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Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel
Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel
This reproduction of a 1900 minstrel show poster, originally published by the Strobridge Litho Co., shows the transformation from white to "black".
This reproduction of a 1900 minstrel show poster, originally published by the Strobridge Litho Co., shows the transformation from white to "black".

The following is an incomplete list of ethnic groups.



Name Country Population Notes
Abazins Template:Flag (Karachay-Cherkessia, Adygea), Template:Flag, Template:Flag 200,000
Abenaki Template:Flag (Quebec, Nova Scotia), Template:USA (Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine) 12,000 Native Americans
Abipones Template:Flag extinct
Abkhazs Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag ~200,000 – 600,000
Aboriginal Australians Template:Flag 550,000 Indigenous people of Australia
Abron Template:Flag, Template:Flag 1,200,000
Acadians Template:Flag (Canadian Maritimes), Template:Flag (Madawaska, Maine) 500,000 French-Canadians
Accohannock Template:Flag (Maryland) Native Americans
Achang Template:Flag (Yunnan) 29,000
Acehnese Template:Flag 1,200,000
Acholi Template:Flag 1,200,000 Luo people
Achomawi Template:Flag (California) 1,500 band of the Pit River tribe of Native Americans
Acoma Template:Flag (southwest), Template:Flag 5,000 Native Americans
Adi Template:Flag (Arunachal Pradesh)
Adyghe Template:Flag (North Caucasus region), Template:Flag ~600,000
Aeta Template:Flag
Afar Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag ~5,000,000 Also known as Danakil
African-American Template:Flag 43,884,130 citizens of the United States descended from West African slaves or otherwise of African ancestry. Are the world's largest stateless ethnical minority without a republic of their own.
African Canadian Template:Flag 800,000 may include West Indian and Afro-Caribbean people in Canada
African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem Template:Flag ~5,000 an ethnic minority of black people in Israel
Afrikaners Template:Flag 3,600,000 South Africans of mostly Dutch ancestry, but also including the descendants of French Huguenot and German Protestant refugees, who intermarried with Dutch settlers and adopted Afrikaans as their mother tongue
Afro Argentine Template:Flag Afro-American people of the Americas, Afro-Latin American
Afro Bolivian Template:Flag Afro-American people of the Americas, Afro-Latin American
Afro Brazilian Template:Flag Afro-American people of the Americas, Afro-Latin American
Afro-Chilean Template:Flag Afro-American people of the Americas, Afro-Latin American
Afro-Colombian Template:Flag Afro-American people of the Americas, Afro-Latin American
Afro-Costa Rican Template:Flag Afro-American people of the Americas, Afro-Latin American
Afro-Cuban Template:Flag Afro-American people of the Americas, Afro-Latin American
Afro-Dominican Template:Flag Afro-American people of the Americas, Afro-Latin American
Afro-Ecuadorian people Template:Flag Afro-American people of the Americas, Afro-Latin American
Afro-Guyanese Template:Flag Afro-American people of the Americas
Afro-Jamaican Template:Flag Afro-American people of the Americas
Afro-Mexican Template:Flag Afro-American people of the Americas, Afro-Latin American
Afro-Peruvian Template:Flag Afro-American people of the Americas, Afro-Latin American
Afro-Portuguese Template:Flag 150,000 residents or citizens of Portugal of Black-African descent
Afro-Puerto Rican Template:Flag Afro-American people of the Americas, Afro-Latin American
Afro-Trinidadian Template:Flag Afro-American people of the Americas
Afro-Uruguayan Template:Flag Afro-American people of the Americas, Afro-Latin American
Aftsarians or Isaurians Template:Flag
Agaw Template:Flag, Template:Flag
Agni or Anyi people Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag
Aguls Template:Flag 30,000
Ahtna Template:Flag (Copper River) 500 Alaska Natives
Aimaq Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 1,600,000
Ainu Template:Flag, Template:Flag (Sakhalin Oblast, Khabarovsk Krai, Kamchatka Krai) ~25,000 - 200,000 Natives of Hokkaidō, much of Sakhalin, the Kuriles, and at one time northern Honshū, the Kamchatka Peninsula, and the Amur River basin
Aynu Template:Flag different from the Ainu of Japan and Russia
Aja Template:Flag, Template:Flag 500,000 part of the Gbe linguistic/cultural group
Aka Template:Flag, Template:Flag 30,000
Akie Template:Flag 5,200
Ak Chin Template:Flag (Tohono O'odham reservation, Pinal County, Arizona) Native Americans
Akan Template:Flag, Template:Flag 20,000,000
Akha Template:Flag 450,000
Akuapem Template:Flag, Template:Flag ~1,000,000
Akhvakh people Template:Flag 8,000
Akyem Template:Flag, Template:Flag ~4,000,000
Alabama Template:Flag (Oklahoma, Texas) 1,500 Native American people from whom the state takes its name; now sharing a reservation in Texas with the Coushatta
Alak Template:Flag 4,000
Albanians Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag (Arbereshe) 7,000,000 Balkan people
Albanian American Template:Flag 200,000 United States citizens of full or partial Albanian ancestry
Albanian Australian Template:Flag 11,000 residents of Australia who are of Albanian ancestry
Aleut Template:Flag (Aleutian Islands), Template:Flag (Chukotka Autonomous Okrug) 18,000 Alaska Natives
Algonquian Template:Flag (eastern), Template:Flag Native Americans
Aliutors Template:Flag (Koryak Autonomous Okrug) ~2,000 - 3,000
Alsatians Template:Flag inhabitants of Alsace, France who are of ethnic German origin.
Amahuaca Template:Flag, Template:Flag 500
Amerasians Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag Children and grandchildren of mixed-race unions of U.S. American servicemen and Asian women, most notably during the Vietnam war era
Americans Template:Flag (North America) 311,591,917
Americo-Liberians Template:Flag 150,000 - 200,000 Liberian ethnicity of African American descent
Amhara Template:Flag 20,000,000 also the Amharic language
Amish Template:Flag (Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, New York), Template:Flag (Ontario) 250,000 North American religious minority, of German descent
Amungme Template:Flag (Papua province) 13,000
Andalusians Template:Flag 17,500,000 Latin European people; inhabitants of southern Iberia
Andis Template:Flag
Anga Template:Flag
Anglo-African Template:Flag 2,000,000 White African people of largely British descent who live or come from Sub-Saharan Africa and are Anglophone
Anglo-Burmese Template:Flag 52,000 mixed-race descendants of Burmese and Anglophone British colonists
Anglo-Celtic Australian Template:Flag 13,000,000 Majority inhabitants of Australia with mixed English and Celtic (especially Irish and Scottish, but also Welsh and even Cornish and Manx) ancestry
Anglo-Indian Template:Flag 125,000 People of mixed Indian and English ancestry, or people of British ancestry living in India
Anglo-Irish Template:Flag a term used primarily in the 19th and early 20th centuries to identify a privileged social class in Ireland, whose members were the descendants and successors of the Protestant Ascendancy
Anglo-Norman Template:Flag mainly the descendants of the Normans who ruled England following the Norman conquest by William the Conqueror in 1066
Anglo-Saxon Template:Flag Historically, a collective name for the Germanic tribes resident Great Britain since the 5th century, especially prior to the Norman Conquest; Became the largest group to form the English people
Annamites or Vietnamese or Kinh or Jing Template:Flag 77,000,000 Majority ethnic group of Vietnam
Ansar people or Ansarie Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 4,000,000
Anuak Template:Flag, Template:Flag 350,000
Apaches Template:Flag (Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma) 56,000 Native Americans
Apinaje Template:Flag Indigenous people of Brazil.
Appalachian folk culture of the Southeastern United States.
Arab Template:Flag 280,000,000 originally from Arabia, now widespread throughout the Middle East and North Africa (see Arabization) and tens of millions of ethnic Arabs live worldwide in diaspora
Arab American Template:Flag 1,680,000 Arab diaspora
Arab Argentine Template:Flag ~130,000-350,000 Arab diaspora
Arab Australian Template:Flag 360,000 Arab diaspora
Arab Brazilian Template:Flag 10,000,000-15,000,000 Arab diaspora
Arab Britons Template:Flag 500,000 Arab diaspora
Arabs in Bulgaria Template:Flag ~10,000-17,000 Arab diaspora
Arab Canadian Template:Flag 470,000 Arab diaspora
Arab Chilean Template:Flag 800,000 Arab diaspora
Arab residents in Côte d'Ivoire Template:Flag 100,000 Arab diaspora
Arab Ecuadorians Template:Flag ~20,000 - 97,500 Arab diaspora
Arab Haitian Template:Flag 15,000 Arab diaspora
Arabs in France Template:Flag 2,500,000 Arab diaspora
Arabs in Germany Template:Flag ~400,000-500,000 Arab diaspora
Arabs in Greece Template:Flag 200,000 Arab diaspora
Arab Indonesians Template:Flag 87,000 Arab diaspora
Arabs in Italy Template:Flag 100,000 Arab diaspora
Arab Mexican Template:Flag 1,100,000 Arab diaspora
Arab Dutch Template:Flag 418,000 Arab diaspora
Arabs in Pakistan Template:Flag 10,000 Arab diaspora
Arab Peruvian Template:Flag 10,000 Arab diaspora
Arab settlement in the Philippines Template:Flag ~22,000 Arab diaspora
Arab Singaporean Template:Flag 7,000 - 10,000 Arab diaspora
Arab Sri Lankans Template:Flag ~200,000 Arab diaspora
Arabs in Sweden Template:Flag 10,000 Arab diaspora
Arabs in Turkey Template:Flag 800,000 Arab diaspora
Arab Venezuelan Template:Flag 1,600,000 Arab diaspora
Arab diaspora in Colombia Template:Flag 84,000 Arab diaspora
Arabs in Afghanistan Template:Flag 10,000 Arab diaspora
Iranian Arabs Template:Flag 1,557,000 Arab diaspora
Aramaeans Template:Flag Aramaic speaking people in Syria
Araon Template:Flag
Aragonese Template:Flag 1,277,471 Inhabitants of Aragon (Iberian Peninsula). One of the nationalities of Spain. Ethnic Aragonese live primarily in Upper Aragon. There are also some Aragonese in the Spanish diaspora.
Arapaho Template:Flag (Colorado, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Nebraska) 5,000 Native American people, formerly inhabiting Colorado and Wyoming, now living in Oklahoma and Wyoming
Arawak Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, The Caribbean ~450,000 Indigenous people of the Caribbean
Arbëreshë Template:Flag 260,000 an Albanian population in Italy
Archis Template:Flag 1,200
Arikara Template:Flag (North Dakota) Native Americans
Armenians Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 8,000,000 - 12,000,000 natives of Eastern Anatolia
Armenian American Template:Flag 474,559 United States citizens of Armenian ancestry
Aromanians Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 100,000 - 1,000,000
Arvanites Template:Flag 50,000 - 200,000 an Albanian-speaking population in Greece
Ashkenazi Jews Template:Flag A branch of the Jewish diaspora, stemming from the indigenous Hebrew speaking people of the Levant, who settled in Central and later Eastern Europe during the early Middle Ages.
Assyrian people Template:Flag 6,000,000 Indigenous Semites of Iraq, South East Turkey and North East Syria
Atoni Template:Flag 600,000
Aryans/Indo-Iranians descendants of the Aryans, the ancient inhabitants of the northern Indian subcontinent (excluding Southern India), Central Asia and the Iranian plateau.
Indo-Aryan people Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 1,210,000,000
Iranian people Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, The Caucasus 160,000,000 - 190,000,000 (the name "Iran" means "Aryan" in Persian)
Asante (Ashanti) Template:Flag, Template:Flag ~10,000,000
Asheninka Template:Flag, Template:Flag 25,000 - 45,000 Indigenous people of Peru
Asmat Template:Flag (Papua Province) 70,000
Assiniboine Template:Flag (Alberta, Saskatchewan), Template:Flag (Montana) Native American people of the Sioux
Assyrians Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 3,300,000 - 4,200,000
Asturians Template:Flag 1,076,896
Atacameno Template:Flag 2,000 Native Americans
Atta Template:Flag Template:Citation needed
Ati Template:Flag 2,000
Atikamekw Template:Flag (Quebec) 4,500 Native Americans
Atsina Template:Flag (Montana) 3,682 Native American people inhabiting Montana and formerly Saskatchewan
Atsugewi Template:Flag (California) 850 Native Americans
Aukstaitians Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag ~300,000
Austrians<ref name="CIA">According to the CIA World Factbook – Austria – People: Ethnic Groups</ref> Template:Flag 10,000,000 a German-speaking, Germanic people, native to Austria and South Tyrol (today Italy)
Avars Template:Flag 1,000,000
Awá Template:Flag 300 An endangered Amazonian tribe of hunter-gatherers.
Aymaras Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag ~2,000,000 indigenous ethnic group of Andes and Altiplano
Ayrums Template:Flag,Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag
Azerbaijanis Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 22,000,000 - 35,000,000 People of Turkic-Tatar ethnicity
Aztecs Template:Flag 1,500,000 Native North American people, descendants widespread in Mexico (see also Nahuatl)
Ayapaneco Template:Flag 2 Indigenous people of Mexico, currently only two persons of this community still speak the Ayapaneco language<ref>Template:Cite news</ref>


Name Country Population Notes
Babongo Template:Flag
Baharna Template:Flag, Template:Flag (Qatif, Al Ahsa) 3,000,000 Indigenous people of Bahrain and Qatif
Badui Template:Flag 5,000 - 8,000
Ba Na Template:Flag 174,456
Baggara Template:Flag 1,000,000
Baguirmi Template:Flag
Bagulals Template:Flag 3,054
Bai Template:Flag (Yunnan province) 1,858,063
Bai Template:Flag
Bajau Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 401,800 Known as Sea Gypsies, they touch land only to bury their dead
Baka Template:Flag, Template:Flag 5,000 - 30,000 Pygmy people of Central Africa
Bakhtiari Template:Flag
Balinese Template:Flag 3,000,000
Bakongo/Kongo Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 10,000,000 Majority population of the Republic of the Congo
Balkars Template:Flag (Kabardino-Balkaria), Template:Flag 110,000
Baloch (also Baluch, Balochi) Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 9,000,000 traditionally nomadic Muslim people of Balochistan
Baltic Germans Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag
Bamar (also Burmese and Burman) Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 30,000,000 Majority ethnic group of Burma
Bambara Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 2,700,000 Part of the Manding linguistic/cultural subgroup of the Mandé peoples
Bamileke Template:Flag Majority inhabitants of Cameroon
Banat Swabians Template:Flag, Template:Flag Ethnic German population of Southeast Europe
Banawa Template:Flag 158 Indigenous people
Banda Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 1,300,000
Bandjabi Template:Flag Template:Citation needed
Banjar Template:Flag, Template:Flag 4,800,000
Bantu Sub-Saharan Africa General label for 300-600 ethnic groups in Africa
Baoule Template:Flag Akan people
Bapou Template:Citation needed
Barakzai Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 2,000,000 - 9,000,000 Pashtun people
Bariba Template:Flag ~1,000,000
Basarwa Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 90,000 Indigenous people
Bashkirs Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 2,000,000 Turkic people
Basotho Template:Flag, Template:Flag 4,300,000
Basques Template:Flag, Template:Flag 2,600,000 Ethnolinguistically unique pre-Indo European language (Basque language)
Basque Argentine Template:Flag 3,000,000 - 3,500,000 Argentine people of Basque ancestry
Basque American Template:Flag 57,793 American people of Basque ancestry
Basque Chilean Template:Flag 1,600,000 - 4,500,000 Chilean people of Basque descent (10-27% of Chile's population)
Bassa Template:Flag 350,000
Bassari Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 10,000 - 30,000
Baster (also known as Baaster) Template:Flag 25,181 People descended from the offspring of Dutch speaking whites and black Africans, usually found in Southern Africa
Batak Template:Flag 6,000,000
Batak Template:Flag Indigenous people
Bateke Template:Flag, Template:Flag
Bats Template:Flag 3,000
Batswana Template:Flag, Template:Flag Largest ethnic group in Botswana
Bavarians Template:Flag 12,531,925 High German speaking people of Bavaria
Beaver Template:Flag (British Columbia) 1,000 Former name for the Danezaa people
Bedouins Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 8,000,000 - 10,000,000 Traditionally nomadic people
Beja Template:Flag, Template:Flag Template:Flag Traditionally nomadic people
Belarusians Template:Flag 9,000,000 Majority people of Belarus
Bengalis Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 300,000,000
Bengali American Template:Flag 213,000 American people of Bengali ancestry
Bengali Hindus Template:Flag, Template:Flag 85,000,000 Hindus of Bengali ancestry
Bemba Template:Flag
Bene Israel Template:Flag, Template:Flag 65,000 Indian Jews of western India
Berbers Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag
Berom Template:Flag
Betamaribe Template:Flag
Bethio Template:Flag, Template:Flag
Beti-Pahuin Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 3,320,000
Bezhtas Template:Flag (Template:Flag) 6,198
Bhil (also known as Bheel) Template:Flag (central India)
Bhotiya Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag (Sikkim)
Bicolano Template:Flag (Luzon) 5,900,000
Biharis Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 1,200,000
Blackfeet (also known as Blackfoot) Template:Flag (Alberta), Template:Flag (Montana) 32,000
Black British Template:Flag 1,500,000
Black Irish Template:Flag
Black Indians Template:Flag 182,000 African Americans with Native American ancestry and/or African Americans who were historically assimilated into Native American tribes.
Bouyei (also known as Bo Y and Buyi) Template:Flag, Template:Flag 2,900,000
Bodo Template:Flag (Assam) 1,200,000
Boere-Afrikaners Template:Flag 1,500,000
Bonairean Template:Flag 15,000
Bonan Template:Flag (northwest) 17,000
Borinquen Template:Flag 0 Indigenous people; Now extinct, but gave the namesake Boricua used among some Puerto Ricans as a self-name. Template:Citation needed
Bosniaks Template:Flag 3,000,000 South Slavic people.
Bostonian or the culture of New England States USA.
Botlikhs Template:Flag 16
Bouganvilleans Template:Flag
Boyar Template:Flag South Indian Hindu Telugu speaking community.
Boyko Template:Flag Highlanders or mountain-dwellers.
Bozo Template:Flag 132,100
Brahmin Template:Flag, Template:Flag 51,000,000 Members of one of the four varnas (castes) in traditional Hindu societies. 3% of the population of the Indian subcontinent.
Brahui Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 2,528,000
Brau Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 313
Brazilian Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 192,853,373 All people born in Brazil.
Bretons Template:Flag 1,246,798 - 3,120,288
British Template:Flag 50,366,497 see White British
British American Template:Flag 40,234,652 British diaspora.
British Australian Template:Flag 20,000,000 British diaspora.
British Canadian Template:Flag 12,134,745 British diaspora.
British Chileans Template:Flag 700,000 British diaspora.
British Peruvians Template:Flag 8,003 British diaspora.
British New Zealander Template:Flag 2,425,278 British diaspora.
Britons Template:Flag 300,000,000 Ancient Celtic people culturally dominating Great Britain from the Iron Age until the Early Middle Ages. By the 11th century their descendants had split into different groups not accumulating again until the 1707 act of union, has many ethnic sub-groups. Diaspora now covers the world, particularly prominent in anglophone countries (in the "European" populations).
Brooklynese or culture of New York City, USA named after its borough Brooklyn.
Brulé Template:Flag (Nebraska, South Dakota) Native American Sioux peoples.
Bru-Van Kieu Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 129,559
Bubi Template:Flag 64,000
Budukhs Template:Flag 1,000
Bugis Template:Flag, Template:Flag 6,000,000
Bulang Template:Flag (Yunnan province), Template:Flag, Template:Flag 92,000
Bulgarians Template:Flag 9,000,000 - 10,000,000
Bulgars Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, 0 Extinct; Predecessors of Tatars and modern-day Bulgarians.
Bunjevci Template:Flag, Template:Flag 21,512
Burgenland Croats Template:Flag 50,000 Ethnic Croats in the Austrian state of Burgenland.
Buryats Template:Flag, Template:Flag 500,000
Bushongo Template:Flag


Name Country Population Notes
Caddo Template:Flag (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas) 5,757 Native American peoples.
Cahuilla Template:Flag (California) 1,276 Native American peoples.
Caingang Template:Flag (São Paulo, Paraná, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul) Native American peoples.
Cajun Template:Flag (Louisiana) 488,549 French-Americans in Louisiana. See also Acadian.
Caldoche Template:Flag French people of New Caledonia; largest French national colony outside of France.
Californio Template:Flag (California), Template:Flag (Alta California) 300,000 - 500,000 Spanish-speaking inhabitants of the colonial Spanish/Mexican California and their descendants.
Cambodians Template:Flag ~13,000,000
Campa Template:Flag 25,000 - 45,000
Canaanites Template:Flag, Template:Flag 0 Ancient people, unclear who their descendants are.
Canadians Template:Flag 34,960,000
Canarians Template:Flag 1,547,611 Berber based ethnic group.
Cantonese Template:Flag 66,000,000 Subgroup of Han chinese, people whose ancestral home is in Guangdong. Also called Yue. They form a significant proportion of Overseas Chinese.
Cape Coloured Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 4,539,790 Mixed-race population of the Western Cape province in South Africa.
Cape Malay Template:Flag 200,000 Population descended from people of the Malay archipelago in the Western Cape province in South Africa.
Castilians Template:Flag ~6,500,000 Largest ethnic group of Spain, found in the Castile region; Also found in the Spanish diaspora.
Caprivian Template:Flag Inhabitants of the Caprivi Strip in northeastern Namibia.
Caribs Caribbean 3,000 Native American peoples of northern South America, the Lesser Antilles, and the east coast of Central America.
Carinthian Slovenes Template:Flag
Caripuna Template:Citation needed
Cascadian, members of the Cascadia (independence movement) belong to a culture of the Northwestern USA.
Catalans Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 8,000,000 Also found in the Catalan-speaking diaspora around the world.
Catawba Template:Flag (North Carolina, South Carolina) 2,600 Native American peoples.
Cayuga Template:Flag (New York, Oklahoma), Template:Flag (Ontario) 86,000 Native American peoples.
Cayuse Template:Flag (Oregon, Washington) 0 Native American peoples.
Cebuano Template:Flag 20,000,000 Also known as Cebu.
Celts Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag (Brittany) 0 Ethno-linguistic group of tribal societies in Iron Age and Medieval Europe.
Ceylon Moors Template:Flag 1,800,000 People of Arab descent living in Sri Lanka.
Chagga Template:Flag 2,000,000 People of Bantu descent (Niger-Congo-B) living in Kilimanjaro Region in Tanzania.
Cham Template:Flag, Template:Flag 400,000 People of Indonesian descent living in Cambodia and central Vietnam.
Chambri Template:Flag
Chamalals Template:Flag (Dagestan) 5,000
Chamorro Template:Flag, Template:Flag 177,000 Indigenous peoples.
Champenois-speaking people of Champagne-Ardenne of Northeastern France.
Charrúa Template:Flag, Template:Flag 0 Indigenous peoples; Now extinct.
Chechens Template:Flag (Chechnya) 1,700,000
Chehalis Template:Flag (Washington) 691 Native American peoples.
Chemehuevi Template:Flag (Arizona, California) 600 Native American peoples.
Chepang Template:Flag 52,237
Cherokee Template:Flag (North Carolina, Oklahoma) 316,049 Native American people originally of eastern and central Tennessee, most of Kentucky, southern West Virginia, western Virginia, northern Georgia (USA), northern Alabama, northwestern South Carolina, and western North Carolina, now mostly living in Oklahoma and North Carolina.
Cheyenne Template:Flag (Montana, Oklahoma) 15,672 Native American peoples.
Chicanos Template:Flag 31,689,000 United States citizens of Mexican origin. While some Mexican-Americans may embrace the term "Chicano", others prefer to identify themselves differently.
Chickahominy Template:Flag (Virginia) 972 Native American people.
Chickasaw Template:Flag 38,000,000 Native American people formerly of northeast Mississippi, west Tennessee, and northwest Alabama, now living in Oklahoma.
Chilcotin Template:Flag (British Columbia) Native American peoples.
Chileans Template:Flag 17,094,275
Chilean American Template:Flag 113,934 Chilean diaspora of the United States.
Chilean Australian Template:Flag 33,626 Chilean diaspora of Australia.
Chilean Swedes Template:Flag 42,396 Chilean diaspora of Sweden.
Chimakum Template:Flag (Washington) 0 Native America peoples. Now extinct.
Chinese Template:Flag 1,310,158,851 Also known as Han or Han Chinese. Dominant ethnic group of the People's Republic of China.
Chinese American Template:Flag 3,376,031 Chinese diaspora of the United States.
Chinese Australian Template:Flag 1,185,000 Chinese diaspora of Australia.
Chinese Brazilian Template:Flag 151,649 Chinese diaspora of Brazil.
Chinese Canadian Template:Flag 1,364,215 Chinese diaspora of Canada.
British Chinese Template:Flag 296,623 Chinese diaspora of the United Kingdom.
Ethnic Chinese in Brunei Template:Flag 43,000 Chinese diaspora of Brunei.
Chinese people in Bulgaria Template:Flag 10,000 Chinese diaspora of Bulgaria.
Burmese Chinese Template:Flag 1,637,540 Chinese diaspora of Burma.
Chinese Cambodian Template:Flag 1,180,000 Chinese diaspora of Cambodia
Chinese people in Chile Template:Flag 10,000 Chinese diaspora of Chile.
Chinese-Costa Rican Template:Flag 45,000 Chinese diaspora of Costa Rica.
Chinese Cuban Template:Flag 114,240 Chinese diaspora of Cuba.
Chinese in Fiji Template:Flag 8,000 Chinese diaspora of Fiji.
Chinese Filipino Template:Flag 1,146,250 Chinese diaspora of the Philippines.
Chinese diaspora in France Template:Flag 230,515 Chinese diaspora of France.
Chinese Indonesian Template:Flag 8,800,000 Chinese diaspora of Indonesia.
Chinese people in Italy Template:Flag 162,000 Chinese diaspora of Italy.
Chinese Jamaican Template:Flag 22,000 Chinese diaspora of Jamaica.
Chinese people in Japan Template:Flag 655,377 Chinese diaspora of Japan.
Ethnic Chinese in Korea Template:Flag, Template:Flag 706,861 Chinese diaspora of the Korean Peninsula.
Laotian Chinese Template:Flag 185,765 Chinese diaspora of Laos.
Malaysian Chinese Template:Flag 6,590,500 Chinese diaspora of Malaysia.
Chinese Mauritian Template:Flag 38,500 Chinese diaspora of Mauritius.
Chinese Mexican Template:Flag 23,000 Chinese diaspora of Mexico.
Ethnic Chinese in Mongolia Template:Flag 40,000 Chinese diaspora of Mongolia.
Chinese New Zealander Template:Flag 147,510 Chinese diaspora of New Zealand.
Chinese Nicaraguan Template:Flag 12,000 Chinese diaspora of Nicaragua.
Ethnic Chinese in Panama Template:Flag 135,000 Chinese diaspora of Panama.
Chinese Peruvian Template:Flag 1,300,000 Chinese diaspora of Peru.
Chinese of Romania Template:Flag 2,243 Chinese diaspora of Romania.
Ethnic Chinese in Russia Template:Flag 998,000 Chinese diaspora of Russia.
Chinese in Samoa Template:Flag, Template:Flag 250 Chinese diaspora of Samoa.
Chinese Singaporean Template:Flag 2,808,300 Han Chinese in Singapore; Majority ethnic group of Singapore.
Chinese South Africans Template:Flag 350,000 Chinese diaspora of South Africa.
Chinese people in Spain Template:Flag 197,214 diaspora of Spain.
Thai Chinese Template:Flag 7,053,240 Chinese diaspora of Thailand.
Chinese in Tonga Template:Flag 3,000 Chinese diaspora of Tonga.
Chinese Trinidadian Template:Flag 3,800 Chinese diaspora of Trinidad and Tobago.
Chinookan Template:Flag (Washington, Oregon) Native American peoples.
Chipewyan Template:Flag 11,000 Native American peoples.
Chippewa Template:Flag (Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Montana), Template:Flag (Great Lakes) 219,711 Native American peoples.
Chitimacha Template:Flag (Louisiana) 720 Native American peoples.
Chitpavan Template:Flag (Maharashtra) 497,000 Smarta Brahmin community of Konkan.
Cho Ro Template:Flag 22,567
Choctaw Template:Flag (Oklahoma, California, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama) 160,000 Native American people of Mississippi and Alabama, now mostly living in Oklahoma and Mississippi.
Chukchansi Template:Flag (California) 2,600 Native American peoples.
Chukchis Template:Flag (Chukchi Peninsula) 15,767 Indigenous peoples.
Chulym Tatars Template:Flag (Tomsk Oblast) 656 Turkic peoples.
Chumash Template:Flag (California) 2,000 - 5,000 Native American peoples.
Chuncho Template:Flag Indigenous peoples.
Chut Template:Flag (Quang Binh province) 3,829
Chuukese people Template:Flag 53,280
Chuvash Template:Flag 2,000,000 Turkic peoples.
Ciboney Template:Flag 0 Indigenous peoples; Now extinct.
Circassians or Cherkezians Template:Flag, Template:Flag 7,000,000 - 9,000,000 See also Adyghe.
Clayoquot Template:Flag (Vancouver, British Columbia) 618 Native American peoples.
Co people Template:Citation needed
Coalhuiltec Native American peoples.
Co Ho people Template:Flag
Co Lao Template:Citation needed
Co Tu people Template:Flag (Thừa Thiên -Huế, Quảng Nam) 61,588
Coast Salish Template:Flag (Washington, Oregon), Template:Flag (British Columbia) ~18,000 Native American peoples.
Cochiti Template:Flag (Southwestern) Native American peoples.
Cocopah Template:Flag (Arizona), Template:Flag (Baja California and Sonora) 891 Native American peoples.
Coeur d'Alene Template:Flag (Rocky Mountains and Columbian Plateau) 2,000 Native American peoples.
Coharie Template:Flag (North Carolina) 2,632 Native American peoples.
Colchians or Kolchians Template:Flag 0 Ancient Mingrelians-Lazs who inhabited the west and southwest of the Transcaucasus region in prehistoric and historic times.
Colombians Template:Flag 50,000,000
Coloured Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 4,539,790 Mixed-race inhabitants of South Africa. See also Cape Coloured.
Colville Template:Flag (Washington) ~322 Native American peoples; One of the Salish tribes.
Comanche Template:Flag (Oklahoma, Texas, California, New Mexico) 14,700 Native American peoples.
Comorian Template:Flag 798,000
Cong Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 40,000 See also Phunoi.
Congolese people Template:Flag, Template:Flag
Copper Native American peoples.
Copt Template:Flag 10,000,000 - 20,000,000 Christian ethnoreligious group in Egypt.
Coquille Template:Flag (Oregon) Native American peoples.
Corsicans Template:Flag 290,000
Cornish Template:Flag 534,300 British people originating in Cornwall and the South West of Great Britain.
Cornish American Template:Flag 1,000,000 - 2,500,000 Cornish diaspora in the United States.
Cornish Australian Template:Flag 1,000,000 Cornish diaspora in Australia.
Cossack Template:Flag, Template:Flag 2,500,000 - 7,000,000 Predominantly East Slavic people inhabiting the lower Dnieper and Don basins.
Costanoan Template:Flag (California) 1,500 - 2,000 Native American peoples; One of the Mission Indian peoples.
Coushatta Template:Flag (Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma) 1,520 Native American peoples. See also Alabama.
Cowichan Template:Flag (Vancouver Island, British Columbia) 4,000 Native American peoples.
Cowlitz Template:Flag (Washington) Native American peoples; One of the Salish peoples.
Cree Template:Flag, Template:Flag 200,000 Native American peoples.
Creek Template:Flag (Alabama, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas) 71,502 Native American people originally of Alabama but now mostly residing in Oklahoma.
Créole Template:Flag People of Iberian or French ancestry in the Americas, or people of mixed Native American and European ancestry in Alaska. See Louisiana Creole people.
Crimean Germans Template:Flag (Crimea) 3,000 Crimean people of German origin.
Crimean Goths Template:Flag (Crimea) Gothic tribes who remained in the lands around the Black Sea, especially in Crimea. Almost no signs of the Crimean Goths exist today.
Crimean Tatars Template:Flag 248,200 Turkic people of Crimea.
Croats Template:Flag, Template:Flag 4,462,171 South Slavic peoples.
Croatian American Template:Flag 420,763 Croatian diaspora in the United States.
Croatian Australian Template:Flag 126,264 Croatian diaspora in Australia.
Croatian Brazilian Template:Flag 45,000 Croatian diaspora in Brazil.
Croatian Canadians Template:Flag 110,880 Croatian diaspora in Canada.
Croatian Chileans Template:Flag 380,000 Croatian diaspora in Chile.
Croatian Peruvians Template:Flag 6,000 Croatian diaspora in Peru.
Crow Template:Flag (Montana) 12,000 Native American peoples; One of the Sioux peoples.
Cubans Template:Flag 11,247,925
Cuban Americans Template:Flag 1,094,811 Cuban diaspora in the United States.
Cumans Eastern Europe, Caucasus 0 Historic nomadic Turkic peoples.
Cupeño Template:Flag (California) 1,000 Native American peoples.
Curaçaoan Template:Flag 142,180
Greek Cypriots Template:Flag 1,150,000 Ethnic Greek population in Cyprus.
Czechs Template:Flag 10,000,000 Slavic people of central Europe, consisting of Bohemians and Moravians.
Czech American Template:Flag 1,462,000 Czech diaspora in the United States.
Czechs in the United Kingdom Template:Flag 30,000 – 90,000 Czech diaspora in the United Kingdom.
Czech Canadian Template:Flag 98,090 Czech diaspora in Canada.


Name Country Population Notes
Daasanach Template:Flag 48,067
Dai (Thai, Thai Lue) Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 1,500,000 - 2,000,000
Dakelh Template:Flag (British Columbia) First Nations people, one of the Athabaskan group of peoples.
Dakota Template:Flag, Template:Flag 170,110 Autonym of the Santee Sioux, sometimes applied to all Sioux.
Damara Namibia 100,000
Danish Template:Flag 4,996,980 Germanic people of Scandinavia.
Danish American Template:Flag 1,430,897 Danish diaspora in the United States.
Danish Australian Template:Flag 50,413 Danish diaspora in Australia.
Danish Canadian Template:Flag 200,035 Danish diaspora in Canada.
Dargins Template:Flag 591,000
Daribi Template:Flag
Daur Template:Flag 132,394
Dayaks Template:Flag 2,000,000 - 4,000,000
De'ang Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 557,000
Deg Hit'an Template:Flag (Alaska) Native American peoples.
Degar Template:Flag 1,000,000 Indigenous people of the Central Highlands.
Delaware Template:Flag, Template:Flag 16,000 Native American peoples.
Dena'ina Template:Flag, (Alaska) 1,400 Athabascan people, also known as the Tanaina.
Dendi Template:Flag
Desana Template:Flag
Dhivehis Template:Flag, Template:Flag (Lakshadweep) 400,000 Indo-Aryan people native to the Maldives.
Dhodia Template:Flag
Didos Template:Flag 15,256 Also known as Tsez.
Diegueno Template:Flag (California), Template:Flag (Baja California) 3,000 - 3,200 Native American peoples.
Dinka Template:Flag 5,000,000
Diola Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 500,000
Dogon Template:Flag, Template:Flag 400,000 - 800,000
Dolgans Template:Flag 7,261
Dom Template:Flag, Template:Flag 100,000 - 1,000,000 A Dalit or untouchable caste of India.
Doma Template:Flag
Dominicans Template:Flag 10,090,000
Dominican American Template:Flag 1,414,703 Dominican diaspora in the United States.
Don Cossacks Template:Flag, Template:Flag 200,000 - 2,000,000
Dong Template:Flag 2,960,293
Dongxiang Template:Flag 513,805
Dorze Template:Flag 28,000
Dorians Template:Flag 0 Subgroup of Greeks in Ancient Greece.
Dravidians Template:Flag (Southern India), Template:Flag 217,000,000
Drung Template:Flag 7,000
Druze Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 1,000,000 - 2,500,000 Also a Religion.
Du people
Duala people Template:Flag 400,000
Dungan Template:Flag, Template:Flag 110,000
Dutch Template:Flag 17,228,780 Germanic people of northern Europe.
Dutch American Template:Flag 5,087,191 Dutch diaspora in the United States.
Dutch Australian Template:Flag 320,000 Dutch diaspora in Australia.
Dutch Brazilian Template:Flag 4,434,021 Dutch diaspora in Brazil.
Dutch Canadian Template:Flag 1,000,000 Dutch diaspora in Canada.
Cape Dutch Template:Flag 7,000,000 Dutch diaspora in South Africa.
Dutch New Zealander Template:Flag 100,000 Dutch diaspora in New Zealand.
Dyula Template:Flag, Template:Flag Also known as Jula. Part of the Manding linguistic/cultural subgroup of the Mandé peoples.


Name Country Population Notes
Ebira Template:Flag 1,400,000
Ecuadorian Template:Flag 16,500,000
Egyptians Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 88,000,000
Elema Template:Flag
Enets Template:Flag, Template:Flag 237 Traditionally nomadic Samoyedic people.
Enga Template:Flag
English Template:Flag 45,265,093 Ethnic group of the UK, and of England, descended from ancient Britons (Celts) as well as Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Sub-group of British.
English Brazilian Template:Flag English diaspora.
English African Africa English diaspora.
English Argentine Template:Flag English diaspora.
Enxet Template:Flag 17,000
Eshira Template:Flag
Eskimo Template:Flag (Siberia), Template:Flag (Alaska), Template:Flag, Template:Flag 150,000 See also Inuit and Yupik.
Esselen Template:Flag (California) 0 Often regarded as the first native American tribe to become culturally extinct.
Estonians Template:Flag 1,100,000 Finnic people.
Eurasian Avars (Central Asia) 0 An ancient Turkic people who established Avar Khaganate.
European Americans Template:Flag 223,553,265 Citizens or residents of the United States who have origins in any of the original peoples of Europe. Largest ethnic group in the United States.
Europeans Template:Flag 503,492,041 Citizens of the European Union.
Evens Template:Flag, Template:Flag 20,000
Evenki Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 67,000
Ewe Template:Flag, Template:Flag Part of the Gbe linguistic/culture group.
Expatriata Americana 3,000,000 - 6,000,000 American diaspora.


Name Country Population Notes
Falasha/Beta Israel Template:Flag, Template:Flag 125,000 - 130,000
Falkland Islanders Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 3,105
Fante Template:Flag, Template:Flag ~3,000,000 Akan people.
Faroese Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 80,000 - 90,000 Germanic people.
Fars Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 81,000,000 Native name for Persians.
Fereydan Template:Flag 5,000,000 Georgian people who mostly live in the city of Fereydoon Shahr and in the Fereydan region of Iran.
Fernandinos Template:Flag, Template:Flag
Fijian Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 500,000 Melanesian group, central South Pacific Ocean.
Fir Bolg Template:Flag 0 An early race that inhabited the island of Ireland.
Finns Template:Flag 5,400,000
Finnish American Template:Flag 700,000 Finnish diaspora.
Flemish Template:Flag 6,230,000 Dutch-speaking inhabitants of Belgium, found primarily in Flanders.
West Flemings | Template:Flag (Nord, Pas-de-Calais) 187, 750 Flemish inhabitants of northernmost France.
Florida Crackers, a culture from the state of Florida, USA.
Fon Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 3,500,000 Part of the Gbe linguistic/culture group.
Fox Template:Flag (Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska) 4,000 Native Americans of the Midwestern USA. Historically their homelands were in the Great Lakes region. Euro-American colonization and settlement forced resettlement of the people into the American Midwest.
Franco-Mauritian Template:Flag 24,000 People of French origin living in Mauritius.
Franco-Réunionnaise Template:Flag People of French origin in Réunion.
Franks Francia 0 Germanic people of northwest Europe who settled in France in the time of the Roman Empire.
Franconians Template:Flag Inhabitants of the eastern part of former Francia in Germany.
French Template:Flag 64,300,000
French American Template:Flag 11,500,000 French diaspora in the United States.
French British Template:Flag 6,200,000 French diaspora in the United Kingdom.
French Mexican Template:Flag 60,000 French diaspora in Mexico.
French Argentine Template:Flag 6,800,000 French diaspora in Argentina.
French Chilean Template:Flag 700,000 French diaspora in Chile.
French Peruvian Template:Flag 230,000 French diaspora in Peru.
French Canadian Template:Flag 10,421,365 French-speaking descendants of French colonists in Canada. See also French-speaking Quebecer, Métis and Acadians.
Frisians Template:Flag, Template:Flag 1,500,000 Germanic peoples native to the "German Bight" along the North Sea.
Fula West Africa and the Sahel as far east as Sudan Also called Fulani or Fulbe).
Fur Template:Flag 744,000


Name Country Population Notes
Ga Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 1,800,000
Gaddi Template:Flag (Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir)
Gaels Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 1,690,294 Celtic people originating in Ireland.
Gagauz Template:Flag, Template:Flag 240,000 Turkic people.
Galicians Template:Flag (Galicia) 2,783,100 Also found in other parts of Spain and Latin America in diaspora.
Gaoshan Template:Flag 499,500 Aboriginal people of Taiwan.
Garifuna/Garinagu Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 600,000 Central American people of mixed Amerindian and African descent.
Garo Template:Flag (Meghalaya), Template:Flag 2,000,000
Gbaya Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 970,000
Ge Template:Flag (Caribbean coast)
Geba Buru Template:Flag (Buru)
Gelao Template:Flag 550,000
Georgian Template:Flag 3,956,000
Georgian American Template:Flag 200,000 Georgian diaspora in the United States.
Germans Template:Flag 66,420,000 Largest of the Germanic peoples.
German American Template:Flag 50,000,000 German diaspora in the United States.
German Argentine Template:Flag 3,100,000 German diaspora in Argentina.
German Australian Template:Flag 812,000 German diaspora in Australia.
German Brazilian Template:Flag 5,000,000 German diaspora in Brazil.
German-Briton Template:Flag 262,000 German diaspora in the United Kingdom.
Germans in Bulgaria Template:Flag 436 German diaspora in Bulgaria.
German Canadian Template:Flag 3,200,000 German diaspora in Canada.
German-Chilean Template:Flag 500,000 - 600,000 German diaspora in Chile.
Germans in the Czech Republic Template:Flag 40,000 German diaspora in the Czech Republic.
Germans of Hungary Template:Flag 120,344 German diaspora in Hungary.
Germans of Kazakhstan Template:Flag 180,374 German diaspora in Kazakhstan.
German Mexican Template:Flag 140.000 German diaspora in Mexico.
German Peruvian Template:Flag 180,000 German diaspora in Peru.
Germans in Poland Template:Flag 153,000 German diaspora in Poland.
Germans in Romania Template:Flag 60,000 German diaspora in Romania.
Germans from Slovakia Template:Flag 5,000 - 10,000 German diaspora in Slovakia.
Germans of Yugoslavia Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 8,400 German diaspora in former Yugoslavia.
Gia Rai Template:Flag 332,557 Also known as Jarai.
Gie Trieng
Gitanos Template:Flag 1,000,000 Romani people in Spain.
Godoberis Template:Flag 3,000
Gogodali Template:Flag
Gongduk Template:Flag 2,100
Gorals Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag
Gorani Template:Flag 13,946 - 60,000 Slavic people in Serbia
Goshute Template:Flag (Nevada, Utah) 450 Native American peoples.
Gotlanders Template:Flag
Greeks Template:Flag, Template:Flag 14,000,000 - 17,000,000
Griqua Template:Flag, Template:Flag 2,000,000 - 5,000,000
Gros Ventre Template:Flag (Montana) 3,682 Native American peoples.
Gruzinim Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 180,000 Georgian-speaking Jews from Georgia.
Guadeloupean Template:Flag
Guajajara Template:Flag 19,471 Indigenous people.
Guarani Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag 257,400 Indigenous people.
Gujaratis Template:Flag (Gujarat) 65,000,000 - 75,000,000
Gullah Template:Flag (South Carolina, Georgia) Descendants of enslaved Africans.
Gurage Template:Flag 1,867,377
Guru Template:Flag
Gurung Template:Flag 543,571


















Name Country Population Notes
Xakriabá Template:Flag 6,000
Xavante Template:Flag (Eastern Mato Grosso) 9,600
Xerente Template:Flag 1,813
Xhosa Template:Flag 7,900,000
Xibe Template:Flag (Xinjiang) 172,900
Xikrin Template:Flag
Xin Uygurs Template:Flag (Xinjiang)
Xinh Mun Template:Flag, Template:Flag 18,018
Xo Dang Template:Flag 127,148
XtiengTemplate:Flag, Template:Flag 6,059
Xucuru Template:Flag (Pernambuco) 8,500



Name Country Population Notes
Zaghawa Template:Flag (eastern) and Template:Flag (western) 75,000-350,000
Zambo Latin America 800,000 Mixed people of African and Native American descent.
Latino Zamboangueño Template:Flag (Zamboanga Peninsula)
Zapotec Template:Flag
Zarma Template:Flag (western)
Zeibeks Template:Flag (Izmir, Aydın)
Zazas Template:Flag (eastern) 1-2,000,000
Zhuang Template:Flag (Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region) 18,000,000
Zou Template:Flag
Zulian Template:Flag (Zulia) 4,000,000
Zulu Template:Flag 10,600,000
Zuni Template:Flag 12,000

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