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"By the mere fact that an individual was a monarchist he possessed inevitably certain clearly defined ideas in history as well as in science, while by the mere fact that he was a republican, his ideas were quite contrary. A monarchist was well aware that men are not descended from monkeys, and a republican was not less well aware that such is in truth their descent. It was the duty of the monarchist to speak with horror, and of the republican to speak with veneration, of the great Revolution. There were certain names, such as those of Robespierre and Marat, that had to be uttered with an air of religious devotion, and other names, such as those of Caesar, Augustus, or Napoleon, that ought never to be mentioned unaccompanied by a torrent of invective."--The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind (1895) by Gustave Le Bon

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Monarchism is the advocacy of the establishment, preservation, or restoration of a monarchy as a form of government in a nation. A monarchist is an individual who supports this form of government out of principle, independent from the person, the Monarch.

In this system, the Monarch may be the person who sits on the throne, a pretender, or someone who would otherwise inhabit the throne but has been deposed. Any person who claims the throne from which an ancestor has been deposed is known as a pretender. Actually, although the father of Bonnie Prince Charlie was famously known as The Old Pretender in 1715, the term Pretender is not in vogue for a modern, legitimate claimant. In modern times, use of the term Pretender implies that there is some question of a claimant's legitimacy. For the unquestioned head of a legitimate royal house that has been deposed, the term Claimant is nowadays preferred.

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