Enragés et situationnistes dans le mouvement des occupations  

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Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel
Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel

Enragés et situationnistes dans le mouvement des occupations (1968) is a book by René Viénet.

On its cover are two plates from comics. In the first, a woman says: "cette classe était déjà au pouvoir." In second the text continues "Le développement même de la société de classes jusqu'à l'organisation du spectaculaire de la non-vie mène donc le projet révolutionnaire à devenir visiblement ce qu'il était déjà essentiellement." Both excerpts are from the same segment of The Society of the Spectacle.

The Beginning of the End: France, May 1968[1] says of this book:

"Enrages and Situationists in the Occupation Movement, France, May '68 -- the Situationist International's official statement on the 1968 revolution -- begins with the following quotation from Hegel's Reason in History.
Concerning original history. . . . The content of these histories is necessarily limited; their essential material is that which is living in the experience of the historian himself and in the current interests of men; that which is living and contemporary in their milieu. The author describes that in which he has participated, or at least that which he has lived; relatively short periods, figures of individual men [sic] and their deeds. . . . It is not sufficient to have been the contemporary of the events described, or to be well-informed about them. The author must belong to the class and social milieu of the actors he is describing; their opinions, way of thought and culture must be the same as his own. In order to really know phenomena and see them in their real context, one must be placed at the summit -- not seeing them from below, through the keyhole of morality or any other wisdom [emphasis added]."

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