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The Revised NEO Personality Inventory, or NEO PI-R, is a psychological personality inventory; a 240-item measure of the Five Factor Model: Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, and Openness to Experience. Additionally, the test measures six subordinate dimensions (known as 'facets') of each of the "FFM" personality factors. The test was developed by Paul T. Costa, Jr. and Robert R. McCrae for use with adult (17+) men and women without overt psychopathology. The short version, the NEO-Five Factor Inventory (NEO-FFI), has 60 items (12 items per domain). The NEO PI-R and NEO-FFI were updated in 2010 in a manual called the NEO Inventories for the NEO Personality Inventory-3, NEO Five-Factor Model 3, and NEO Personality Inventory-Revised. While the NEO PI-R is still being published, the NEO-PI-3 and NEO-FFI-3 feature updated normative data and new forms.

Personality dimensions

A list of the personality dimensions measured by the NEO PI-R, including facets, is as follows:

  1. Neuroticism
    1. Anxiety
    2. Hostility
    3. Depression
    4. Self-Consciousness
    5. Impulsiveness
    6. Vulnerability to Stress
  2. Extraversion
    1. Warmth
    2. Gregariousness
    3. Assertiveness
    4. Activity
    5. Excitement Seeking
    6. Positive Emotion
  3. Openness to experience
    1. Fantasy
    2. Aesthetics
    3. Feelings
    4. Actions
    5. Ideas
    6. Values
  4. Agreeableness
    1. Trust
    2. Straightforwardness
    3. Altruism
    4. Compliance
    5. Modesty
    6. Tendermindedness
  5. Conscientiousness
    1. Competence
    2. Order
    3. Dutifulness
    4. Achievement Striving
    5. Self-Discipline
    6. Deliberation

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