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Grand Princes |list1 = Template:Nowrap beginYuri DolgorukiyTemplate:·wAndrei BogolyubskyTemplate:·wMikhail of VladimirTemplate:·wVsevolod the Big NestTemplate:·wYuri II of VladimirTemplate:·wKonstantin of RostovTemplate:·wYuri II of Vladimir (second term)Template:·wYaroslav II of VladimirTemplate:·wSviatoslav III of VladimirTemplate:·wAndrey II of VladimirTemplate:·wAlexander NevskyTemplate:·wYaroslav of TverTemplate:·wVasily of KostromaTemplate:·wDmitry of PereslavlTemplate:·wAndrey of GorodetsTemplate:·wMichael of TverTemplate:·wYuri IIITemplate:·wDmitry the Terrible EyesTemplate:·wAlexander of TverTemplate:·wIvan ITemplate:·wSimeon the ProudTemplate:·wIvan IITemplate:·wDmitry DonskoyTemplate:·wVasily ITemplate:·wVasily IITemplate:Nowrap end

|group2 = Tsars |list2 = Template:Nowrap begin
Ivan IIITemplate:·w Vasily IIITemplate:·w Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible)Template:·w Simeon BekbulatovichTemplate:·w Ivan IV (second term) Template:·wFeodor ITemplate:·w Boris GodunovTemplate:·w Feodor IITemplate:·w Dmitriy II (False Dmitriy I)Template:·w Vasili IVTemplate:·w Władysław IV (formally)Template:·w Michael ITemplate:·w AlexisTemplate:·w Feodor IIITemplate:·w Ivan V and Peter I (co-rulers)Template:·w Peter I Template:Nowrap end

|group3 = Emperors |list3 = Template:Nowrap begin

Peter ITemplate:·w Catherine ITemplate:·w Peter IITemplate:·w AnnaTemplate:·w Ivan VITemplate:·w ElizabethTemplate:·w Peter IIITemplate:·w Catherine IITemplate:·w PaulTemplate:·w Alexander ITemplate:·w Nicholas ITemplate:·w Alexander IITemplate:·w Alexander IIITemplate:·w Nicholas II

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