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Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel
Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel

Non-nude photography, also called "NN" or simply "non-nude", is a genre of photography which contains sexually suggestive images of human subjects intended to arouse, but never complete nudity. The genre is closely tied to certain online communities whose purpose is the sharing of photos within the genre. Non-nude communities vary in the level of sexuality they allow, and whether or not they permit "implied nudity" and the depiction of sexual acts. Not only an online phenomenon, non-nude photography is the focus of such contemporary lad mags as Maxim or FHM, which showcase scantily-clad photos, often of celebrity subjects. Detractors of non-nude photography claim it is unequivocal softcore pornography, and prefer to call it "non-nude pornography"; a label that is not favored by adherents of the genre. Non-nude photography can be of both candid subjects and professional models, can include the subject in normal street clothes, swimwear, lingerie, and even technically nudity through obscuring the private areas with such techniques as the handbra, or careful posing. The vast majority of websites featuring non-nude photos focus on photos of women.

Fans of NN often consider it a hobby, and cite a number of reasons for participation: some are not aroused by hardcore pornography or prefer the look of clothed people to nudes, some wish to avoid the stigma or consequences of visiting pornographic websites, and others simply point out that many attractive people refuse to be photographed completely nude.

The origins of the non-nude photography are highly debated, but many in the "NN community" trace their roots to various Usenet photography groups in the days before the Internet. Many NN sites have existed for years, although there is a high turnover rate and a number of major sites—and hundreds of obscure sites—come and go each year. The use of personal computers and high-speed Internet connections has proliferated growth and popularity of NN among younger web-surfers.

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