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Fernand Edmond Jean Marie Khnopff (September 12, 1858 in Grimbergen, Belgium - November 12, 1921 in Brussels, Belgium) was a Belgian symbolist artist.

He was raised in Bruges and went to law school at l'Université Libre de Bruxelles. He quickly dropped out and enrolled at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels (l'Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts en Bruxelles). He studied under the tutelage of Belgian painter Xavier Mellery. During a trip to Paris in 1877, he was greatly influenced by Delacroix and the Pre-Raphaelites. In 1883, he was one of the founding members of the salon exhibition of Le Groupe des XX. Although not a very open man and a rather secluded personality, he already achieved cult status during his life. Acknowledged and accepted, he received the Order of Leopold. His sister, Marguerite, was one of his favorite subjects. His most famous painting is probably The Caress ("L'Art ou Des Caresses"). His art often portrayed a recurring theme found in symbolist art: the dualistic vision of woman as either 'femme fatale' or angelic woman.

List of some works in public collections

The numbers accompanied by the abbreviation: "dCOZ" refer to the catalogue of the works of Khnopff by Catherine de Croës and Gisèle Ollinger-Zinque (1987). See bibliographie. The titles between quotation marks are the original titles given by Khnopff himself.

-Portrait of the violinist Achille Lerminiaux, 1885. (dCOZ 75)

-Portrait of Edmond Khnopff, father of the painter, 1881. (dCOZ 33)

-"Secret-Reflect" (Secret-Reflection), 1902. (dCOZ 378)

-"En écoutant Schumann" (listening to Schumann), 1883. (dCOZ 52)
-Portrait of Marguerite Khnopff, sister of the painter, 1887. (dCOZ 100)
-"Du silence" (Silence), 1890. (dCOZ 151)
-"A Fosset, sous les sapins" (In Fosset, under the firs), 1894. (dCOZ 242)
-"Des Caresses" (The Caresses), 1896. (dCOZ 275) -"Memories" or "Lawn Tennis", 1889. (dCOZ 131)
-Posthumous portrait of Marguerite Landuyt, 1896. (dCOZ 280)
-Portrait of His Royal Highness Prince Leopold of Belgium, 1912. (dCOZ 499)
-Portrait of Miss Van der Hecht, 1883. (dCOZ 57)
-Portrait of Germaine Wiener, 1893. (dCOZ 237)
-"Blanc, noir et or" (White, black and gold), 1901. (dCOZ 365) -"Un masque de jeune femme anglaise" (A mask of a young English woman), 1891. (dCOZ 181) Sculpture (bust) in polychromed plaster.
-"Sous les arbres" (Under the trees), 1894. (dCOZ 253)
-"Une ville abandonnée" (An abandoned city), 1904. (dCOZ 401)

-Portrait of a man, ca. 1885. (dCOZ 89)

-"A Fosset, un ruisseau" (In Fosset, A brook), 1897. (dCOZ 285)

-"Paysage à Fosset", ca. 1894. (dCOZ 254)

-Portrait of Charles Maus (father of Octave Maus, secretary of Les XX), 1885. (dCOZ 84) -"Chimère" (Chimaera), ca. 1910. (dCOZ 470)

-"A Fosset, Le garde qui attend" (In Fosset, The forrester who waits), 1883. (dCOZ 49)

-"L'Encens" (incense), ca. 1898. (dCOZ 325)
-"A Fosset, Un sentier" (In Fosset, a track), ca. 1890-'95. (dCOZ 170)
-"Des yeux bruns et une fleur bleue", 1905. (dCOZ 415)

-"Un Masque" (A mask), 1897. (dCOZ 299) Sculpture in polychromed plaster.

-Portrait of the mother of the artist, 1882. (dCOZ 39)
-"Orphée" (Orpheus), 1913. (dCOZ 519)
-"l'Isolement" (the Isolation, triptych consisting of: "Acrasia", "Solitude" and "Brittomart"), ca. 1890-1894. Part II, "Solitude" is not in Liège but property of the Neumann Foundation in Gingins.
-"Les cheveux" (Hair), 1892. (dCOZ 218bis)

-Portrait of Jeanne Kéfer,<ref>Getty.edu</ref> 1885. (dCOZ 82)

-"I lock my door upon myself", 1891. (dCOZ 174)

-"A Bruges, un portail" (In Bruges, a portal), ca. 1904. (dCOZ 405)

-"l'Offrande" (The offering), 1891. (dCOZ 187)

  • Ostend, Museum voor Schone Kunsten:

-View from the bridge at Fosset, ca. 1882-1883. (dCOZ, 41bis)

-Portrait of Marie Monnom (Later wife of Théo van Rysselberghe), 1887. (dCOZ 98)

-"A Bruges, une église" (In Bruges, a church), 1904. (dCOZ 393)

-"l'Eau immobile" (The immobile water), ca. 1894. (dCOZ 247)

-"Tête de jeune femme anglaise" (Head of a young English woman), 1895. (dCOZ 265) Drawing in red chalk.

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