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"Nothing is really beautiful but that which cannot be made use of; everything that is useful is ugly, for it is the expression of some need, and the needs of man are vile and disgusting, like his poor, weak nature.--The most useful part of a house is the privy."--Mademoiselle de Maupin (1835) by Théophile Gautier

Fountain (1917) by Marcel Duchamp
Fountain (1917) by Marcel Duchamp

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A toilet, plumbing fixture and disposal system primarily intended for the disposal of the human waste. Before the 20th century, toilet universally referred to personal grooming, bathing and washing combing or arranging one's hair, shaving, etc., a sense preserved today in toiletry 'personal grooming item'. Nowadays, it is mostly used to indicate a lavatory. "Toilet of the mouth", however, is still is use by oral surgeons.

Toilet philosophy

toilet philosophy

A number of philosophers have been interested in excrement and can be considered -- not meant in a derogatory way -- toilet philosophers. Among them are Montaigne, Georges Bataille, Peter Sloterdijk and Slavoj Žižek.

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