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The stained-glass ceiling is a sociological phenomenon in religious communities similar to the concept of the "glass ceiling". This concept revolves around the apparent difficulty for women who seek to gain a role within church leadership. The use of the term "stained-glass ceiling" is metaphorical, indicating a certain level of power or authority within structures that women tend not to rise above within church hierarchies. This could range from a group's de jure barring of women from positions like priest, bishop, pastor, rabbi, or similar clerical figures, to gender discrimination at the level of local congregations that prevent women from rising to any role of particular status or power.

The stained-glass ceiling is a particular aspect of a broader trend of gender segregation and discrimination in religious communities, by use defined social roles and barriers typically justified by either tradition, dogma, or doctrine of the church group.

The phrase "stained-glass" refers to the frequent placement of stained-glass artwork in places of Christian worship.

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