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"You had your choice between soaring to superhuman heights with Nietzsche and sinking into subhuman depths with Hitler. You shouted Heil! Heil! and chose the subhuman." --Listen, Little Man! (1945) by Wilhelm Reich

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  1. Less than human; lacking characteristics of a human.
    To say he is subhuman is to make a grave insult; whether to him or to humanity is the question.
    We say dolphin intelligence is subhuman; I suspect dolphins say our intelligence is subdolphin.


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  • Parahuman, a human/animal hybrid or chimera
  • A measure of progress in artificial intelligence, denoting worse performance than most humans
  • Humanoid, any being whose body structure resembles that of a human
  • Last Man, the antithesis to the √úbermensch in Nietzschean philosophy
  • Slave, a person who is under the control of another
  • Untermensch, a term from early eugenics and Nazi racial ideology for an "inferior human being"

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