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The nightclub was named after the then-popular recording by James Brown, "Mother Popcorn". The style is similar to Northern soul (but a slower tempo), and like Northern Soul it favoured one-hit wonders over major artists.

Popcorn oldies are a mixture of early sixties soul, calypso, latin, chachacha, highschool, rock, evergreens, doo wop, ska and rhythm-and-blues. A precursor was Freddy Cousaert, an impressario and club owner who brought Marvin Gaye over to live in Belgium and the owner of discotheque "The Groove" in Ostend. The hits in "The Groove" included "Hole In The Wall" by Billy Larkin, "Soul Cargo" by Leon Haywood, "Doctor Ring Ding" by Roland Alphonso, "Wade in the Water" by Ramsey Lewis and "Twine Time" by Alvin Cash.

"In the 1970's, while the collectors and DJ's of Northern soul were over in the USA searching for the up-tempo stompers, much loved by our dancers, spinners and back droppers, the Belgian collectors and DJ's were busy trawling through, and buying from boxes of mid tempo and ballad type music that had been cast aside as too slow by the Brits. The scenes of the two countries, ran side by side, and I would suspect, at the time, they were pretty much oblivious of each others existence."[1]

Typical songs include "Comin' Home Baby" by Mel Tormé, "I've Got The Blues (What Shall I Do)" by Marvin Jenkins and the "Reggae Popcorn" by Laurel Aitken.

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Popcorn (sometimes Belgian popcorn or oldies popcorn) is a style of music and dancing first established in Belgium in the 1970s and 1980s. The style includes a wide variety of mostly American and British recordings of R&B and pop music made between the late 1950s and mid 1960s, often relatively obscure, and characterised by a slow or medium, rather than fast, tempo. The style has been described by musician and writer Bob Stanley as "possibly the last truly underground music scene in Europe".



The Popcorn music scene first developed from dances held at "The Groove" discotheque in Ostend, where mid-tempo soul and ska music played by DJ Freddy Cousaert became popular in the late 1960s. Cousaert was later responsible for Marvin Gaye's move to Belgium in the early 1980s.

In September 1969, a café, De Oude Hoeve, opened in a converted farm barn at Vrasene near Antwerp, and began holding dance competitions on Sunday afternoons. Soon up to 3,000 people began attending each week, dancing in a "slow swing" style to soul and funk records. The café was renamed the Popcorn - after the James Brown hit "The Popcorn"—and DJ Gilbert Govaert began playing more early soul and other records from the 1960s to suit the dance style. According to Stanley: "The beat was slow and slightly rickety, martial drums rolled under melancholy minor chords—the Marvelettes' 'Please Mr Postman' (1961) would have been typical."

Following the Popcorn club's popularity, other clubs sprang up playing music in a similar style. These included the Festival in Antwerp, the Gatsby in Vliermaal, and the Versailles, beside the beach at Ostend. As well as Cousaert and Govaert, other leading DJs included Jeff Callebaut, Gerry Franken and Georges Toniotti. Radio stations were set up to play the music, and rare music on obscure labels became especially prized. The scene in Belgium in many ways paralleled the Northern soul scene in Britain, but with a slower swing style of music favoured, rather than the fast dance styles characteristic of Northern soul. In some cases, DJs slowed down records, by pitch control and by playing 45 rpm discs at 33 rpm, to achieve the desired tempo and rhythm. The range of the music also broadened, to include some British and Italian pop music from the early 1960s, and eventually local bands were formed to emulate the style.


According to Bob Stanley, "the purity of Belgian Popcorn is its very impurity. R&B, Broadway numbers, tangos, Phil Spector-esque girl groups and loungey instrumentals, they are all constituent parts of a rare, and still largely undiscovered scene". Examples of highly prized popcorn records include "Sweetheart" by Peggy Lee, "Image" by Hank Levine, "Now I Lay Me Down to Weep" by Simone Dina, "The Tingle" by Jackie Weaver, "Who's Got the Action" by Phil Colbert, "Heartless Lover" by Dick Baker, "La Tanya" by Jay Abbott, "Carmelita" by Jeff Lane, "I'm Crying in the Rain" by Major Lance, "You Beat Me to the Punch" by Mary Wells, "Comin' Home Baby" by Mel Tormé, and "Twine Time" by Alvin Cash.

Continuing popularity

After a period of mainstream popularity in Belgium, and to a lesser extent in France and the Netherlands, the Popcorn dance scene retreated to smaller venues and specialist clubs, while retaining a core of aficionados. By the 1990s, the style was beginning to be known and appreciated at soul music clubs in Britain, Germany, and the US, and its level of recognition has continued to increase. At least 30 compilations of American and other R&B and pop music in the Belgian Popcorn style have been issued in Europe.

Popcorn top 1000 by Theo Dumoulin

1999 by Dave Sampson & The Hunters ; (Come On And) Dance With Me by Johnny Burton ; (He's) The Great Imposter by Fleetwoods ; (I Don't Care) Only Love Me by Steve Lawrence ; (Se Fue Mi) Chachita by El Chicano ; (There Goes) The Forgotten Man by Jimmy Radcliffe ; (They Call Me) Cupid by Mickey Woods ; (You Don't Have To Be) A Tower Of Strength by Gloria Lynne ; A Beggar With A Dream by Five Satins ; A House A Car A Wedding Ring by Dale Hawkins ; A Hundred Pounds Of Clay by Gene McDaniels ; A Hundred Years by Dave Howard ; A Kiss From You by Paul Bruno ; A Kiss To Remember You By by Susan Rafey ; A Little Bit Of Magic by Roscoe Gordon ; A Little Like Lovin' by Gene Chandler ; A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening by Four Graduates ; A Lover's Plea by Barbara Green ; A Lover's Reward by Blues Busters ; A Million Miles From Nowhere by Bunny Paul ; A Piece Of The Sky by Verdelle Smith ; A Place In The Sun by Freddy Ainsfield ; A Quiet Place by Garnet Mimms ; A Rage To Live by Jimmy Roselli ; A Song For You by Melissa Manchester ; A Touch Of Velvet (A Sting Of Brass) by Mood Mosaic ; A Woman In Love by Dickey Lee ; A Young Girl by Noel Harrison ; Abbraciato Con Te by Clen Mary ; Abracadabra by Erma Franklin ; Across The Street by Lenny O'Henry ; Action Speaks Louder Than Words by David Ruffin ; Adorable Cha Cha Cha by Sam Alessi ; Ain't Gonna Be A Fool by Dee Clark ; Ain't Gonna Dance by Five Satins ; Ain't That Funny by Jimmy Justice ; Ain't That Just Like A Woman by Douglas Banks ; All My Love by Roy Hamilton ; Alone With My Tears by Bobby Bennett ; Along Came Joe by Merv Griffin ; Am I Losing You by Dickey Lee ; Amo Te Solo Te by Nicola Di Bari ; An Angel Cried by Hal & The Rays Miller ; And I Love Her by Roy Hamilton ; And I Love Her by Georges Jouvin ; And I Love Her by Enoch Light ; And I Love Him by Esther Phillips ; And I Love Him by Nancy Wilson ; Angel by Skip & The Dukes Arne ; Angel by Johnny Tillotson ; Angel Face by James Darren ; Anna by Arthur Alexander ; Annie B. Is Gone by Ronnie Chapman ; Another Country Another World by Bobby Day ; Another Show Another Town by Fred Darian ; Another Sleepless Night by Bill Baker ; Answer Me by Richard Street ; Any Day Now by Chuck Jackson ; Any Other Way (Alternative Take) by William Bell ; Anything Can Happen by Walter Jackson ; Apache by Xavier Cugat ; Are These Really Mine by Sam Hawkins ; Are These Really Mine by Scott Walker ; Are You Ever Coming Home by Pageants ; Ari Rung (The Legendary Mountain Pass) by All Star Orchestra ; Aware Of Love by Jerry Butler ; Aware Of Love by Alan David ; Babette by Tommy & The Bruisers Bruce ; Baby Don't Cha Worry by Johnny & Jackey ; Baby These Are The Things That I Need by Arthur Epps ; Balboa Blue by Marketts ; Ballad Of A DJ by Del Satins ; Be My Girl by Frank Gari ; Beautiful Stranger by Titus Turner ; Before It's Too Late by Bobby Cole ; Before Tomorrow Is Yesterday by Al Alberts ; Before You by Tommy Edwards ; Before You Break My Heart by Arthur Prysock ; Begin The Beguine by Skip Soder Band ; Bella Dalena by Marketts ; Belonging To You by Carmen McRae ; Bermuda Wonderful by Imperials ; Besame Mucho by Richard Berry ; Besame Mucho by Flamingos ; Besame Senorita by Johnny Rocker ; Big Lover by Aubrey Jones ; Big Noise by Pressure Drop ; Bla Bla Bla Bla Cha Cha Cha by Titus Turner ; Black Orpheus by Joe Harnell ; Blowin' In The Wind by Jerry Jackson ; Blue Moon by Jackie Edwards ; Boomerang by Love Mates ; Bottomless Pit by Chuck & The Daylighters ; Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Vince Carso ; Break My Heart Break by Judy Stone ; Bricks Broken Bottles And Sticks by Dean Parrish ; Bring Back My Heart by Dee Clark ; Bring Back Your Heart by Del-Vikings ; Broken Hearted Melody by Sarah Vaughan ; Brown Pretty Brown Eyes by Robert & Johnny ; Buenas Noches Mi Amor by Herb Jeffries ; But Yesterday by Jamie Coe ; But You Broke My Heart by Teddy Randazzo ; California Dreaming by Brass Ring ; Call Me A Fool by Norma Jean ; Call Of The Jungle by Carl Stevens ; Can I Get It From You by Dave Berry ; Canadian Sunset by Manny Lopez ; Can't He Take A Hint by Kenni Woods ; Can't Run To Daddy by Teri Allen ; Can't You Tell Him No by Jay Miller ; Caravan Of Lonely Men by Keith & The Admirations ; Caravan Of Lonely Men by Jimmy Randolph ; Carbon Copy by Larry Trider ; Carmelita by Jeff Lane ; Carole by Billy Scott ; Casanova by Robert Portee ; Castle In The Sky by Al Jones ; Catwalk by Pete Moore ; Ceatrix Did It by Monk Higgins ; Cerisier Rose Et Pommier Blanc by Petula Clark ; Cha Cha Choo Choo by Jo Ann King ; Chariot (I Will Follow Him) by Joe & Boys Doolittle ; Chariot (I Will Follow Him) by Franck Pourcel ; Cherry Berry Wine by Charlie McCoy ; Cindy Oh Cindy by Scott Brothers ; Cleopatra by Precisions ; Cleo's Mood by Jr. & The All Stars Walker ; Cling To Me by Signatures ; Close To Me by Dan Penn ; Close Your Eyes by Merry Macs ; Close Your Eyes by Arthur Prysock ; Close Your Eyes by Ted Taylor ; Cold Cold Night by Sonny Knight ; Come And See This Old Fool by Arthur Prysock ; Come Back by Johnny Mathis ; Come Back Home by Benny Turner ; Come Closer by Michel Tifany ; Come On In by Titus Turner ; Come See About Me by Gladys & The Pips Knight ; Come To Me by Sheppards ; Conquered by Alan Dale ; Conquest by Ernie Freeman ; Conscience by Beverly McKay ; Cool Breeze by Gerald Sims ; Core 'Ngrato by Marty DeRose ; Crazy Heart by Billy Brown ; Cruel World by Julie Grant ; Crusade For Love by Gene Howard ; Cry by Charlie Palmieri ; Cry Myself To Sleep by Steve Alaimo ; Cry Of The Century by Adonis ; Cry To Me by Solomon Burke ; Crying In The Rain by Major Lance ; Cuando Caliente El Sol by Joe & Boys Doolittle ; Cuchy Frito Man by Billy & The Delegates Larkin ; Cupid by Sam Cooke ; Cupid's Arrow by Del Marino ; Cupid's Bow by Duffy Power ; Curiosity by Gene McDaniels ; Dance Only With Me by Robert Knight ; Dance Romeo Dance by King Pins ; Dancing Shadows by Corsairs ; Dansero by Bobby Rydell ; Darling Come Back Home by Valentinos ; Deep In The Heart Of Harlem by Clyde McPhatter ; Delilah by Frantics ; Delilah by Major Lance ; Delilah by Sabu Martinez ; Diamond Head by James Darren ; Didn't I Tell You by Tommy Hunt ; Dirty Old Town by Eddie Carr ; Dixie Woman by Newports ; Do I Love You by Bobby Milano ; Does My Heartache Show by Jimmy Byron ; Does My Heartache Show by Jimmy Crawford ; Doin' Things Together With You by Dreamlovers ; Don't Be Afraid by Jimmy D Scott ; Don't Come Crying by Frontiers ; Don't Envy Me by George Hamilton ; Don't Jump To Conclusions by Obrey Wilson ; Don't Lead Me On by Mr. Tears ; Don't Leave Me by Marv Johnson ; Don't Leave Me by Hank Parker ; Don't Let Him Take My Baby by Dean Barlow ; Don't Let The Hurt Show Through by Karen Kelly ; Don't Mind If I Cry by Craig Douglas ; Don't Pass Me By by Frank D'Rone ; Don't Take Away Your Love by Jackie Lynton ; Don't Take Away Your Love by Johnny Nash ; Don't Talk To Me by Vikki Carr ; Don't Walk Away From Me by Dee Clark ; Don't Worry I'm Gonna Make It by Randy & The Rainbows ; Down And Out by George Freeman ; Down Home by Ed Townsend ; Dream Alone by Art Garfunkel ; Dream Come True by Temptations ; Dream Lover by Bobby Darin ; Dream On by Precisons ; Dream On Little Dreamer by Val Doonican ; Dreams by Lovelace Watkins ; Drifting by Tony Middleton ; Drifting Apart by Mack & The Mellows Starr ; Dulce Suena (Sweet Dream) by Johnny Madara ; E Voi Ballate by Adriano Celentano ; Edge Of A Star by Frankie Staro ; Either Way I Lose by Gladys & The Pips Knight ; Either Way I Lose by Teri Thornton ; Emancipation Proclamation by Tod Tyler ; Emily by Sonny Sinbad ; Emperor Of My Baby's Heart by Kurt Harris ; Enchanted Garden by Accents ; Endlessly by Marc Taynor ; Evening Shadows by Mr. Acker Bilk ; Evergreen Tree by Dane Hunter ; Every Now And Then by Cletus Marland ; Everybody Let's Dance by Gene Chandler ; Everybody Loves To Cha Cha Cha by Sam Cooke ; Evil Ways by Willie Bobo ; Evil Ways by Johnny Mathis ; Eyes (Don't Give My Secrets Away) by Jerry Wallace ; Falling Tears by Ronnie James ; Fantasy by Nat Wright ; Febbre Nera by Fausto Papetti ; Feelings by Peter James ; Fever by Little Willie John ; Find Another Girl by Jerry Butler ; First Time by Johnny October ; Flame by Jerry Landis ; Flattery by Morton Downey Jr. ; Fly Away by Hillard Street ; Follow Me by Four Bars ; For Every Boy by Clive Petersen ; For My Sake by Girlfriends ; For Sentimental Reasons by Donnie Elbert ; Forever by Pierre Lalonde ; Forever And A Day by Nick Todd ; Forgive Me by Babs Tino ; Frenesi by Bobby Rydell ; From Russia With Love by Mel Taylor ; Geraldine by Terry Dene ; Gift Of The Gods by Joe Bellomo ; Give Me Back My Heart by Sonny Hines ; Give Me Back Your Love by Marcels ; Go Away Tears by Dick Hafner ; Going Back by George Staley ; Going Steady Dream by Bobby Russell ; Gonna Settle Down by Col James ; Good Things Are Coming My Way by P. J. Proby ; Goodbye Blue Eyes by Bob Bellows ; Goodbye Molly by Cobras ; Gotta Leave This Town by Bobby 'Boris' Pickett ; Green Leaves Of Summer by Jimmy Justice ; Green Onions by Surfaris ; Groovin' by Petula Clark ; Guilty Of Loving You by Jerry Fuller ; Gypsy Boy by Augie Rios ; Gypsy Eye by Jerry Jackson ; Gypsy Woman by The Impressions ; Gypsy Woman by Major Lance ; Half A Man by Howard Tate ; Handful Of Friends by Don Carroll ; Hang On Sloopy (Radio Edit) by David Porter ; Hang Up The Phone by Johnny Wyatt ; Harlem Nocturne by Del Oro Orchestra ; Harlem Nocturne by Roman Reed ; Haunting Eyes by El Baron ; Havin' A Party For One by Michele Lee ; He Will Break Your Heart by Jerry Butler ; Heartaches Over You by Dick Glasser ; Heartbreak Bound by Freddie Neil ; Heartbreak City by Marva Josie ; Heartbreak Society by Radiants ; Heartless Tears by Chuck Wright ; Heaven Needed An Angel by Al Alberts ; Heavenly Love by Toni Harper ; Heaven's Plan by Mark Wynter ; Hello Stranger by Barbara Lewis ; Hello Stranger by Philly Dawgs ; Help Me Telstar by Frankie Calen ; Help Me With My Broken Heart by Pentagons ; He's No Good by Baker Twins ; He's Using You by Jerome Clemmons ; Hey Boy by Illusions ; High In The Misty Sky by Jackie Lynton ; High In The Misty Sky by Dean Rogers ; High In The Misty Sky by Willy Williams ; Highway Bound by Jimmy Clanton ; His True Love For You by Al McCarther ; Hobo by Catalinas ; Hold Me by Zelda ; Hot Sunshine by Johnny Duncan ; How Come by Tony Williams ; How Sweet You Are by James Darren ; Humma Humma Hummingbird by Mike Franco ; Humma Humma Hummingbird by Jimmy Lloyd ; Hungry For Love by John Schroeder Orchestra ; Hungry For Love by San Remo Golden Strings ; I Am So Lonely (In My Apartment) by Bobby Jones ; I Came Running (Back From The Party) by Wade Flemons ; I Can't Wait by Four Holidays ; I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby's Face by Aretha Franklin ; I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby's Face by Dusty Springfield ; I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby's Face by Pat Thomas ; I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby's Face by Spyder Turner ; I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby's Face by Baby Washington ; I Couldn't Cry If I Wanted To by Eddie Holland ; I Don't Care by Marva Josie ; I Don't Know by Ruth Brown ; I Don't Know by Florraine Darlin ; I Don't Know by Jackie Edwards ; I Don't Want To Cry by Gene McDaniels ; I Don't Want To Suffer by Walter Jackson ; I Dream Of You by Gene Bua ; I Followed A Dream by Chuck Como ; I Just Cry by Johnny Flamingo ; I Just Want You by Frontiers ; I Know A Girl by Bet E. Martin ; I Know Better by Flamingos ; I Know How It Feels by Satintones ; I Learned A Lot From You by Mark Wynter ; I Lost My Baby by Joey & The Starlighters Dee ; I Love You Ida (Sweet As Apple Cider) by Ike Cole ; I Love You Like I Do by Parakeets ; I Love You Much To Much by Milton Grayson ; I Love You So by Carl Henderson ; I Might Like It by Tommy Hunt ; I Might Like It by Ed Townsend ; I Need Help by Wilbur Brown ; I Need Help by Bobby Day ; I Need You More by Wanderers ; I Need Your Love by Spellbinders ; I Never Found A Girl (To Love Me Like You Do) by Eddie Floyd ; I Say Hello by Jimmy Breedlove ; I See It by Marc Cavell ; I See You My Love by Inez Foxx ; I Swear By Stars Above by Narvel Felts ; I Wake Up Crying by Steve Alaimo ; I Wake Up Crying by Tom Jones ; I Want A Love I Can See by Temptations ; I Want To Be Loved by Savannah Churchill ; I Want To Be With You by Nancy Wilson ; I Want To Hold Your Hand by Hollyridge Strings ; I Want You Pretty Baby by Bob Conrad ; I Want You Right Now by Parakeets ; I Was A Fool by Paul Sinbad ; I Was The One by Jamie Coe ; I Will by Billy Fury ; I Will Follow You by Doug Crosley ; I Wouldn't Dream Of It by Joyce Heath ; I'd Do Anything by Essex ; I'd Think It Over by Sam Fletcher ; If He Makes You by Nolan Chance ; If I Could Only Tell You by James Darren ; If I Had Known by Freddie Houston ; If I Had You by Big Maybelle ; If I Knew Then What I Know Now by Mr. Lee ; If I Promise by Chuck Wright ; If It Wasn't For A Woman by Billy Joe Royal ; If No One Tells You by Clive Petersen ; If You Walk Away by Linda Hopkins ; If You Wanna Be More Than Friends by Patsy Ann Noble ; If You Want This Love Of Mine by Sammy Davis ; If Your Mother Only Knew by Smokey & The Miracles Robinson ; I'll Be All Alone by Barbara Redd ; I'll Be Allright by Faron Young ; I'll Be There by Bobby Darin ; I'll Be There by Uptones ; I'll Cry Alone by Gale Garnett ; I'll Follow You by Gene Chandler ; I'll Follow You by Jarmels ; I'll Forget About You by Jimmy Merritt ; I'll Go On Loving You by Jamie Coe ; I'll Keep Thinkin' Of You by Kylo Turner ; I'll Love You (If You Let Me) by Charles Brown ; I'll Never Be The Same by Del Marino ; I'll Never Go To A Party Again by Charles Hodges ; I'll Never Let Her Go by John Price ; I'll Never Let You Go by Original Cadillacs ; I'll See You In My Dreams by Platters ; I'll Still Be Around by Richard 'Popcorn' Wylie ; I'll Walk Right Out Of The Door by Four Holidays ; I'm A Fool To Want You by Peter Wynne ; I'm A Poor Loser by Mac Davis ; I'm Afraid by Johnny Farro ; I'm Coming Home by Fabulous Four ; I'm Counting On You by Johnny Nash ; I'm Glad It Was You by Nat Wright ; I'm Glad To Have You by Ray Fleming ; I'm Gonna Change by Rick Sheppard ; I'm Gonna Tie Him Down by Lacey Jones ; I'm In Love by Pentagons ; I'm Leaving by Johnny Nash ; I'm Leaving You With A Dream by Johnny McKay ; I'm Not Afraid by Freddy Butler ; I'm So Glad I Learned To Do The Cha Cha by Herman Griffin ; I'm So Lost by Jimmy Williams ; I'm Sorry (If I Made You Cry) by Vince Wayne ; I'm Still Dancing by Imperials ; I'm Still Loving You by Frontiers ; I'm The One Who Loves You by Major Lance ; I'm Watching You by Crystals ; I'm Willing by Bobby & The Cadillacs Ray ; I'm Yours by Hoagy Lands ; Image by Alan Haven ; Image by Sounds Orchestral ft. John Schroeder ; Image Part 1 by Hank Levine ; Immaculate Love by Eddie Roberts ; In A Dream Of Love by Cornell Gunter ; In A Woman's Eyes by Obrey Wilson ; In Between Tears by Chuck Jackson ; In My Way by Dean & Jean ; In Paradise by Bobbettes ; In The Night by Ronnie Gallant ; Innocent Angel by Sonny James ; Insult To Injury by Timi Yuro ; Invisible Chains by Hillard Street ; Is That The Way You Want It by Wynton Kelly ; Is There A Place by Bobby Vinton ; Isn't This A Lovely Day by Petula Clark ; It Happens In The Same Old Way by Melinda Marx ; It Hurts Too Much To Cry by H. B. Barnum ; It Never Happens In Real Life by Chuck Jackson ; It Will Be The Last Time by Walter Jackson ; It Won't Stop Hurtin' Me by Jean Du Shon ; It'll Never Be Over For Me by Danny Forest ; It's A Lonely Town by Gene McDaniels ; It's All Over by Anthony Newley ; It's All Over by Joe Simon ; It's An Uphill Climb To The Bottom by Walter Jackson ; It's Been So Long by Kenny Dana ; It's Just A Matter Of Time by Elegants ; It's Not For Me To Say by Four Lyrics ; It's OK To Cry Now by Freddie Paris ; It's Okay by Saundra Franklin ; I've Got A Notion by Henry Lumpkin ; I've Got To Find Love by Billy Ferrell ; I've Had It by George Smith ; Johnny Angel by Georgia Lee ; Johnny Be Smart by Sarah Vaughan ; Judas by Terry Taylor ; Just A Piece Of Paper by Bobby Comstock ; Just Be A Woman by Lou Johnson ; Just For Tonight by Bill Butler ; Just In The Nick Of Time by Syng McGowan ; Just Multiply by Varetta Dillard ; Just My Pride by Joan Proctor ; Just Say Goodbye by Esther Phillips ; Just Two People In The World by Bobby Skel ; Keep Away From Julie by Eddie Martin ; Keep Telling Yourself by Gene Pitney ; King's Highway by Bobby Day ; Kiss And Run by J. Frank Wilson ; Kiss Away by Otis Blackwell ; Kisses by Johnny Nash ; La Historia De Mi Amor by Enrique & Costa, Guzman ; La Historia De Mi Amor by Alberto Vasquez ; La Playa by Xavier Cugat ; La Tanya by Jay Abbott ; Lady Love by Billy Butler ; Lady Love by Charlie Rich ; Land Of Dreams by Jerry Cole ; Last Night On The Backporch by Johnny Restivo ; Laugh My Heart by Malcolm Dodds ; Lawrence Of Arabia by Felix Slatkin ; Leave Me Alone by Baby Washington ; Leaving Rome by Jo Jo & The Rhythm Rulers Bennett ; Leaving Rome by Spirit Of Jamaica ; Let Her Love Me by Otis Leavill ; Let Me All Alone by Otis Williams ; Let Me Be Your Fool by Lucky Clark ; Let Me Go by Big Maybelle ; Let Me Go My Merry Way by Charlie Rich ; Let The Fool Kiss You by Velvets ; Let The Music Play by Roy Hamilton ; Let's Get It Over by Bobby Hendricks ; Letter Full Of Tears by Gladys & The Pips Knight ; Light My Fire by Edmundo Ros ; Like The Feller And The Girl On A Late Show by Randy Lee ; Lily's Lament by Helen Grayco ; Linger A While by Al Nevins ; Lips by Azie Mortimer ; Listen by Matadors ; Living Dream by Lenny Miles ; Locked In The Arms Of Love by Coby Dijon ; Lolita Ya Ya by Sue Lyon ; Lonely Inside by Lucille Brown ; Lonely Lover by Fabulous Five Flames ; Long After Tonight Is All Over by Jimmy Radcliffe ; Look At My Heart by Bobby Marchan ; Look Away by Garnet Mimms ; Look In My Eyes Maria by Cliff Richard ; Look In Your Eyes by Mike Hurst ; Look In Your Eyes by Scott McKenzie ; Looking At The World Through A Teardrop by June Valli ; Lost Love by Tim Connor ; Love (I Won't Be Your Fool) by Chuck Wright ; Love Don't Pass Me By by Johnny Cello ; Love Is Funny by Aki Aleong ; Love Me Baby by Addrisi Brothers ; Love Me Forever by Doug Crosley ; Love Me Forever by Four Esquires ; Love Me Warm by Bart Terry ; Love Story by Merv Griffin ; Love Your Magic Spell Is Everywhere by Ferlin Husky ; Love Your Magic Spell Is Everywhere by Justin Jones ; Love Your Magic Spell Is Everywhere by Platters ; Lovebirds by Eddie De Marr ; Lover by Tommy Hunt ; Lovers By Night Strangers By Day by Fleetwoods ; Lover's Competition by James Carr ; Lover's Roulette by Mel TormŽ ; Loving Tree by Val Tino ; Luna Caprese by Peppino Di Capri ; Mack The Knife by Platters ; Mais je t'aime by Dick Rivers ; Make The Night A Little Longer by Chuck Jackson ; Maker Of Dreams by Dobie Gray ; Man Of Stone by Jeff Hunter ; Manpower by Exotics ; Maria by Lindy Estes ; Marizinia by Johnny Starr ; Maybe by Jane Morgan ; Maybe Never by Jimmy Barnes ; Memory Lane by Del Price ; Mi Gran Amor Le Di (And I Love Her) by Oscar & Jose Alberto "El Canario" Gomez ; Midnight Town Heartbreak City by Roy Hamilton ; Miracle After Miracle by Jimmy Randolph ; Miserlou by Bob Kames ; Missing You by Jamie Horton ; Moment Of Weakness by Johnny Nash ; Mona Lisa by Russ & The Ladybirds Loader ; Monument by Kenny Lynch ; Move On by Kellie Greene ; Move On Drifter by Baby Washington ; Mr. Heartache by Freddie Scott ; Mr. Lonely by Videls ; Mr. Wishing Well by Nat 'King' Cole ; Mr. Wonderful by Bette Ann Steele ; Mrs. Cherry by Jimmy Williams ; Mumbling Word by Stereos ; My Baby's Coming Home by Paul Anka ; My Bobby's Loving Touch by Susan Singer ; My Foolish Ways by Terry Phillips ; My Greatest Thrill by Jo Ellyn ; My Guardian Angel by Jimmy Breedlove ; My Hometown by Mickey Allan ; My Lady Love by Dennis Turner ; My Loving Time by Tommy Alberts ; My Loving Time by Jimmy Hughes ; My One Love by Dennis Bell ; My Prayer by Ruby & The Romantics ; My Precious Angel by Jimmy Jones ; My Reverie by Platters ; My Special Prayer by Joe Simon ; My True Confession by Brook Benton ; Nature Boy by Bobby Darin ; Nature Boy by Mickey Denton ; Nature Boy by Kenny Karen ; Ne Reprends Pas Ton Coeur by Tony Vasseur ; Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blu (Volare) by Platters ; Never Ending by Elvis Presley ; Never Say Goodbye by Douglas Banks ; Night Time by Joe Williams ; Night Walk by Poncho Sanchez ; No More Waiting by Carol Lawrence ; No One Else But You by Phil Phillips ; No Power In The Universe by Tony Roma ; Nobody Can Take Your Place by Johnny Braff ; Nobody Understands Me by Dolphin Prince ; Nobody's Boy by Porter Jordan ; Not One Minute More by Lee Bennett ; Nothing At Night by Henry Gaddy Wilson ; Now Is The Time by Michael Dominico ; Now That I by Jack Scott ; Now You Can't Give Them Away by Mickey Denton ; O Sole Mio by Billy Rome ; Oh Cindy by Vibrations ; Oh No Not My Baby by Fontella Bass ; Oh No Not My Baby by Maxine Brown ; Oh No Not My Baby by Dusty Springfield ; Oh What A Day by Craig Douglas ; Oh! Carol (Instrumental Version) by Neil & His Orchestra Sedaka ; Old Man River by Johnny Nash ; Old Man River by Billy Stewart ; Old Veteran by Nicodemus & Mudies All Stars ; Once Upon A Time by Sam & Cohen, Baker ; Once Upon A Time by Marvin & Wells, Gaye ; One Day I'll Show You by Radiants ; One Little Lie by Danny & The Cavaliers White ; One Night Stand by Kenny Rossi ; One Step From Heaven by Concords ; Only A Dream by Arthur Lee Maye ; Only A Fool by Jackie Edwards ; Only An Image Of You by Mark & The Tempters Alamo ; Only Fools Run Away by James Carr ; Oops There Goes Another Tear by Marci & Mates ; Our Language Of Love by Diana Trask ; Our Love Is Everywhere by The Sapphires ; Our Love Will Last by Arthur Prysock ; Over The Summer by Frankie Calen ; Ozzaboo by Charlie & Torens, Palmieri ; Pain by Mitty Collier ; Paradise Found by Billy Mishel ; Paradise Found by Vince Riccio ; Peace Of Mind by Eddie Williams ; People Will Talk by Johnny Durain ; Perfidia by Trini Lopez ; Perfidia by Andy Rose ; Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps (Quizas Quizas Quizas) by Doris Day ; Persian King by Nino Rienzi ; Play The Music Keep On Dancing by Toby Brown ; Plaza De Toros (The Lonely Bull) by Petula Clark ; Please by Frank Ifield ; Please Let Me Be The First To Know by Lou Rawls ; Please Stay With Me (I Confess) by Tony Amaro ; Pocketful Of Rainbows by Jimmy Breedlove ; Ponchinello by Fascinators ; Poquito Soul by One G Plus Three ; Possess Me by Doris Day ; Pretty Blue Eyes by Allesandro ; Pretty Little Girl by George Smith ; Pretty Little Girl Next Door by Bobby Day ; Prisonnier De L'amour by Emilhenco ; Promised Land by John Conte ; Promised Land by Buddy Lamp ; Puff by Bill Giant ; Punch And Judy by James Darren ; Puppet On A String by Billy Prophet ; Puppy Love Is Here To Stay by Billy Storm ; Pushing A Good Thing Too Far by Barbara Lewis ; Que C'est Bon by Sacha Distel ; Que C'est Bon (Welcome Home To My Heart) by Caravelli ; Quicksand by Kell Osborne ; Quicksand by Don Schroeder ; Quiero Ser Tu Primer Amor by Rudolfo Alvarado ; Quiet Girl by Don Rondo ; Rags To Riches by Morton Downey Jr. ; Rags To Riches by Bobby Milano ; Rain From The Skies by Adam Wade ; Rain From The Skies by Johnny Walker ; Rainbow Valley by Jerry Butler ; Raincoat In The River by Sammy Turner ; Raindrops by Dee Clark ; Raindrops by Billy Wade ; Raining Teardrops by Rockmasters ; Raisin' Sugar Cane by Untouchables ; Reach Out For Me by Burt Bacharach ; Reach Out For Me by Roy Hamilton ; Reach Out For Me by Nancy Wilson ; Rebecca Remember by Tommy Zee ; Red Wine For My Blues by Miss Johnnie Taylor ; Resist by Petula Clark ; Return To Rome by Alex 'Wizard' Solano ; Revenge by Brook Benton ; Rever (Dream On Little Dreamer) by Jean Cavall ; Reward by Milton Grayson ; Rhythm by Major Lance ; Ride The High Country by George Greeley ; Ring-A-Ding (Di-Gue-Ding-Ding) by Michel Legrand ; Rinky Dink by Dave 'Baby' Cortez ; Rinky Dink by Johnny Howard Band ; River Keep Movin' by Teddy Vann ; River Of Tears by Ben E. King ; Roberta by Peppino Di Capri ; Rome by Lloyd Jones ; Rosalita by Johnny Brooks ; Sabbath Prayer by Joe Quijano ; Sacred by Castells ; Sadaba by Johnny Williams ; Samba Saravah by Johnny Lytle ; Save Those Teardrops by Bobby Adams ; Say by Mel Tillis ; Say It Again by Ruth Brown ; Sayonara by Werner Muller ; School Prom by Fortune Tellers ; See What Tomorrow Brings by Cicero Blake ; See You In September by Ronnie Baker ; Serenata En Portugal by Alberto Cortez ; Sh ... Listen by Miss Cathy Brasher ; Shabby Little Hut by Reflections ; Shadago by Arty Lee ; Shadows Of Love by Lavern Baker ; She Serves A Nice Cup Of Tea by Tony Martin ; Shenandoah by Davy Jones ; She's Gone (And She Won't Be Back) by Nolan Chance ; She's Got My Name by Earther Doss Jr. ; Shoji by Cal Tjader ; Shook Up Over You by Dee Clark ; Shook Up Over You by Jimmy 'Soul' Clark ; Shy Girl by Mark Wynter ; Singing Waters by Cashmeres ; Sit By The Fire by Willows ; Sitting In The Park by Georgie Fame ; Sixteen Years In The Making by Bobby Adams ; Smokey Places by Corsairs ; So Alone by Robin Luke ; So Little Time by Duprees ; So Tenderly by Darrells ; Soft Walking by Freddie Houston ; Softly by Smoothies ; Some Enchanted Evening by Pat Boone ; Some Kinda Blue by Cleftones ; Some Of Your Lovin' by Johnny Nash ; Somebody Help Me by Donald & The Delights Jenkins ; Somebody Just Like You by Johnny O'Neill ; Somebody Said by Porgy & The Monarchs ; Someone In Heaven by Crew Cuts ; Someone Like You by Lorne Lesley ; Somethin' Cha Cha by Eddie Fontaine ; Something Inside Of Me Died by Ritchie Adams ; Somethin' Stupid by Toni & Matteo, Eden ; Son My Son by Don & Ford, Gardner ; Soon by Jeff Brooks ; Sounds And Sights by Jay Holman ; Spanish Harlem by Augie Moreno ; I Spend My Life by Ramsey Lewis ; Spring Fever by Velvets ; Stand By Me by Cassius Clay ; Standing In The Shadow by Kenny Gamble ; Standing On The Sidelines by Sam Hawkins ; Starry Eyed by Michael Holliday ; Stars Fell From The Sky by Junior Waters ; Stay by Carol Sloane ; Stay With Me by Ed Townsend ; Steady Kind by Kenny Lynch ; Still Waters Run Deep by Brook Benton ; Still Waters Run Deep by Four Dreamers ; Stolen Angel by Scott Brothers ; Stop Your Crying by Jerry Naylor ; Straighten Up Your Heart by Barbara Lewis ; Strange Is Love by Marquis ; Stranger In Paradise by Jimmy Foster ; Stranger In The World by Bobby Rydell ; Stranger On The Shore by Pat Thomas ; Sugar Lips by Nick Valo ; Summer's Over Again by Glenn Yarbrough ; Summertime by Ray Barretto ; Summertime by Barney Kessel ; Summertime by Edmundo Ros ; Sunny by Tony Louisa ; Sunny by Ray Marco ; Sure As You're Born by Kenny Rankin ; Surrender by Al Volpe ; Suspicion by Terry Stafford ; Sway by Bobby Rydell ; Sweet Is The Woman by Pathfinders ; Sweet Love by Nat Wright ; Sweet Music by Major Lance ; Sweeter Than Sweet by Wally Wiggins ; Taboo by Marty Wilson ; Tabou by Jokers ; Take All Of My Life by Carrie & The Grandeurs Grant ; Take It Easy Joe by Roy Hamilton ; Take Me In Your Arms by Sam Fletcher ; Take Me In Your Arms by Ann Warren ; Talking About My Girl by Reflections ; Tata by Clyde McPhatter ; Teach Me Tiger by April Stevens ; Tears Will Fall by Crests ; Tell Her Johnny Said Goodbye by Jerry Jackson ; Tell It To My Face by Bobby Williams ; Tell Me That You Care by Grady Chapman ; Ten Lonely Weekends by Tony Brent ; Tender Love by Tommy Jay ; Tenderly I'll Love You by Mack & The Shades Tubb ; Thanks Mr. Postman by Bobby King ; That Lucky Old Sun by Chuck Reed ; That Other Place by Wade Flemons ; That's All I Want From You by Barbara McNair ; That's All You Gotta Do by Del Price ; That's How Heartaches Are Made by Baby Washington ; That's How I Miss You by Paul Dino ; That's Not The Answer by Vi Velasco ; That's The Way I Feel by Smokey & The Miracles Robinson ; That's What Mama Say by Walter Jackson ; That's Where Lonesome Lives by Obrey Wilson ; The Angels Listened In by Crests ; The Ballad Of Bobby Dawn by Baby Washington ; The Boy From Ipanema by Ethel Ennis ; The Devil Pad by John & The Shivers Saint ; The Duke Of Kent by Pat & The Ray Ellis Orchestra Suzuki ; The Everglades by Tedd Browne ; The Golden Touch by Dick Glass ; The Grass Looked Greener by Jimmy Jordan ; The Great Magician by Bob Conrad ; The House Next Door by Lou Rawls ; The Hucklebuck by Quincy Jones ; The Hurt by Escorts ; The 'In' Crowd by Petula Clark ; The Joker by Sammy Davis ; The Joker by Anthony Newley ; The Joker by Don Spencer ; The Joke's On Me by Corvells ; The Loop by Johnny Lytle ; The Love That I Lost by Philadelphians ; The Makings Of A Man by Larry Paul ; The Man Who Don't Believe In Love by Marv Johnson ; The Matador by Major Lance ; The Monkey Time by Major Lance ; The Most Important Thing by Mike Brewer ; The Night by Dee Dee Sharp ; The Old Master Painter by Billy Hines ; The One I Left For You by Joe Dowell ; The Only Girl For Me by Intimates ; The Only Light by Harry Nilsson ; The Panic Is On by Lou Johnson ; The Power Of Love by Mary Silvers ; The Pretty One by Willis Sisters ; The Prophet (Of Love) by Chuck Jackson ; The Question by Randy Lee ; The Right Girl by Nick Charles ; The Same Kind Of Girl by Jimmy Jordan ; The Search by Del Shannon ; The Secret by Gene McDaniels ; The Shelter Of Your Arms by Clyde McPhatter ; The Soul Of Bonnie And Clyde by South Central Avenue Municipal Blues Band ; The Things I Want To Hear by Shirelles ; The Trouble With Girls (Of Today) by James Conwell ; The Turning Point by David Thorne ; The Two Of Us Together by Jerry Angelo ; The Way Of A Clown by Barry Mann ; The Way Of A Clown by Teddy Randazzo ; The Weatherman by Millie Vernon ; The Wild Wind by Danny Williams ; The Wonder Of Your Love by Bobby D'Fano ; The World Around Me by Danny Williams ; The World Is Mine by Barry Martin ; The World Of Suzie Wong by Jimmy McGriff ; Theme From Taras Bulba (The Wishing Star) by Maxine Starr ; Theme From The Pink Panther by Hollywood Studio Orchestra ; Then Only Then by Julie Grant ; Then Only Then by Walter Jackson ; Then Only Then by J. B. Love ; There He Is by Baby Washington ; There She Goes by Cleftones ; There She Goes by Bobby Skel ; There's No Other Love by Jimmy Beaumont ; There's No Other Love by Julius La Rosa ; Think It Over (And Be Sure) by Liz Verdi ; Think Nothing About It by Gene Chandler ; Think Nothing About It by Major Lance ; Think Of Me by Nancy Sinatra ; Thinking Of You by Freddy Jaye ; This Friend Of Mine by Trudy Bell ; This Is A Fine Time by Billy Stewart ; This Is It by Jay & The Americans ; This Is Our Night by Creations ; This Is Worth Fighting For by Billy Ford ; This Magic Moment by El Gran Combo ; This World Of Mine by Walter Jackson ; Three's A Crowd by Margo Treadwell ; Ti Tendo Le Bracchia by Nicola Di Bari ; Tie Me Tight by Bob Kayli ; Tiger At The Door by Kenny Lynch ; Timbale Groove by Willie Bobo ; Timber by Bobby Brooks ; Time by Leroy Bivins ; Time by Brian ; Time by Jerry Jackson ; Time Out For Tears by David Thorne ; Time Waits by Corsairs ; To Be In Love With You by Bobby Andriani ; To Be Loved by Cords ; To The One I Love by Roy Hamilton ; Tokyo Butterfly by Jerry Smith ; Tomorrow And Always by Satintones ; Tonight Is Our Last Night by Frank Gari ; Tonight You Belong To Me by Nancy Sinatra ; Too Soon by Russ Loader ; Tower Of Strength by Gene McDaniels ; Tower Tall by Jordan Christopher ; Toy Soldier by Dramatics ; Traÿme Sind Wie Der Wind by Siw Malmkwist ; Travellin' Man by Frankie Vaughan ; Treat Me Like You Love Me by Azie Mortimer ; Tree Of Love by Don Sharp ; Trop Sage Pour Aimer by Lucky Blondo ; Trouble In Mind by Seminoles ; True Love Or Misery by Barry & The Richettes ; Try Me by January Jones ; Tu M'as Devancže by Arielle ; Tu N'es Pas Venu by Nancy Holloway ; Tumbling Tumbleweeds by Howard "Howie" Beder ; Turn Around And Face Me by Charlie Rich ; Turn Away by Junior Waters ; Turn Me Loose by Royal Robins ; Turn On The Moonlight by Ray Smith ; Two Lovers Make One Fool by Serenaders ; Two Of The Chosen Few by Romeos ; Two Time Loser by Lacey Jones ; Um Um Um by Major Lance ; Untie Me by Tams ; Until You Come Back To Me by Stevie Wonder ; Untill by Billy Barnes ; Up In Smoke by Johnny Appalachian ; Uptown by Little Eva ; Venus by Fleetwoods ; Viva Tirado by El Chicano ; Voice Of The Wind by Wanderobo ; Waiting For My Baby Baby by Barbara Simpson ; Wake Up Sleeping Beauty by Jerry Fuller ; Walk On By by Helen Shapiro ; Walk Softly Away by Starglows ; Walk With Love by Dobie Gray ; Wanted by Larose Phillips ; Welcome Home To My Heart by Gary Criss ; Welcome Stranger by Wade Flemons ; Were You There by Danleers ; What A Difference A Day Makes by Ben E. King ; What Am I Gonna Do With Anna by Fred Carter ; What Are They Doing Right Now by Harold Boggs ; What Difference Does It Make by Kenny Sheppard ; What Good Are Dreams by Kenny Dino ; What Happened To The Music by Jerry Fuller ; What I Gotta Do by Jenny Lee ; What Kind Of Love Is This by Lorne Gibson ; What Makes One Fall In Love by Marty Richards ; What Now by Duffy Power ; What Now My Love by Al Martino ; What Shall I Do by Gladys & The Pips Knight ; What Side Your Bread Is Buttered On by Diane Pane ; Whatever Lola Wants by Della Reese ; Whatever You Want by Jerry Butler ; When The Wind Changes by Freddie Scott ; Where Does That Leave Me by Romance Watson ; Where Does That Leave Me by Nancy Wilson ; Where Does The Clown Go by Wayne Rooks ; Where Have All The Flowers Gone by Joe Hinton ; Where Is The Love by Glenn Miller ; Where Was I by Phil Colbert ; Which Way by Junior Lewis ; Which Way Do I Go by Len Wade ; While It Lasted by Esther Phillips ; While We Danced The Tango by Dave Howard ; Whirlwind by Corky Ray ; Who Am I Without Your Love by Royal Premiers ; Who Do You Love by The Sapphires ; Who Will Take The Place Of You by Al Collier ; Who's Gonna Mention My Name by Lonnie Sattin ; Who's Got The Action by Phil Colbert ; Who's To Say by Staccatos ; Win Your Love For Me by Sam Cooke ; Wise Like Solomon by Bobby Brooks ; Wise To You by Tony Cosmo ; Wishin' On A Rainbow by Michael Holliday ; Witchcraft (For Your Love) by Temptations ; With All My Heart by Dave & The Roland Shaw Orchestra King ; With All My Heart by Tymes ; Without You by Andy Russell ; Would You Love Me by Fabulous Carousels ; Wow by David Michael ; YGellž Tezeta (My Own Memory) by Mulatu Astatke ; Yesterday by Tyree & The Fabulous Imperials Glenn Jr. ; Yesterday by Sarah Vaughan ; Yesterday's Kisses by Dean Barlow ; Yesterday's Kisses by Maxine Brown ; You by Billy & His Dominoes Ward ; You Ain't Ready by Billy Butler ; You And The Night And The Music by Baby Washington ; You Are My First Love by Pat Hunt ; You Are My Sunshine by Ray Charles ; You Beat Me To The Punch by Mary Wells ; You Better Watch Out by Dorothy Berry ; You Can Count On Me by Five Satins ; You Can Count On Me by Roy Hamilton ; You Can't Play Games by Precisions ; You Can't Trust Your Best Friend by Donald Height ; You Deserve What You Got by Eddie Holland ; You Don't Know What You Got Until You Lose It by Kenny Gamble ; You Don't Wanna Hurt Me by Jerry Jackson ; You Gonna Miss Me by Benny Turner ; You Got It Made by Sarah Vaughan ; You Make Love So Well by Kenny Lynch ; You Mean Everything To Me by Bobby & The Jades Jenkins ; You Might As Well Forget Him by Jimmy Hughes ; You Might Be There With Him by Jerry Jackson ; You Threw A Lucky Punch by Gene Chandler ; You Took Advantage Of Me by Blackwells ; You Won't Forget Me by Toni Fisher ; You'd Be Crying Too by Matadors ; You'll Answer To Me by Cleo Laine ; You'll Come Back by Ronny Douglas ; You'll Never Change by Betty Lavette ; Young Days by Randy Lee ; Young Man by Alex Hassilev ; Your Fool by Baby Washington ; Your Heart Wasn't In It by Chuck Collins ; Your Hurtin' Kinda Love by Dusty Springfield ; Your Memory by Five Satins ; Your Old Stand By by Milton Grayson ; You're Always On My Mind by Ellen Wayne ; You're Faithful Anna by Al Jones ; You're Gone by Don Crawford ; You're Gonna Be Sorry by Cicero Blake ; You're Not The Guy For Me by Ernestine Anderson ; You're Not The Only One by Kenny Rossi ; You're Saying Goodnight by Juliana ; Yours by Duprees ; and Zooba by Don Ralke.

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