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Schooliosis, a pun on "school" and "scoliosis", is a term for a type of medical misdiagnosis. The word was coined by Petr Skrabanek and McCormick.

The authors asserted that there is some degree of overdiagnosis of scoliosis in school, which causes ethical, social and economic damage to the welfare of children. Such overdiagnosis is called "schooliosis" by some academics. Schooliosis is a type of disease mongering.

After preventive activity in school or college, it can lead to incorrect diagnosis of scoliosis that triggers a series of unnecessary medical interventions on adolescents. There can be diagnostic and therapeutic cascades involving several specialists, which can end with iatrogenic damage on a healthy child with normal back. The risks are unnecessary overexposure to X-rays (repeated x-ray diagnostic), rehabilitation techniques with side effects (traction), stigmatizing orthopaedic treatment (braces for back injury) and time costs, travel, etc.

The child's family lives in anguish information received school recognition, and forces him to find the diagnosis and treatments that cure. But this process can bring more complications than benefits, limiting the physical and mental development of children, to be conditioned by the multitude of health interventions to which it is subjected.

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