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"Plato's "noble lies" and Sorel's "myths" serve the same purpose as the racial doctrine of the Nazis or the theory of the corporative state of Mussolini. They are all necessarily based on particular views about facts which are then elaborated into scientific theories in order to justify a preconceived opinion."--The Road to Serfdom (1944) by Friedrich Hayek

"The development of this strand of thought within Germany has been well traced recently by Mr. R. D. Butler in his study of The Roots of National Socialism."--The Road to Serfdom (1944) by Friedrich Hayek

"Why I Am Not a Conservative" (1960) is a text by Friedrich Hayek

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Friedrich August von Hayek (8 May 1899 – 23 March 1992), often referred to by his initials F. A. Hayek, was an Austrian-British economist and philosopher who is best known for his defence of classical liberalism. is most popular work, The Road to Serfdom, has sold over 2 million copies (as of 2010).

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