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Big Fish Eat Little Fish, a drawing by Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Big Fish Eat Little Fish, a drawing by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

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A carnivore, meaning 'meat eater' (Latin carne meaning 'flesh' and vorare meaning 'to devour'), is an animal with a diet consisting mainly of meat, whether it comes from animals living (predation) or dead (scavenging).

In a more general sense, animals are loosely considered carnivores if their feeding behaviour consists of preying on other animals rather than grazing on plants. There are many predatory invertebrates, for example arthropods such as spiders or mantises and various species of predatory land snails and sea snails.

Animals that subsist on a diet consisting only of meat are referred to as obligate carnivores.

Plants that capture and digest insects are called carnivorous plants. Similarly fungi that capture microscopic animals are often called carnivorous fungi.

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