside Cox 6 5. Fight X Syndicate 6. Pusher Wei Ji 7. Electro Mj Le Peuple de l'Herbe 8. Sweet Belly Wei Ji 9. Sexual Attraction Le Peuple de l'Herbe 10. Cash Pussy Killer 11. From Cause Wei Ji 12. Gong Sad 13. Ca Commence Mal Varou Jan 14. Conscience Féminine Varou Jan 15. Dommage Pour Eux Varou Jan 16. Tout Se Paye Varou Jan

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