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Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel
Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel

Paul Goodman (September 9, 1911 – August 2, 1972) was an American novelist, playwright, poet, literary critic, and psychotherapist, although now best known as a social critic and anarchist philosopher. Though often thought of as a sociologist, he vehemently denied being one in a presentation in the Experimental College at San Francisco State in 1964, and in fact said he could not read sociology because it was too often lifeless. The author of dozens of books including Growing Up Absurd and The Community of Scholars, Goodman was an activist on the pacifist Left in the 1960s and a frequently cited inspiration to the student movement of that decade. A lay therapist for a number of years, he was a co-founder of Gestalt therapy in the 1940s and 1950s.

Complete works

  • Pieces of Three, with Meyer Liben and Edouard Roditi (Harrington Park, N.J.: 5 × 8 Press, 1942)
  • Art and Social Nature. (New York: Vinco Publishing Company, 1946)
  • Kafka's Prayer. (New York: Vanguard Press, 1947); reprinted (New York: Stonehill, 1976)
  • Communitas: Means of Livelihood and Ways of Life, with Percival Goodman (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1947); revised 2nd edition (New York: Vintage Books, 1960); revised 3rd edition (New York: Columbia University Press, 1990)
  • Gestalt Therapy: Excitement and Growth in the Human Personality. with Frederick S. Perls and Ralph Hefferline [volume two, "Novelty, Excitement, and Growth," by Goodman] (New York: Julian Press, 1951); reprinted (Highland, New York: The Gestalt Journal Press, 1994)
  • The Structure of Literature. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1954)
  • Speaking and Language: Defence of Poetry. (New York: Random House, 1971)
  • Growing Up Absurd: Problems of Youth in the Organized System. (New York: Random House, 1960; London: Victor Gollancz, 1961)
  • Utopian Essays and Practical Proposals. (New York: Random House, 1962)
  • The Community of Scholars. (New York: Random House, 1962)
  • Drawing the Line. (New York: Random House, 1962)
  • The Society I Live In Is Mine. (New York: Horizon Press, 1962)
  • Compulsory Mis-education. (New York: Horizon Press, 1964)
  • Seeds of Liberation, edited by Goodman (New York: George Braziller, 1964)
  • People or Personnel. (New York: Random House, 1965)
  • The Moral Ambiguity of America. [Massey Lectures, Sixth Series] (Toronto: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 1966); published in the U.S. as Like a Conquered Province: The Moral Ambiguity of America (New York: Random House, 1967)
  • Five Years. With an Introduction by Harold Rosenberg. (New York: Brussel & Brussel, 1966
  • The Politics of Being Queer. 1969.
  • New Reformation: Notes of a Neolithic Conservative. (New York: Random House, 1970)
  • Little Prayers and Finite Experience. (New York: Harper & Row, 1972)
  • The Writings of Paul Goodman, edited by David Ray and Taylor Stoehr, special double issue of New Letters, 42 (Winter/Spring 1976)
  • Drawing the Line: Political Essays, edited by Taylor Stoehr (New York: Free Life Editions, 1977)
  • Creator Spirit Come!: Literary Essays, edited by Taylor Stoehr (New York: Free Life Editions, 1977)
  • Nature Heals: Psychological Essays, edited by Taylor Stoehr (New York: Free Life Editions, 1977)
  • Finite Experience and Crazy Hope, edited by Taylor Stoehr (Cleveland: Gestalt Institute of Cleveland Press, 1994) [augmented edition of Little Prayers and Finite Experience]
  • Decentralizing Power: Paul Goodman’s Social Criticism, edited by Taylor Stoehr (Montreal: Black Rose Books, 1994)
  • Format and Anxiety: Paul Goodman Critiques the Media, edited by Taylor Stoehr (Brooklyn, NY: Autonomedia, 1995)
  • "Drawing the Line Again", edited by Taylor Stoehr (Oakland:PM Press, 2010)
  • "Paul Goodman, a Reader", edited by Taylor Stoehr (Oakland:PM Press,2011)
  • The Grand Piano; or, The Almanac of Alienation. (San Francisco: Colt Press, 1942) [Book One of The Empire City (1959)]
  • The Facts of Life. (New York: Vanguard Press, 1945; London: Editions Poetry London [Nicholson & Watson], 1946)
  • The State of Nature. (New York: Vanguard Press, 1946) [Book Two of The Empire City (1959)]
  • The Copernican Revolution. (Saugatuck, Conn.: 5 × 8 Press, 1946)
  • The Break-Up of Our Camp and Other Stories. (Norfolk, Conn.: New Directions, 1949)
  • The Dead of Spring. (Glen Gardner, N.J.: Libertarian Press, 1950) [Book Three of The Empire City (1959)]
  • Parents' Day (Saugatuck, Conn.: 5 × 8 Press, 1951); reprinted (Santa Barbara, CA: Black Sparrow Press, 1985)
  • The Empire City. (Indianapolis & New York; Bobbs-Merrill, 1959); reprinted (New York: Vintage, 1977); reprint (Santa Rosa, CA: Black Sparrow Press, 2001)
  • Our Visit to Niagara. (New York: Horizon Press, 1960)
  • Making Do. (New York: Macmillan, 1963)
  • Adam and His Works: Collected Stories. (New York: Vintage Books, 1968)
  • The Break-Up of Our Camp, Stories 1932–1935, volume one of The Collected Stories, edited by Taylor Stoehr (Santa Barbara, CA.: Black Sparrow Press, 1978)
  • A Ceremonial, Stories 1936–1940, volume two of The Collected Stories, edited by Taylor Stoehr (Santa Barbara, CA.: Black Sparrow Press, 1978)
  • The Facts of Life, Stories 1940–1949, volume three of The Collected Stories, edited by Taylor Stoehr (Santa Barbara, CA.: Black Sparrow Press, 1979)
  • Don Juan: or, The Continuum of the Libido, edited by Taylor Stoehr (Santa Barbara, CA.: Black Sparrow Press, 1979)
  • The Galley to Mytilene, Stories 1949–1960, volume four of The Collected Stories, edited by Taylor Stoehr (Santa Barbara, CA.: Black Sparrow Press, 1980)
Poetry & Plays
  • Stop-Light: Five Dance Poems. (Harrington Park, N.J.: 5 X 8 Press, 1941)
  • The Lordly Hudson: Collected Poems. (New York: Macmillan, 1962)
  • Three Plays: The Young Disciple, Faustina, Jonah. (New York: Random House, 1965)
  • Hawkweed: Poems. (New York: Random House, 1967)
  • North Percy. (Los Angeles: Black Sparrow Press, 1968)
  • The Open Look, with photographs by Stefan Congrat-Butlar (New York: Funk & Wagnalls, 1969)
  • Tragedy & Comedy: Four Cubist Plays. (Los Angeles: Black Sparrow Press, 1970)
  • Homespun of Oatmeal Gray: Poems. (New York: Random House, 1970)
  • Collected Poems, edited by Taylor Stoehr. With a memoir by George Dennison. (New York: Random House, 1973)

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