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Track or Tracks may refer to:

  • Trail
  • Animal tracks, imprints left on surfaces that an animal walk across
  • A Conference track is a group of talks on a certain topic that are usually made in parallel with others
  • Trackway, an ancient route of travel or track used by animals


In electronics and computing

  • Track (CD), consecutive set of sectors on the disc containing a block of data
  • Track (disk drive), a circular path on the surface of a disk or diskette on which information is recorded and read

In entertainment

In music

In sports

In transportation

  • Axle track, the distance between centres of roadwheels on an axle of a motor vehicle
  • Continuous track, a belt providing motive traction for a tracked vehicle such as a tank or a bulldozer
  • Course (navigation), the path a vessel or aircraft plots over the surface of the Earth
    • Ground track, the path on the surface of the Earth directly below an aircraft or satellite
    • Ocean track, in flight planning, the path of an aircraft as determined by heading, slip, and wind effects
  • Rail tracks, metal tracks on which trains ride

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