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Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel
Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel

This list features the characters in the Dante's Inferno video game, very loosely based on the Inferno of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy.


Main Protagonists

Dante Alighieri

The game's primary protagonist, a far cry from the actual figure, Dante is depicted as a Templar knight of the Third Crusade. Swearing a vow of faith to Beatrice, Dante broke it before slaughtering Muslim prisoners of war, seeing them as subhuman. After Francisco gave his life up to save him from the king's retribution, Dante is killed during the siege on Acre where he confronts Death and learns that he was not on a holy mission. Taking Death's Scythe as his own, enabling him to return to the land of the living, a disilusioned Dante left for Florence while he had sewn a red tapestry detailing the events of his sins into his chest. After finding his father and Beatrice dead, Dante purses the latter to Hell with the cross she gave him long ago where he faces his horrific past and manages to redeem himself before ending up on Purgatory where he rips the tapestry off of him and discards it as he begins a new journey. He is voiced by Graham McTavish in English and by Toshiyuki Morikawa in Japanese.

Beatrice Portinari

Dante's now deceased fiance, she serves as Dante's primary motivation as he goes deeper into Hell to rescue her from being used by Lucifer as a way for him to escape from Hell. She, along with Dante's father and servants, were killed prior to Dante's return to Florence after being stabbed to death by the assassin. Furthermore, betting her soul on Dante's faithfulness to her, Beatrice is kidnapped by Lucifer who later tempts her into giving herself to him after revealing how her brother died. Though she despised Dante for his actions against her, she is restored to normal after seeing that he kept her cross before being spirited off into Heaven. She is voiced by Vanessa Branch.

Publius Vergilius Maro (Virgil)

One of Rome's greatest poets, now long deceased, Virgil acts as a guide to Dante (similar to his role in the original poem), explaining each of the circles of Hell and their purposes. As such, all of his dialogue comes from the poem. He is depicted as a tall, bald man dressed in a toga and having thick veins sticking out of his head where a spiked crown rests on his forehead. He is voiced by Bart McCarthy in the game and by Peter Jessop in the animated movie.



All are destined to face the ominous specter of Death. The harvester of souls severs the ties that bind the body and spirit when the time arrives, and ushers the newly departed into the next realm.


These wretched souls, once living humans, now reside in the depths of Hell. A great power has commanded them to leave the abyss for the Earth's surface.


Swarms of these beasts can be found throughout the nine circles, wreaking havoc and destruction. They are even capable of blotting out the sky in greater numbers.

Minions of Fire

These fiends are forged from the sweltering fire of the middle circles. Only the light of Beatrice's cross can snuff out their infernal armor.

Asterian Beasts

Tamed long ago by the Fallen, these mindless creatures serve as beasts of burden. Steered by their masters, they labor away, ensuring everlasting pain and suffering throughout the Inferno.

Minions of Hell

These soldiers pursue fight within Hell with the relentlessness of a starving hound. They are governed by the Ruling Class in Hell.

Guardian Demons

The third choir of fallen angels, these elite soldiers of Hell's Army oversee the punishment of the damned.


Those souls condemned to suffer the eternal fire must take passage aboard the ancient boatman's vessel. He ferries them across the River Acheron where they are to be judged for their grievous sins.

Minions of Anger

Their frail bodies are unable to contain the intolerable rage that burns inside them. Their anger lights to fire it burns so hot, culminating in a sudden burst of fury.

Unbaptized Children

Children who were not shown the portal of faith before they died. They lash out violently against anyone they cross without the ability to understand their fate.

King Minos

The tyrannical judge of the underworld sits before the entrance to the Circle of Lust assessing the sins of the damned before sentencing them to their eternal place in Hell.


The feverish winds of the Circle of Lust have maddened and disfigured these creatures. Their lasciviousness has become an insatiable, sexual desire; one only pacified by feasting on the blood and sperm of the male fornicators.


The only thing more compelling than her beauty was her lust for power. The Queen of the Nile is granted reign over the Circle of Lust tormenting those who were unable to overcome their lewd desires.

Marc Antony

The mighty Roman general who watches over the realm of Cleopatra, his lover. His reputation as a formidable military leader is only foreshadowed by the stories of his vile and lecherous conduct.


This three-headed monster stands guard before the Circle of Gluttony rending and flailing the sinners condemned to its post. No soul may pass without confronting the beast.

Gorger Worms

These horrid creatures lie below burrowed beneath the surface. It waits patiently for unsuspecting souls to wander by before snatching them up in its massive, crushing jaws.

Minions of Gluttony

These bloated miscreants, full of muck and filth, leave a mess of nauseating waste in their wake.


These lumbering giants, driven by a voracious and indiscriminate appetite, wander the circles of Hell devouring everything in their path. Nothing satisfies their unyielding hunger.


While one hoarded his wealth, the other squandered it. Both obsessed with the material world, they must now walk together for eternity, their bodies fused yet torn asunder.

Minions of Greed

These creatures, possessed by an insufferable greed, blindly pursue anything that glitters with a kind of ferocity unmatched by their accursed brethren.

Throne Demons

The second choir of fallen angels, these are the sergeants of Hell's Army. Found deeper within Hell, they keep the order.


These wanton wretches are capable of rousing and fullfilling the most sexual of passions in their victims despite their pale and putrid visage. Only the truly chaste are able to resist their dark-erotic allure.

Asterian Beast Tamers

These demons rule over the beasts of Hell, taming them to do their bidding, and inflicting torture among Hell's residents.


Dante's father, wholly unconcerned with the suffering of those around him, led a life of excess and greed. He spent his life hoarding his wealth, cheating those less fortunate, and abusing his family.

Guardians of Fire

These wily beings, springing suddenly from the darkness, lash out with fire and flame before returning to their shadowy forms.


The mighty Phlegyas set fire to the Temple of Delphi in a fit of unholy rage. The King of the Lapiths is forever condemned to ferry souls across the River Styx for his insolence against the divine.


They were the worst of heretics in life, pagans who sometimes practiced the dark arts. They have been utilized by the Ruling Class within Hell as guardians and protectors of Hell.


These pests were twisted by Hell's minions into flying instruments of capture. They patrol the rings of the underworld trapping wayward shades attempting to flee their eternal abode.


These priests once practiced the forbidden dark arts. They have been granted the powers they deperately sought in life and are forced into Hell's service acting as keepers of the flaming tombs in the Circle of Heresy.

Arch Demons

The first, and highest ranking, choir of fallen angels. They are the lieutenants of Hell's Army and are among the original Fallen.


These warriors, promised salvation for their sacrifice, followed Dante only to be led astray. They rise again, seeking vengeance against the soul responsible for their damnation.


The brother of Beatrice left Florence with noble intent, only to be misled by Dante, his closest ally. Dante stood silent as Francesco was condemned to death, although Dante promised Beatrice he would protect him.

Crusader Captains

Dante's betrayal stung the deepest for the boldest and closest of his allies. These warriors, forever doomed to walk the Abominable Sands, are now the most fervent in his pursuit.


The fiery and elusive master of the Malebranche, guardians of the Circle of Fraud. These demonic wardens allow no soul entry or escape lest it be ordained by on high.


The Lord of the Inferno, The Fallen Angel, The Prince of Darkness, The Dark Angel cast down from Heaven for his rebellion against God, lies imprisoned within a frozen pool of ice in the ninth sphere, his throne room. It is here he conspires to overthrow Paradise and reclaim his former glory and divinity. Lucifer is the king of hell, and indulges in all it`s infinite pleasures, via his "shadow self". His wings are torn off, his true form is trapped inside a three-faced, dragon-like body.

Minor characters

Damned Souls

  • Pontius Pilate: The judge at the trial of Jesus Christ. He deceived the Pharisees into allowing Jesus to be crucified. His cowardice contributed to the suffering of One for the sins of many, and he was damned to the first circle of Hell, Limbo.
  • Orpheus: The legendary Greek musician who failed to rescue his beloved, Eurydice, from the underworld. Denounced for attempting to impede the fulfillment of God's will, he was damned to the first circle after he died.
  • Electra: A Greek princess of Mycenae who killed her wicked mother, Queen Clytemnestra, to avenge the death of her father, King Agamemnon. She suffers her punishment in the first circle, which is to finally know the wrath of God.
  • Francesca da Polenta: An Italian noblewoman who fell in love with Paolo Malatesta, the younger brother of her old and deformed husband, Giovanni. When Giovanni discovered her adultery, he had them killed, and they were both damned to the second circle of Hell, Lust, where they will fullfill their sexual vices indivisably.
  • Paolo Malatesta: The Italian nobleman who committed adultery with Francesca, his brother's wife. He now spends eternity yearning for his beloved in the second circle, only able to love/lust her once a day.
  • Semiramis: An Assyrian queen who was so given to lust, she made legal those sexual vices which she was often accused of. Now she suffers/indulges her sexual pleasures in the second circle.
  • Ciacco: An anonymous Italian citizen who lived a life full of gluttony is damned to the third circle. When first encountered, he is shown cursing himself for his actions in the previous life as a human. In the anime, Ciacco is shown trapped in the stomach of Cerberus with his punishment being to starve for an eternity and convinces Dante to absolve him, which the latter does. He is voiced by J. Grant Albrecht in the movie.
  • Clodia: A soul filled with grime and smut. This notorious gambler, seducer and drunkard of Rome, left a repulsive trail of rot in her wake. She has sex with humans and demons.
  • Tarpeia: Insoucrant with those around her, the Vestal Virgin of Rome opened the city gates to allow the Sabines to attack Rome, in exchange for gold.
  • Gessius Florus: Roman Procurator of Judea, infamous for his public greed, splitting and paring innocent men for his own personal gain.
  • Fulvia: One-time wife of Marc Antony, possessed by an unbearable greed. Called the Greediest Woman in all of Rome, she pursued any opportunity to seize power.
  • Boudica: After she was flogged and her children raped, the Vengeful Queen of the Iceni Tribe tried to set fire to the City of Rome with a bloody revolt.
  • Hecuba: Queen of Troy who watched as her city fell in battle. Her hapless wretched soul lies in the darkness of hell, besieged by the condemned who flog her at every turn.
  • Filippo Argenti: Angry politician who opposed Dante's return to Florence. Their families were bitter rivals and Argenti stole from Dante's family after he left Florence.
  • Emperor Frederick II: King of the Romans with a never-ending thirst for war. His soul dwells in the Circle of Heresy as punishment for his constant war with the Pope and Church.
  • Cavalcante de' Cavalcanti: Merchant Banker of Florence who was denounced as a heretic for his atheist beliefs. He resides with the other Heretics among the fiery tombs.
  • Farinata: Tuscan aristocrat and military leader who believed that the soul dies with the body, denying life after death. He was condemned as a Heretic for his beliefs.
  • Atilla the Hun: The Scourge of God. The feared Emperor of the Huns, who is forever trapped among those who desired to be drenched in the blood of man.
  • Pietro della Vigna: Chancellor to Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II, he failed to defend the honor of his master. Imprisoned and ruined, he took his own life.
  • Brunetto Latini: Philosopher and scholar of Florence, and early mentor to young Dante. He suffers in the seventh circle of Hell for the sin of sodomy.
  • Guido Guerra: Wise warrior and leader of the Guelphs who enveloped himself in sodomy and the blood of men.
  • Thaïs the Harlot: A once beauty now stricken and broke, she relished watching male damned souls and male demons alike kill one another over the chance to fullfill their sexual fantacies within her. She suffers here for the crime of flattery.
  • Tiresias: The blind prophet of Thebes, judged to the eighth circle of Fraud. He changed himself from a man to woman, indulging in the pleasures of both.
  • Myrrha: Daughter of the King of Assyria, who lies in the Inferno with only her insanity left. She disguised herself to seduce her own father.
  • Fra Alberigo: Traitor to family and country, he sits in the lowest circle of Hell. He murdered his own son for the sake of revenge.
  • Mordred: King Arthur's illegitimate son who betrayed his father and lord by raising his sword in battle against him.
  • Count Ugolino: Italian nobleman and naval commander. Aligning himself with Guelphs and Ghibellines alike, he switched allegiances often until his ultimate imprisonment and death by starvation.

Bella Alighieri

Template:Citation needed Dante's pious mother, she was beaten and abused by her husband, and eventually succumbed to a fever. In reality, she committed suicide and is trapped in the Seventh Circle of Hell. She tells Dante that despite being raised by his evil father, he is a better man and can save his soul. Dante uses the cross to free her from her torment. She is voiced by Pollyana McIntosh in the game and by Victoria Tennant in the movie.

The Avenger

An unknown assailant who assassinated Dante after the massacre in Acre. Finding out Dante survived, he rode ahead to Florence and attacked Dante's father and Beatrice, murdering them in Alighiero's own villa. His connection to Dante is revealed to be that he is the husband of a Muslim woman who offered herself to Dante for his freedom, lying about her relation to him. Because of his wife's actions and Dante accepting her offer, the Avenger swore a vendatta against Dante and his family. He is voiced by Daniel Curshen in the game and by John Paul Karliak in the movie.

The Bishop of Florence

A minor character who deceives Dante and the other Crusaders into thinking they will be forgiven for all their sins for taking part in the Crusades. However, both Dante and Francesco learned too late of the bishop's false promise of salvation after their encounters with the supernatural and soon realize that their cause was by no means "holy" as he said it was. He is voiced by Peter Egan.

King Richard I

Also known as the Lionheart, the English king led his men during the Third Crusade. Prior to the siege of Acre, he kept 3,000 Muslim prisoners hostage as a way to negotiate with Saladin. But Dante, in his fanatic-driven bloodlust, slaughters them all by the time King Richard returned to be horrified at the aftermath of the massacre which Francesco took the blame for on Dante's behalf. Enraged, the King ordered Beatrice's brother to be executed before declaring a siege on Acre in fear of Saladin's retaliation for the horrific act. He is voiced by Peter Egan.


An angel who appears to collect Beatrice's soul for Heaven once Dante rescues her. Whether or not he is an archangel or just a mere angel is up for debate, as the only angel mentioned by name, by Virgil, is Michael. In the Animated Epic, the angel is depicted as having two faces, four wings and no arms; while this could just be an artistic liberty, it could also hint the angel is a Cherubim.

There have been rumors that the developers dubbed the angel Gabriel.

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