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Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel
Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel

Contemplating Art: Essays in Aesthetics (2006) is a collection of writings by Jerrold Levinson. It features the essays "What is Erotic Art?" (1998) and "Erotic Art and Pornographic Pictures" (2005).


"This book is a compendium of writings from the last ten years by one of the leading figures in aesthetics, Jerrold Levinson. It contains twenty-four essays and is divided into seven parts. The first is about issues relating to art in general, not specific to one art form. The second is about philosophical problems specific to music. The third part focuses on pictorial art, and the fourth on interpretation, in particular, the interpretation of literature. The remaining parts of the book discuss aesthetic properties, issues in historical aesthetics, humor, and intrinsic value."


Part I Art
1 [[The Irreducible Historicality of the Concept of Art]]
2 Artworks as Artifacts
3 Emotion in Response to Art
4 Elster on Artistic Creativity
Part II Music
5 Sound, Gesture, Space, and the Expression of Emotion in Music
6 Musical Expressiveness as Hearability‐as‐Expression
7 Nonexistent Artforms and the Case of Visual Music
8 Music as Narrative and Music as Drama
9 Film Music and Narrative Agency
10 Evaluating Music
11 Musical Thinking
12 Musical Chills
Part III Pictures
13 Wollheim on Pictorial Representation
14 What is Erotic Art?
15 Erotic Art and Pornographic Pictures
Part IV Interpretation
16 Two Notions of Interpretation
17 Who's Afraid of a Paraphrase?
18 Hypothetical Intentionalism: Statement, Objections, and Replies
Part V Aesthetic Properties
19 Aesthetic Properties, Evaluative Force, and Differences of Sensibility
20 What are Aesthetic Properties?
Part VI History
21 Schopenhauer's Aesthetics
22 Hume's Standard of Taste: The Real Problem
Part VII Other Matters
23 The Concept of Humor
24 Intrinsic Value and the Notion of a Life
End Matter

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