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"The directorial début of Aldo Lado, Short Night of the Glass Dolls stands at the crossroads of two distinct schools of film-making in Italy: the giallo mystery-thriller and the political art-house film."--100 European Horror Films (2019) by Steven Jay Schneider

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Aldo Lado (1934 – 2023) was an Italian film director known internationally for his contributions to the giallo genre during the 1970s, through his films Short Night of Glass Dolls (1971) and Who Saw Her Die? (1972).



Lado was born in Fiume, Italy (today Rijeka, Croatia) on 5 December 1934.

He came up through the film industry as an assistant director, notably to Bernardo Bertolucci on The Conformist (1970). After writing the story for the 1971 giallo The Designated Victim, he made his directorial debut later that year with Short Night of Glass Dolls. Lado took the job after two previous directors, Maurizio Lucidi and Antonio Margheriti, fell through. The film was a success, and he followed it with another giallo, Who Saw Her Die?.

Lado's subsequent films were in a variety of genres, including drama (Woman Buried Alive, The Cousin), romance (La cosa buffa), and horror (Last Stop on the Night Train). In 1979, he directed the Star Wars cash-in The Humanoid, for which he was credited under the George Lucas-esque pseudonym "George B. Lewis". In 1981, he directed the Alberto Moravia adaptation La disubbidienza.

In 2013, after a 20-year hiatus, he directed the film Il Notturno di Chopin.

Lado published his first short story in 2016, in the anthology Nuovi delitti di lago. In 2017 he published I film che non vedrete mai ('The films you will never see'), a compilation based on Lado's own unproduced screenplays.

Lado died on the morning of 25 November 2023 at his home in Rome, after a brief illness, at the age of 88.



Year Title Notes
1971 Short Night of Glass Dolls
1972 Who Saw Her Die?
La cosa buffa
1973 Woman Buried Alive
1974 The Cousin
1975 Last Stop on the Night Train
1976 L'ultima volta
1979 The Humanoid
1981 La disubbidienza
1987 Scirocco
1989 Rito d'amore
1992 Alibi perfetto
1993 Venerdì nero
1994 La chance
2013 Il Notturno di Chopin


Year Title Notes
1978 Il prigioniero Television film
1979 Il était un musicien 1 episode
1980 Delitto in Via Teulada Television film
1982 La pietra di Marco Polo
1986 I figli dell'ispettore Television film
1991 La stella del parco 13 episodes

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