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  1. To combine more than one item into one; to put together.
    The plumber joined the two ends of the broken pipe.
    We joined our efforts to get an even better result.
  2. To come together; to meet.
    Parallel lines never join.
    These two rivers join in about 80 miles.
  3. To come into the company of.
    I will join you watching the football game as soon as I have finished my work.
  4. To become a member of.
    Many children join a sports club.
    Most politicians have joined a party.



In physiology, a joint is a connection between bones.

In UK English, it is also used for a large piece of meat, usually containing a bone.

Joint may also refer to:

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From Latin jungere “to join, yoke,” from Proto-Indo-European *yeug- “to join, unite

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