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"The loveliest tune imaginable becomes vulgar and insupportable as soon as the public begins to hum it and the hurdy-gurdies make it their own."--À rebours (1884) by Joris-Karl Huysmans

"J'suis snob" (1954) by Boris Vian

The Monkey Connoisseurs (1837) by Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps
The Monkey Connoisseurs (1837) by Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps

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A snob, guilty of snobbery, is a person who adopts the world-view that other people are inherently inferior for any one of a variety of reasons including supposed intellect, wealth, education, ancestry, etc. A snob imitates the manners, adopts the world-view and affects the lifestyle of a social class of people to which he or she aspires, but does not belong by right. That "right" is not necessarily a birth-right: a Pseudo-intellectual is a type of snob.

A snob is perceived by those being imitated as an "arriviste", perhaps nouveau riche or parvenu, and the elite group closes ranks to exclude such outsiders, often by developing elaborate social codes, symbolic status and recognizable marks of language. The snobs in response refine their behavior model (Norbert Elias 1983).

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