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"And Todd Terry dispensed with a vocal narrative altogether on Royal House's "Can You Party," as he created a dance classic out of a delirious, near chaotic collage of electronic samples." -- Greg Kot.

"Terry's year of relentless production began with Royal House "Can You Party" (which included the infamous police siren coda and "Can You Feel It?/"Ooh, baby" chants), Black Riot "A Day In the Life" (which revolved around a steady groove and riveting synth line) and the Todd Terry Project "Bango" (which sampled Lola Blank's stranger-than-strange vocal on Dinosaur L's "Go Bang"). Then, in close succession and an impossible-to-trace sequence, he delivered "In the Name of Love" (Swan Lake), "Weekend" (Todd Terry Project), "Yeah Buddy" (Royal House), "Just Wanna Dance" (Todd Terry Project), "Back to the Beat" (Todd Terry Project), "Dreams of Santa Anna/The Texan" (Orange Lemon) and "I'll House You" (Jungle Brothers). Albums by Royal House, the Todd Terry Project and Black Riot appeared in a synchronised storm at the end of the year. With no interest in pausing for breath, Terry promising a fourth LP — by Swan Lake — at the beginning of 1989." --Tim Lawrence

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Todd Terry (born 12 November, 1966) is an American music producer, DJ and remixer, one of the producers who helped to define New York house music during the 1980s.

Terry's productions is a melange of samples of classic disco with the more introspective Chicago sound pioneered earlier in the decade, plus plenty of hip-hop attitude and sampling piracy.

He is known for such compositions as "Party People" (1987), "Can You Party" (1987) and his remix of "Weekend" (1988).



Early career

Much of Todd Terry's early work in the late 1980s is considered a milestone in the development of both progressive and modern deep house.

Crossover success

Todd Terry has been responsible for releasing two of the most respected crossover remixes of the house era: "I'll House You" by the Jungle Brothers and "Missing" by Everything But the Girl by the mid 1990s.

Among his fans, Todd Terry is known as Todd the God, God Terry, Todd Godrry, Godd Gerry (or, occasionally, simply God, because he might be a Five Percenter, but this is unconfirmed).

Todd's tracks "Something Goin' On" and "Keep on Jumpin'" were both UK Top-10 hits as well as Us Hot Dance Music/Club Play #1's, with the vocals provided by Jocelyn Brown and Martha Wash. freestyle diva Shannon was the featured vocalist on the Top Twenty hit "It's over Love" in 1997.

In 1999 Todd Terry released Resolutions, successfully embracing the then-still avant-garde drum 'n' bass aestethics.

Terry also has several aliases such as Swan Lake, Orange Lemon, Royal House, Amy Studt, Black Riot, CLS, Masters at Work (although this moniker he gave to Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez & "Little" Louie Vega in 1990), Dredd Stock, House of Gypsies, Limelife, Hard House, Tyme Forse, and the Gypsymen.

Todd Terry became one of the best-paid DJs in both Europe and the United States. He normally performs on four turntables, mostly playing his own tracks.

In October 2004, "Weekend" by the Todd Terry Project appeared in popular video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, playing on House Music radio station SF-UR.

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