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Figurative alphabets started to crop up from the 16th century onwards.

An early example is the anatomical alphabet, made for William Cowper’s (1666-1709) Myotomia Reformata [1].

Dutch graphic designer Max Bruinsma wrote an essay on erotic alphabets entitled "The erotics of type"[2]:

"From Peter Flötner’s alphabet of the 1530s to Anthon Beeke’s photographic version of the 1970s, engravers and typographers have seen human bodies in letterforms."

Il Giornale Nuovo also wrote an article on alphabets based on the human form[3].

Federico Castellon and Peter Paone

Federico Castellon and Peter Paone:

[New York: Paone and Castellon, 1970].

Twenty-eight original etchings, each printed on the inner panel of a large bifolium. Folio (38.5 x 26.5 cm).

The collection is an often humorous, often quite explicit erotic alphabet, a collaboration between these two significant American artists, with each responsible for thirteen alternate letters, and a self- portrait.

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