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"With the disappearance of a "mainstream" & therefore of an "avant-garde" in the arts, it has been noticed that all the more advanced & intense art-experiences have been recuperable almost instantly by the media, & thus are rendered into trash like all other trash in the ghostly world of commodities. "Trash," as the term was redefined in, let's say, Baltimore in the 1970s, can be good fun--as an ironic take on a sort of inadvertent folkultur that surrounds & pervades the more unconscious regions of "popular" sensibility--which in turn is produced in part by the Spectacle."--"Immediatism"

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Immediatism (1994) is a collection of essays by Peter Lamborn Wilson which explains his particular conception of anarchism and anarchy which he calls "ontological anarchy".

In the same compilation he deals with his view of the relationships of individuals with the exterior world as perceived by the senses and a theory of liberation which he calls "immediatism".

It was originally published by AK Press and then by Autonomedia.

"Immediatism" is a also a track on T.A.Z. (1994).

Table of contents

CONTENTS ACKNOWLEDGMENTS, vii PREFACE TO THE SECOND EDITION, ix CHAOS: THE BROADSHEETS OF ONTOLOGICAL ANARCHISM, 1 Chaos, 3 • Poetic Terrorism, 4 • Amour Fou, 6 • Wild Children, 8 • Paganism, 9 • Art Sabotage, 11 • The Assassins, 13 • Pyrotechnics, 14 • Chaos Myths, 15 • Pornography, 18 • Crime, 20 • Sorcery, 22 • Advertisement, 23 COMMUNIQUES OF THE ASSOCIATION FOR ONTOLOGICAL ANARCHY, 25 Communique #1 : I. Slogans & Mottos for Subway Graffiti & Other Purposes, 27 • II. Some Poetic-Terrorist Ideas Still Sadly Languishing in the Realm of "Conceptual Art," 28 • Communique #2: The Kallikak Memorial Bolo & Chaos Ashram: A Proposal, 30 • Communique #3: Haymarket Issue, 32 • Communique #4: The End of the World, 33 • Communique #5: "Intellectual S/M Is the Fascism of the Eighties-The Avant-Garde Eats Shit and Likes It," 36 • Communique #6: I. Salon Apocalypse: "Secret Theater," 39 • II. Murder-War-FamineGreed, 40 • Communique #7: Psychic Paleolithism & High v Technology: A Position Paper, 43 • Communique #8: Chaos Theory & the Nuclear Family, 47 • Communique #9: DoubleDip Denunciations, 48 • Communique #10: Plenary Session Issues New Denunciations-Purges Expected, 50 • Communique #11: Special Holiday Season Food Issue Rant: Turn Off the Lite!, 52 • Special Halloween Communique: Black Magic as Revolutionary Action, 55 • Special Communique: A.0.A. Announces Purges in Chaos Movement, 59 • Post-Anarchism Anarchy, 60 • Black Crown & Black Rose: Anarcho-Monarchism & Anarcho-Mysticism, 64 • Instructions for the Kali Yuga, 71 • Against the Reproduction of Death, 74 • Ringing Denunciation of Surrealism, 78 • For a Congress of Weird Religions, 79 • Hollow Earth, 83 • Nietzsche & the Dervishes, 85 • Resolution for the 1990's: Boycott Cop Culture!!!, 89 THE TEMPORARY AUTONOMOUS ZONE, 93 Pirate Utopias, 95 • Waiting for the Revolution, 97 • The Psychotopology of Everyday Life, 100 • The Net and the Web, 106 • "Gone to Croatan," 114 • Music as an Organizational Principle, 122 • The Will To Power as Disappearance, 126 • Ratholes in the Babylon of Information, 130 • Appendix A: Aimless Wandering: Chuang Tzu' s Chaos Linguistics, 133 • Appendix B: Applied Hedonics, 143 • Appendix C: Extra Quotes, 144 vi

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