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Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel
Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel

For people that played more than one of the types listed, but _primarily_ played only one, please surround the "X"s of the nonprimaries like so: X. As an example, John Coltrane is listed as playing Soprano, Alto and Tenor, but he most definitely played Tenor the most, so the X's for Soprano & Alto have been surrounded in tags.

Let's keep this as a pretty comprehensive list, including the unquestionably great (Coltrane, Parker) with the new guys few have heard of (as long as they actually have recordings [or just mysterious, but widespread fame] out there) - more categorical lists can be made later on.

Eventually a little color should be added - alternating shades for rows and columns (just to make the distinction easier) and probably assigning each Genre a color. Possibly color-code Timespans that fall into "the golden age of jazz" from like 1940-1970 or something. Shade groupings for the standards (alto, tenor, baritone), the lows (bass, etc.) and the others.

--> Explanation of columns:

This page lists all saxophonists. See List of jazz saxophonists for a list of jazz sax players.

Explanation of indicators:

  • X = instrument has been used by person or group
  • X = instrument has been used by person or group, but much less often than other X-marked instruments
  • C = person or group uses a C melody saxophone (either as primary instrument, or in addition to the normal tenor sax)
Name Timespan s S A T B b c sc Genre
Mindi Abair 1969-     x X Smooth jazz
George Adams 1940-1992 X Jazz
Pepper Adams 1930-1986 X Jazz
Julian "Cannonball" Adderley 1928-1975 X X Jazz
Gerald Albright 1957-     X X Jazz
Eric Alexander 1968-     X Jazz
Lee Allen 1926-1994 X R&B
Marshall Allen 1924-     X Jazz
Joey Ambrose 1934-     X X Rock / Bebop
Gene Ammons 1925-1974 X Jazz
Fred Anderson 1929-     X Jazz
Albert Ayler 1936-1970 X X Jazz
Greg Banaszak X X Classical, Jazz
Bernardo Baraj 1944-     X X Jazz, Folk, Tango
Gato Barbieri 1934-     X Jazz
Phillip Barham 1957-     x X x Classical
Charlie Barnet 1913-1991 X Swing
Gary Bartz 1940-     X X Jazz
Sidney Bechet 1897-1959 X Jazz
Jay Beckenstein 1951-     X X Smooth Jazz
Han Bennink 1942-     X C Free Jazz
Peter Bennink X X X X Free Jazz
Bob Berg 1951-2002 X X Jazz
Sean Bergin 1948-     X X Jazz
Jerry Bergonzi 1947-     x X Jazz
Tim Berne 1954-     X X Jazz
Leon "Chu" Berry 1908-1941 X X Jazz
Serge Bertocchi 1961-     X X X X X X X Contemporary / Classical
Gary Bias 1962-     X X X R&B
Jane Ira Bloom 1955-     X X Jazz
Hamiet Bluiett 1940-     X X Jazz
Arthur Blythe 1940-     X X X X Free Jazz / Jazz
Earl Bostic 1913-1965 R&B
Mwata Bowden 1947-     X X Jazz
David Bowie 1947-     X X X X Rock
Charles Brackeen 1940-     X X Jazz / Free Jazz
Anthony Braxton 1945-     X X X+F C X X X Jazz
Michael Brecker 1949-2007 X X Jazz
Willem Breuker 1944-     X X X X Jazz
Nathan Bridges 1985-     X X X X Improv / Rock / Jazz / Blues / Classical
Nick Brignola 1936-2002 X X X Jazz
James Briggs (Jimmy the Robot) 1978-     X Ska
Peter Brötzmann 1941-     X X X X Free jazz
Marion Brown 1935-     X Avant-garde
Tore Brunborg 1960-     X X Jazz
Cornelius Bumpus 1946-2004 X Jazz / Rock
Garvin Bushell 1902-1991 X Jazz
Don Byas 1912-1972 X Jazz
Sid Caesar 1922-     X Swing
Ed Calle 1969-     X x X x Jazz
Ronald Caravan 1946-     x X X x Classical
Harry Carney 1910-1974 X X Jazz
Pete Carney 1974-     X X X X Acid Jazz
Benny Carter 1907-2003 X Jazz
Daniel Carter 1945-     X X Free Jazz
James Carter 1969-     X X X+F C X X Jazz
Emilio Castillo 1968-     X Soul / Funk
Serge Chaloff 1923-1957 X Jazz
James Chance 1953-     X Improv / Punk / Funk / Free Jazz
Pete Christlieb 1945-     X Jazz / Bebop
Clarence Clemons 1942-     X X X Rock
Bill Clinton 1946-     X Jazz / Funk
Arnett Cobb 1918-1989 X Jazz
Jeff Coffin 1965-     X X Jazz
Paul Cohen X X X X X X X X Classical
Al Cohn 1925–1988 X Jazz
Ornette Coleman 1930-     X X Free jazz
Steve Coleman 1956-     X Jazz
John Coltrane 1926-1967 X X X Jazz
Ravi Coltrane 1965-     X Jazz
Lenny Hambro 1942-1995 X X X Jazz / Swing / Bebop / Mambo
Lol Coxhill 1932-     X X X Free improv
Sonny Criss 1927-1977 X Jazz
Ronnie Cuber 1941-     X Jazz
King Curtis 1950-1971 X X X Rock & Roll / Soul
Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis 1922-1986 X Jazz
Charles DeChant X X X X Blue-eyed soul
Chris Dee 1963-     X Jazz
Daniel Deffayet 1922-2002 X X X X Classical
Claude Delangle X X X X X X Classical
Karl Denson      X Jazz / Funk
Paul Desmond 1924-1977 X Jazz
Stefano di Battista 1969-     X X Jazz
Klaus Doldinger 1936-     X Jazz
Eric Dolphy 1928-1964 X Jazz
Lou Donaldson 1926-     X Hard bop
Jimmy Dorsey 1904-1957 X Big Band
Paquito D'Rivera 1948-     X X X Latin Jazz
Du Yinjiao 1965-     X X X X Jazz
Steve Duke 1954-     X X Contemporary Classical
Candy Dulfer 1969-     X Smooth jazz
Hans Dulfer 1940-     X Jazz
Paul Dunmall 1953-     X C Free jazz
Jay C. Easton 1975-     X X X X X X X X Classical
Alfred "Pee Wee" Ellis 1941-     X Jazz
Booker Ervin 1930-1970 X Jazz
Ellery Eskelin 1959-     X Jazz
Bill Evans 1958-     X Jazz
Douglas Ewart 1946-     x X Free jazz
Wilton Felder 1940-     X Jazz / Fusion / R&B
Bud Freeman 1906-1991 X Jazz
Chico Freeman 1949-     X Jazz
Wolfgang Fuchs 1949-     X Free improv
Sam Furnace 1954-2004 X X X Jazz
Kenny G 1956-     X X X Smooth jazz
Kenny Garrett 1960-     X X X Jazz
Alfred Gallodoro 1913-     X Jazz, Classical
Jan Garbarek 1947-     X X x Jazz
Charles Gayle 1939-     X X X Free jazz
Stan Getz 1927-1991 X Jazz
John Gilmore 1931-1995 X X Jazz
Jimmy Giuffre 1921-     X Jazz
Frode Gjerstad 1948-     X X Avant-garde
Vinny Golia 1946-     X X X X X X X Jazz
Benny Golson 1929-     X Jazz
Paul Gonsalves 1920-1974 X Jazz
Kadri Gopalnath 1950-     X Carnatic
Dexter Gordon 1923-1990 X X Hard bop
Jean-Michel Goury 1961-     X X X X X X Contemporary
Glen Gray 1906-1963 X Jazz
Wardell Gray 1921-1955 X Jazz
Johnny Griffin 1928-     X Hard bop
Adam Grimm 1978-     X X X X Classical
Tom Guralnick 1951-     X X Experimental
Mats Gustafsson 1951-     X X X X X X Free jazz
Randall Hall      X X X X Free improv
Greg Ham 1953-     X Reggae
Scott Hamilton 1954-     X Jazz
John Handy 1933-     X Jazz
Otto Hardwick 1904-1970 X X X Jazz
John Harle 1956-     X X Classical
Rufus Harley 1936-2006 X X Jazz
Joe Harriott 1929-1973 X Jazz
Eddie Harris 1934-1996 X Jazz
Coleman Hawkins 1904-1969 X Jazz
Jimmy Heath 1926-     X X X Jazz
John Helliwell 1945-     X X X X Rock
Frederick L. Hemke 1935-     X X X Classical
Julius Hemphill 1938-1995 X X X Jazz
Joe Henderson 1937-2001 X Jazz
Woody Herman 1913-1987 X Jazz
Johnny Hodges 1906-1970 X X Jazz
Red Holloway 1927-     X Jazz
Ron Holloway 1953-     X Jazz, R&B, Blues, Funk, Rock
Jim Horn 19xx-     x X Blues / Rock / R&B
James Houlik 1942-     X Classical
Mihai Iordache 1967-     X X X Jazz, Funk, Punk, Rock
David Jackson 1947-     X X Progressive rock
Illinois Jacquet 1922-2004 X Jazz
Tore Jevanord 1985-     X Jazz
Budd Johnson 1910-1984 X Jazz
Chris "Biggie" Johnson 1982-     X Jazz / Punk / Rock
Plas Johnson 1931-     X Bebop / R&B / Blues / Jazz
Edward "Kidd" Jordan 1935-     X X X C X Jazz
Clifford Jordan 1931-1993 X X Jazz
Louis Jordan 1908-1975 X R&B
Ori Kaplan 1969-     X X Jazz
Bruce Kapler 1953-     X X X X X Rock, R&B
Theodore Kerkezos      Jazz
Bobby Keys 1943-     X Rock
Daniel Kientzy 1951-     X X X X X X X Contemporary
Rahsaan Roland Kirk 1935-1977 X X X Free jazz, Jazz
John Klemmer 1946-     X Smooth jazz
Hans Koch 1948-     X X Free jazz
Lee Konitz 1927-     X Jazz
Håkon Kornstad 1977-     X X X Jazz, Free jazz, Free improv
Dave Koz 1963-     X X X X Smooth jazz
Stephen "Doc" Kupka X Funk
Trent Kynaston 1946-     x X X Classical, Jazz
Steve Lacy 1934-2004 X Jazz
Oliver Lake 1942-     X Jazz
Harold Land 1928-2001 X Hard bop
Prince Lasha 1929-     X Jazz
Yusef Lateef 1920-     X Jazz
Amy Lee 1963-     X X X X X Smooth jazz, Jazz, R&B
Michael Lewis 1946-     X X X Jazz
Roger Lewis
Dave Liebman 1946-     X X Jazz
John Linnell 1959-     X X Pop / Rock
Liu Yuan 1960-     X X Jazz, Rock
Charles Lloyd 1938-     X X Jazz
Jean-Marie Londeix 1932-     X X X X Classical
Joe Lovano 1952-     X X X+C Jazz
Andy Mackay 1946-     X X X X Rock
Steve MacKay X Punk rock
Steve "The Count" Marcus 1939-2005 X X Jazz / Fusion
Charlie Mariano 1923-     X X Jazz
Lou Marini 1945-     X X X X X X X X Jazz
Branford Marsalis 1960-     X X X Jazz / Classical
Warne Marsh 1927-1987 X Jazz
Jerry Martini 1943-     X X Soul / Funk / Rock
Sabir Mateen Jazz
Bennie Maupin 1940-     X X Jazz
Drew Mazur 1990-     X X X Jazz fusion / Cool Jazz / Blues-rock
Jackie McLean 1932-2006 X Hard bop
Harold McNair 1932-1971 X X Jazz
Joe McPhee 1939-     X Jazz
Charles McPherson 1939-     X Jazz
Patrick Meighan X Classical
Pierre-Stéphane Meugé 1964-     X X X X X X X Contemporary
Charles Miller 1939-1980 X X Funk
Bob Mintzer 1953-     X X Jazz
Roscoe Mitchell 1940-     X X X X X X Jazz
Hank Mobley 1930-1986 X Hard bop
James Moody 1925-     X X Jazz
Jemeel Moondoc 1951-     X Free jazz
Angelo Moore 1965-     x x x X X Rock
LeRoi Moore 1961-2008 X X X X X Rock, Jazz
Frank Morgan 1933-     X Jazz
Dick Morrissey 1940-2000 X X Jazz
Bob Mover 1952-     X X X Jazz
Marcel Mule 1901-2001 X X Classical
Gerry Mulligan 1927-1996 X X X Jazz
David Murray 1955-     X Jazz
Don Myrick c. 1940-1993 X X R&B
National Saxophone Choir
David "Fathead" Newman 1933-     X X X X Jazz
Enzo Nini 1954-     X X X Jazz
Steve Norman 1960-     X Pop
Chris O'Hara 1989-     X X X X Jazz / Rock / Funk / Latin
Greg Osby 1960-     X X Jazz
Gerald Oshita 1942-1992 X X X
Fausto Papetti 1923-1999 X Smooth Jazz
Walter Parazaider 1945-     X X Rock
Charlie "Bird" Parker 1920-1955 X X Bebop
Evan Parker 1944-     X X Free jazz
Maceo Parker 1943-     X X Rhythm and blues / Funk
JD Parran X X X X Free jazz
Pat Patrick 1929-1991 X Jazz
Kirk Pengilly 1958-     Rock
Art Pepper 1925-1982 X X Jazz
Jim Pepper 1941-1992 X Jazz
Joseph "Flip" Phillips 1915-     X Jazz
Lenny Pickett 1954-     X Rhythm and blues / funk
Dave Pietro X X C Jazz
St. Clair Pinckney 1930-1999 X X Funk
Courtney Pine 1964-     X X X Jazz / Jazz fusion
Harvey Pittel 1943-     X X X X Classical
Dan Plonsey 1958-     X X C X Free jazz
Rudy Pompilli 1926-1976 X Rock & Roll
Chris Potter 1971-     X X X Jazz
Ike Quebec 1918-1963 X Jazz
Kenneth Radnofsky 1953-     x X Classical
Boyd Raeburn 1913-1966 X Jazz
Bhob Rainey 1972-     X Free improv
Boots Randolph 1927-     X Rock & Roll
Sigurd Raschèr 1907-2001 X X X X X X X Classical
Danny Ray 1951-     X Rock
Dewey Redman 1931-2006 X Free jazz
Joshua Redman 1969-     X X X Jazz
Alto Reed      x x X X X X Rock & Roll / R&B / Blues/Jazz / Classical
Don Rendell 1926-     X X Jazz
Trent Reznor 1965-     Rock
Jerome Richardson 1920-2000 x X x Jazz / Big Band
Sam Rivers 1923-     X X Jazz
Pat Rizzo 1943-     X X Soul / Funk / Rock
Matana Roberts X Jazz
Roy Robertson X X C X X X Jazz
Adrian Rollini 1904-1956 X Swing
Sonny Rollins 1930-     X Jazz
Ned Rothenberg 1956-     X Free improv
Zack Roudebush 1990-     X Classical
Eugene Rousseau 1932-     X X Classical
Charlie Rouse 1924-1988 X Jazz
Brian Sacawa 1977-     X X X X Classical
Miranda Sachetta 1991-     X Jazz
Dominic Saldhana 1926-     X Jazz, Pop
John Sampen 1949-     X Classical
David Sanborn 1945-     X X Smooth jazz
Pharoah Sanders 1940-     X X X Jazz
Adolphe Sax 1814-1894 X X X X X X Classical
Tom Scott 1948-     X X X X Jazz fusion
Louis Sclavis 1953-     X X Jazz
Trygve Seim 1971-     X X Jazz
Bud Shank 1926-     X Jazz
Elliott Sharp 1951-     X X X Experimental
Andy Sheppard 1957-     X X Jazz
Archie Shepp 1937-     X X X Jazz
Wayne Shorter 1933-     X X X X Jazz
Sonny Simmons 1933-     X Jazz
Zoot Sims 1925-1985 X X X Jazz
Donald Sinta 1937-     X Classical
Willie Smith 1910-1967 X Swing
Chris Speed 1967-     X Jazz
Herbie Steward 1926-     X X Jazz
Sonny Stitt 1924-1982 X X X Bebop
Vernon Story 1922-2007 X Bebop
Nobuya Sugawa X X Classical
Taimur Sullivan 1970-     X X X X X X Classical
John Surman 1944-     X X Jazz
Lew Tabackin 1940-     X Jazz
Yasuyuki "Yaz" Takagi X Jazz
Evan Tate 1961-     X X Jazz
Sam "the Man" Taylor 1916-     X X Jazz, R&B, Pop
John Tchicai 1936-     X X Jazz
Oluyemi Thomas X C Free jazz
Pete Thomas X X X X X X Rock
Barbara Thompson 1944-     X Jazz
Lee Jay Thompson 1957-     X X X Ska
Lucky Thompson 1924-     X X Jazz
Dave Tofani 19??-     x x X Jazz
Frankie "Tram" Trumbauer 1901-1956 C Jazz
Kenneth Tse 1972-     X X Classical
Mark Turner 1965-     X Jazz
Stanley Turrentine 1934-2000 X Jazz
Kazutoki Umezu 1949-     X X Free jazz
Ken Vandermark 1964-     Jazz
Charlie Ventura 1916-1992 X Jazz
Eddie Vinson 1917-1988 X Jazz
Mark Walton 1957-     X X X X Classical
Carlos Ward 1940-     X X Jazz
David S. Ware 1949-     X X X Jazz
Grover Washington, Jr. 1943-1999 X X X x Smooth Jazz / Jazz
Bobby Watson 1953-     X Jazz
Ernie Watts 1945-     X X X Jazz / Fusion
Noble "Thin Man" Watts 1926-2004 X R&B
Ben Webster 1909-1973 X Classical
Marcus Weiss 1961-     X X X X X X X Contemporary
Frank Wess 1922-     X X Jazz
Kirk Whalum 1958-     X X Jazz fusion
Andrew White 1942-     X X Jazz
Chris White 1955-     X X X X Jazz, Rock
Rudy Wiedoeft 1893-1940 X C Classical
Barney Wilen 1937-1996 X Jazz
Pamela Williams X Jazz
Steve Wilson 1961-     X X Jazz
Paul Winter 1939-     X x Jazz, World music
Francis Wong X X Jazz
Phil Woods 1931-     X X Bebop
Chris Wood 1944-1983 X X X X Rock
Andrew Woolfolk 1951-     X X X R&B
Lester "Prez" Young 1909-1959 X Jazz
John Zorn 1953-     X Free jazz
Anne Zwaga 1960-     X X Bebop
Name Timespan s S A T B b c sc Genre

Fictional saxophonists

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