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Train wreck at Montparnasse (October 22, 1895) by Studio Lévy and Sons.
Train wreck at Montparnasse (October 22, 1895) by Studio Lévy and Sons.

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"Le clitoris, organe fatal des filles d'Eve est responsable de toutes les tentations. C'est là que la nature a mis le trône de ses plaisirs et de ses voluptés, comme elle l'a fait du gland de l'homme. C'est là qu'elle a placé ses chatouillements excessifs et qu'elle a placé le lieu de la lascivité des femmes. C'est un organe superflu, inutile à la reproduction et, dans certains cas, son ablation est nécessaire afin de prévenir les graves pathologies susceptibles de naître de son excitation continue" --Tableau de l'amour conjugal by Nicolas Venette

Among the older authorities quoting instances of enlarged clitorides are Bartholinus, Schenck, Hellwig, Rhodius, Riolanus, and Zacchias. Albucasis describes an operation for enlarged clitoris, Chabert ligated one, and Riedlin gives an instance of an enlarged clitoris, in which there appeared a tumor synchronous with the menstrual epoch. --Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine

Felicis Plateri medici Basiliensis, De mulierum partibus generationi dicatis ...‎ Felix Platter - 1586

"After the reading of the paper was concluded, the author exhibited some of the ancient works from his own collection, which had been alluded to, and some drawings of Gynaecological instruments, (the specula in bronze) found in Herculaneum and Pompeii. Among these books were the following : Spachius^ Gynaeciorum Argentinae, 1597, (this work comprises the writings upon diseases of women of Hippocrates, Felix Plater, Moschion, Cleopatra, Trotula, Jac. Sylvius, Rueffus, Mercurialis, Albucasis, Pare, Akakia, Mercatus, and others), ^tius^ Basle 1567. Rueffus ^ De Conceptu et Generatione, Frankfort on the Main, 1597. Scultetus^ Armamentarium Chiurgicum, Frankfort, 1666. Asiruc, Traite Mai. des fem., Paris, 1785. Garengeot^ Traite de Instruments de Chiurgie le plus utile, Paris, 1723. Dionis^ Traite des Accouch, Paris, i7i8,,and several volumes pertain- ing to diseases of women in the early part of the last century."[1]

Imagining Sex by Sarah Toulalan (2007) mentions the similarity of the testicles in the English edition of Bartholinus Anatomy (1668) to that in Satyra Sotadica

Bartholinus Anatomy contradicts the pre-16th century medical superstition that the clitoris enlarges by masturbation and negates Felix Platter's assertion that the clitoris can grow as large as a goose's neck: "It is absolutely true and it is not natural and it is monstrous that it grows to the length of a goose's neck."

Clitoris, fille d'un Mirmidon, étoit si petite, que Jupiter fut obligé de se transformer en fourmi pour la vifiter. --Le dictionnaire abregé de la fable, Chompré (Pierre, M.)

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