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Bert I. Gordon (1922 – 2023) was an American filmmaker and visual effects artist known for such films as King Dinosaur (1955), The Amazing Colossal Man (1957), Earth vs. the Spider (1958), Village of the Giants (1965), and Empire of the Ants (1977).

Most of Gordon's work is in the idiom of giant monster films, for which he used rear-projection to create the special effects. He was nicknamed "Mr. B.I.G." by Forrest J Ackerman, a reference to both his initials and his films' tendency to feature super-sized creatures.


As director-producer. Source for credits, years and primary titles:

Year Title Comments
1954 Serpent Island Producer, screenwriter, and co-director with Tom Gries
1955 King Dinosaur
1957 The Cyclops Also screenwriter, special effects
The Amazing Colossal Man Also screenwriter, special effects
Beginning of the End Also special effects
1958 Earth vs. the Spider - War of the Colossal Beast a.k.a. Terror Strikes. Also screenwriter, special effects
Attack of the Puppet People Also screenwriter
1960 Tormented Also special effects
The Boy and the Pirates
1962 The Magic Sword
1965 Village of the Giants Based on "The Food of the Gods" by H. G. Wells. Also special effects
1966 Picture Mommy Dead a.k.a. Color Mommy Dead
1970 How to Succeed with Sex Director and screenwriter only
1972 The Witching a.k.a. Necromancy. Also screenwriter.
The Mad Bomber a.k.a. Detective Geronimo, The Police Connection
1976 The Food of the Gods Also screenwriter. Based on "The Food of the Gods" by H. G. Wells
1977 Empire of the Ants Also screenwriter, special effects.
1981 Burned at the Stake a.k.a. The Coming. Director only
1982 Let's Do It! Director only
1985 The Big Bet Also screenwriter
1990 Satan's Princess a.k.a. Heat from Another Sun, Princess of Darkness, Malediction. Also producer
2014 Secrets of a Psychopath Also screenwriter

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