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"With the disappearance of a "mainstream" & therefore of an "avant-garde" in the arts, it has been noticed that all the more advanced & intense art-experiences have been recuperable almost instantly by the media, & thus are rendered into trash like all other trash in the ghostly world of commodities. "Trash," as the term was redefined in, let's say, Baltimore in the 1970s, can be good fun--as an ironic take on a sort of inadvertent folkultur that surrounds & pervades the more unconscious regions of "popular" sensibility--which in turn is produced in part by the Spectacle."--"Immediatism"

"We've been obsessed with cops since the beginning--but the rozzers of yore played bumbling fools, Keystone Kops, Car 54 Where Are You, booby-bobbies set up for Fatty Arbuckle or Buster Keaton to squash & deflate. But in the ideal drama of the eighties, the "little man" who once scattered bluebottles by the hundred with that anarchist's bomb, innocently used to light a cigarette--the Tramp, the victim with the sudden power of the pure heart--no longer has a place at the center of narrative. Once "we" were that hobo, that quasi-surrealist chaote hero who wins thru wu- wei over the ludicrous minions of a despised & irrelevant Order. But now "we" are reduced to the status of victims without power, or else criminals. "We" no longer occupy that central role; no longer the heros of our own stories, we've been marginalized & replaced by the Other, the Cop."--"Boycott Cop Culture"

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T.A.Z. (1994) is a spoken word album by Hakim Bey released on Axiom.


1 Chaos 6:04 2 Poetic Terrorism 4:22 3 Amour Fou 4:57 4 Immediatism 13:35 5 The Tong 12:48 6 Boycott Cop Culture 10:38


Recorded At – Greenpoint Studios Mixed At – Greenpoint Studios Mastered At – Masterdisk Artwork [Cover Art] – James Koehnline Bass [Basses], Technician [Treatments], Sampler [Samples, Sound Collage] – Bill Laswell Biwa [Pipa] – Wu Man Design – Aldo Sampieri Engineer – Robert Musso Engineer [Additional Engineering] – Oz Fritz Engineer [Assistant] – Imad Mansour Guitar – Buckethead, Nicky Skopelitis Mastered By – Howie Weinberg Narrator [Readings] – Hakim Bey Other [Axiom] – Bill Murphy, Peter Wetherbee Other [Material, Inc.] – Tracy McKnight Photography By – Ira Cohen Producer, Arranged By – Bill Laswell

T.A.Z. means Temporary Autonomous Zone - "The TAZ is like an uprising which does not engage directly with the state, a guerrilla operation which liberates an area (of land, of time, of imagination) and then dissolves itself, to re-form elsewhere / elsewhen, before the state can crush it." - Hakim Bey.

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