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Vesuvius in Eruption (1817-20) by William Turner
Vesuvius in Eruption (1817-20) by William Turner

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  1. To force (a person or persons) to leave.
    The man started a fight and was ejected from the bar.
    Andrew was ejected from his apartment for not paying the rent.
  2. To be thrown out violently.
    In other news, a Montreal man was ejected from his car when he was involved in an accident.
  3. To compel (a sports player) to leave the field because of inappropriate behaviour.
  4. To cause (something) to come out of a machine.
    Press that button to eject the video tape.
  5. To project oneself from an aircraft.
    The pilot lost control of the plane and had to eject.
  6. To come out of a machine.
    I can't get this cassette to eject.


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