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Train wreck at Montparnasse (October 22, 1895) by Studio Lévy and Sons.
Train wreck at Montparnasse (October 22, 1895) by Studio Lévy and Sons.

"Without the right of correspondence", WRC (Без права переписки, abbreviated as БПП in official documents) was a clause in a sentence of many political convicts in the Soviet Union.

In a large number of cases during the Great Purge, the oral sentence was "10 years of corrective labor camps without the right of correspondence", which was announced to relatives, while the paperwork contained the real sentence: "the highest degree of punishment: execution by shooting". Many people did not understand the official euphemism and incorrectly believed that their relative was still alive in prison. As Alexander Solzhenitsyn put it in The Gulag Archipelago:

"Deprived of the right to correspond." And that means once and for all. "No right to correspondence"—and that almost for certain means: "Has been shot."

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