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"The Human Chair" (1925) makes you wonder if Edogawa Rampo had read The Sofa: A Moral Tale (1742) by Claude Prosper Jolyot de Crébillon."--Sholem Stein

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Edogawa Ranpo (October 21, 1894 – July 28, 1965) was a Japanese author and critic who played a major role in the development of Japanese mystery fiction. Many of his novels involve the detective hero Kogoro Akechi.

Ranpo was an admirer of Western mystery writers, and especially of Edgar Allan Poe. His pen name is a rendering of Poe's name. Other authors who were special influences on him were Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the Japanese mystery writer Ruikō Kuroiwa.

Famous texts include "The Human Chair" (1925) and "Moju: The Blind Beast" (1931).

He is associated with the literary sensibility ero guro nansensu together with Jun'ichirō Tanizaki and Kaita Murayama.

Thematic elements

  • Many of Rampo's characters are preoccupied with planning and executing a "perfect crime."
  • Mirrors, lenses, and other optical devices appear in many of Rampo's stories and as symbols of distorted or heightened reality.
  • Many of Rampo's stories include characters who were wounded or disfigured during World War I.

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