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"Our sophisticated, "democratic" Western civilization regulates the population's access to information, as well as its innermost attitudes, through media--particularly film and video. The power to literally create desire, fashion, consumer trends, opinions, aspirations and even one's very identity is expressed through film and video. This force--power through persuasion--reaches deep into the backbrain, rendering more brutal, physical control tactics obsolete. Since the '60s, film has ceased being a popular creative medium." --Incredibly Strange Films (1985) by V. Vale , Andrea Juno

"The concepts of "good taste" are intricately woven into society's control process and class structure. Aesthetics are not an objective body of laws suspended above us like Plato's supreme "Ideas"; they are rooted in the fundamental mechanics of how to control the population and maintain the status quo." --Incredibly Strange Films (1985) by V. Vale , Andrea Juno

"Another favourite approach was to present a fake documentary film in which it was acceptable to show bare breasts — as long as they weren’t white. Consequently several movies were made purporting to depict native life in darkest Africa. Usually they were shot somewhere just north of San Diego, with the African “natives” appearing in a remarkable variety of shades. Often a man in a gorilla suit makes an appearance, stealing the tribe’s comeliest maiden. Among them: Bowanga! Bowanga! (1938), Ingagi (1930) and Love Life of a Gorilla(( (1937)."-- Jim Morton in Incredibly Strange Films

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RE/Search No. 10: Incredibly Strange Films (1986) is a book about American underground films edited by V. Vale, Andrea Juno, Jim Morton and Boyd Rice. It was published by RE/Search publications in 1986.

It features the work of filmmakers Russ Meyer, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Frank Henenlotter, Larry Cohen, Doris Wishman, David F. Friedman, Ed Wood, Jr., Radley Metzger, Joseph W. Sarno and genres women in prison film, mondo films, exploitation films, beach party films, Santo films and sexploitation films.



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