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Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel
Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel

The Scott Moncrieff Prize, named after the translator C. K. Scott Moncrieff, is an annual £2,000 literary prize for French to English translation, awarded to one or more translators every year for a full-length work deemed by the Translators Association to have "literary merit". Only translations first published in the United Kingdom are considered for the accolade.

Sponsors of the prize include the French Ministry of Culture, the French Embassy, and the Arts Council of England.


Year Winner Author Title
1965 Edward Hyams Régine Pernoud Joan of Arc By Herself and Her Witnesses
Humphrey Hare Maurice Druon Memoirs of Zeus
1966 Barbara Bray Henri Fluchère Laurence Sterne: From Tristram to Yorick
Peter Wiles Roger Vailland A Young Trout
1967 John & Doreen Weightman Jean Guéhenno Jean-Jacques Rousseau
1968 Jean Stewart Jacques Berque French North Africa: The Maghrib Between Two World Wars
1969 Terence Kilmartin André Malraux Anti-Memoirs
Henry de Montherlant The Girls
1970 W.G. Corp Bernard Clavel The Spaniard
Richard Barry André Beaufre The Suez Expedition 1956
Elaine P. Halperin Michel Bernanos The Other Side of the Mountain
1971 Maria Jolas Nathalie Sarraute Between Life and Death
1972 Paul Stephenson Alfred Grosser Germany in Our Time: A Political History of the Postwar Years
1973 Barbara Bray Michel Tournier The Erl-King
1974 John & Doreen Weightman Claude Lévi-Strauss From Honey to Ashes
Tristes Tropiques
1975 D. McN. Lockie Victor-L. Tapié France in the Age of Louis XIII & Richelieu
Joanna Kilmartin Françoise Sagan Scars on the Soul
1976 Brian Pearce Mercel Liebman Leninism Under Lenin
Douglas Parmee Henri Michel The Second World War
1977 Peter Wait George Dupeux French Society 1789-1970
1978 Janet Lloyd Marcel Detienne The Gardens of Adonis
David Hapgood Jean-François Revel The Totalitarian Temptation
1979 John & Doreen Weightman Claude Lévi-Strauss The Origin of Table Manners
Richard Mayne Jean Monnet Memoirs
1980 Brian Pearce Roland Mousnier The Institutions of France under the Absolute Monarchy 1598-1789
1981 Paul Falla Claude Nicolet The World of the Citizen in Republican Rome
1982 Anne Carter Michel Tournier Gemini
1983 Sian Reynolds Fernand Braudel The Wheels of Commerce
1984 Roy Harris Ferdinand de Saussure Course in General Linguistics
1985 Quintin Hoare Jean-Paul Sartre War Diaries: Notebooks from a Phoney War
1986 Barbara Bray Marguerite Duras The Lover
Richard Nice Pierre Bourdieu Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste
1987 Barbara Wright Pierre Albert-Birot Grabinoulor
1988 Robyn Marsack Nicolas Bouvier The Scorpion Fish
1989 Derek Mahon Philippe Jaccottet Selected Poems
1990 Beryl & John Fletcher Claude Simon The Georgics
1991 Brian Pearce Paul Veyne Bread and Circuses
1992 Barbara Wright Michel Tournier The Midnight Love Feast
James Kirkup Jean Baptiste-Niel Painted Shadows
1993 Christine Donougher Sylvie Germain The Book of Nights
No award given
1995 Gilbert Adair Georges Perec A Void
1996 David Coward Albert Cohen Belle du Seigneur
1997 Janet Lloyd Philippe Descola Spears of Twilight: Life and Death in the Amazon Jungle
Christopher Hampton Yasmina Reza 'Art'
1998 Geoffrey Strachan Andreï Makine Le Testament Français
1999 Margaret Mauldon Joris-Karl Huysmans Against Nature
2000 Patricia Clancy Jean-Paul Kauffmann The Dark Room at Longwood
2001 Barbara Bray Amin Maalouf On Identity
2002 Ina Rilke Dai Sijie Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress
2003 Linda Asher Milan Kundera Ignorance
2004 Ian Monk Daniel Pennac Monsieur Malaussène
2005 John Berger & Lisa Appignanesi Nella Bielski The Year Is '42
2006 Linda Coverdale Jean Hatzfeld A Time for Machetes
2007 Sarah Adams Faïza Guène Just Like Tomorrow
2008 Frank Wynne Frédéric Beigbeder Holiday in a Coma
Love Lasts Three Years
2009 Polly McLean Laurent Quintreau Gross Margin
2010 Susan Wicks Valérie Rouzeau Cold Spring in Winter

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