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"Why Socrates Hated Democracy" (2016) is a short film on democracy by The School of Life which argues that "democracy [...] [is] a process that is only ever as effective as the education system that surrounds it."

It starts with the observation that today we hold democracy in high regard and that we find it surprising that in Ancient Athens it was regarded with suspicion by for example Socrates, who was pessimistic about it.

Mention is made of Adeimantus of Collytus and the Ship of State.

It references Socrates who warns against the dangers of demagoguery by mentioning Alcibiades and citing from Gorgias in which Socrates asks us to imagine an election debate attended by little boys. The contestants are a physician who administers bitter potions and a 'sweet shop owner' who hands out candy (sweetmeats). He predicts that the candy man would win.

The most effective argument against general elections comes from the trial of Socrates itself which led to his premature death at the age of 71.

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