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"Immanuel Wallerstein characterised the world system as a set of mechanisms, which redistributes surplus value from the periphery to the core. In his terminology, the core is the developed, industrialized part of the world, and the periphery is the "underdeveloped", typically raw materials-exporting, poor part of the world; the market being the means by which the core exploits the periphery." --Sholem Stein

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The term exploitation has two distinct meanings, one which is neutral and another which is pejorative. The neutral usage is restricted to "the act of utilizing something for any purpose. In this case, exploit is a synonym for use: e.g. the author has the right to exploit his copyrights in the way he chooses." The pejorative usage is defined as "the act of utilizing something in an unjust, cruel or selfish manner for one's own advantage.

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