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Trash, wont pick it up
Take them lights away
Trash, wont pick it up
Dont take your life away
Trash, dont try to take my life away

And please dontcha ask me if I love you
If you dont know what I'm doin (whatcha know is)

--"Trash" (1973) by New York Dolls

"In addition to art film, horror, and science fiction films, "paracinema" catalogues "include entries from such seemingly disparate genres" as badfilm, splatterpunk, mondo films, sword-and-sandal epics, Elvis flicks, government hygiene films, Japanese monster movies, beach party musicals, and "just about every other historical manifestation of exploitation cinema from juvenile delinquency documentaries to ... pornography"-- "'Trashing' the Academy"" (1995) by Jeffrey Sconce

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Waste, rubbish, trash, garbage, or junk is unwanted or undesired material.




  1. Useless things to be discarded
  2. A container into which things are discarded
  3. Something of poor quality
  4. (slang, usually derogatory) Lower class people (white trash)


From Middle English trasch, trassh, probably a dialectal form of *trass (compare Orkney truss, English dialectal trous), from Old Norse tros (“rubbish, fallen leaves and twigs”). Compare Norwegian trask (“lumber, trash, baggage”), Swedish trasa (“rag, cloth, worthless fellow”), Swedish trås (“dry fallen twigs, wood-waste”). Compare also Old English þreahs, þreax (“rottenness, rubbish”).

Trash culture

Trash culture is an instance of low culture. The term trash culture redirects here.

Related lemme are bad taste, exploitation, Euro-trash, grindhouse film theatres, junk, Mondo films, sleaze, trash cinema, trash fiction, trash-talk and white trash.


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