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Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel
Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel

The Witches of Eastwick is a 1987 fantasy/comedy film based on a novel of the same name by John Updike. It stars Jack Nicholson, Cher, Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer.



The story, set in the fictional Massachusetts town of Eastwick, is based around the magical abilities and personal growth of the three female protagonists (the witches Alexandra Medford, Jane Spofford, and Sukie Ridgemont). Initially, their power is minor, but expands to involve the summoning of a devil-like character, Darryl Van Horne. The mysterious Darryl seduces each of the women in turn so he can have children before he dies, teaching them how to further their powers and creating a scandal in the town. The women come to realize that Darryl is corrupting them and the town, and resolve to exile him from their lives.

Differences between the novel and the film

While the movie portrays a very romantic view of the witches — the way they act and the things they make happen in Eastwick during the plot, and places most of the guilt on Darryl — the book shows a more cruel and evil set of witches who neglect their children and are mostly oriented to having affairs with the men in town and hurting other women with their spells. The book is also charged with sexual content, compared to the movie. Although the weight of guilt is dispersed among the witches, Darryl still keeps enough of it at the end of the book, being even more villainous and evil than his movie counterpart. The children of Sukie's lover Clyde Gabriel, Jenny and Chris, are important characters in the novel, but are omitted from the film adaptation. In addition, the film is set in a fictional Massachusetts town, while the novel is set in a fictional Rhode Island town of the same name.

Filming locations

Cultural references

In the song "All Turns White" by the band Die Sektor, dialogue from the film can be heard.

In the Bloopers Reel of Disk 2 in Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars: Kane Edition, Joe Kucan accidentally says "witches" instead of "riches" and makes a reference to The Witches of Eastwick: "I have shown you the Witches... of Eastwick, a good movie starring Jack Nicholson".

In the episode "The Turtle and the Hare" of the TV Show Sex and the City the four main protagonists are attending a wedding and Carrie said that they were like the Witches of Eastwick.

In the movie The Craft, the three teenage witches who befriend the protagonist are cruelly nicknamed "the Bitches of Eastwick" by a classmate.

A series of low-budget pornographic films titled The Witches of Breastwick are a small parody of the film. In this case, the witches must seduce the male character and bear children before Halloween. There were three films, each focusing on a different man and different witches.

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