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The Warehouse (or the "House" for short was a nightclub that was established in Chicago, Illinois in 1977 under the direction of Robert Williams. It is today most famous for being what many consider to be the birthplace and heart of "house music" under its first musical director, DJ Frankie Knuckles. A broad spectrum of dance music was being played; however, first and foremost were R'n'B and Disco. Knuckles experimented with different possibilities of developing an original expression, mixing disco music with European electronic music.

The Warehouse was patronized primarily by gay black and Latino men, who came to dance to disco music played by the club's resident DJ, Frankie Knuckles. It was located at 206 South Jefferson Street in Chicago.

After The Warehouse doubled its admission fee in late 1982, it grew more commercial and Knuckles decided to leave and start his own club, The Powerhouse, to which his devoted followers followed. To retaliate, the Warehouse's owners renamed it the Music Box and hired a new DJ named Ron Hardy.

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